Two Drivers, One Car: Access Differences Between Accounts

Two Drivers, One Car: Access Differences Between Accounts

When my spouse logs into their Tesla account, there's a little box that says "Model 3," has the VIN, a little picture of the car, and a Manage button as well as a referral link. When I log into mine, I don't have any of that; just a pictures of an S, X, and Powerwall with a couple of buttons to order, buy used, or test drive. When they log into their mobile app, there's an option to schedule service. On my app, that isn't present.

It's incredibly annoying that I'm not able to manage the car, and that my account doesn't even acknowledge that I *have* a car. Has anyone else noticed this with their shared car?

reed_lewis | June 11, 2019

From what I remember, you have to use the same login on both phones.

EVRider | June 11, 2019

If you’re using multiple accounts, you can ask Tesla to link the same car to each account. For example, my account gives me access to both my Model S and my wife’s Model 3, but my wife’s account only gives her access to the Model 3. It sounds like your spouse’s account was the one used to order the Model 3.

NKYTA | June 11, 2019

@EVRider, ditto here. +1

arni91 | July 11, 2019

я выслал все необходимые документы,но так и нет привязки моей теслы к моей учетной записи.

TabascoGuy | July 11, 2019

No entiendo ruso.