Two suggestions - TuneIn and Blinker

Two suggestions - TuneIn and Blinker

Hi! I've been driving the Model 3 for about a month now and it is by FAR the greatest car I've ever driven. I LOVE it! My only two observations/suggestions:

1. My wife's other car (not a Tesla) has the ability to change the number of blinks the blinker does when she presses it down lightly for changing lanes. The Model 3 blinks 3 times, can we customize this? I'd like maybe 5 blinks.
2. When playing a podcast on TuneIn it doesn't save my spot after the Tesla turns off. This was really frustrating when listening to a series.

Keep up the great work!

andy.connor.e | February 11, 2019

1. If it takes you more than 3 blinks to change lanes, then you need to either keep it on, or hit it twice.

mikes | February 11, 2019

I like the suggestions!