UK Pricing

UK Pricing

Just got a call from 'my' Customer advocate.
I didn t know I had one, but she mentioned that UK pricing and delivery details could be announced next week!

Holding my breath (and my bank account)

vouteb | December 14, 2012

From Tesla UK :The European prices will be announced now before Christmas together with the different modifications and aspects of the European model.

In regards to delivery: the first European cars will go into production in late March – early April and will be delivered to European reservationists according to their sequence number and the time they take to complete the configurations.

PS: They announced the European Distribution/Service/Parts Centre this week to be based in Holland.

Volker.Berlin | December 14, 2012

vouteb, thanks for the update. One important question remains unanswered though (no doubt among many others... like, will we have power-folding mirrors!): How many cars of the factory production will be scheduled for Europe? Assuming that by March the production rate is in the order of 400 units/week, how long until all European Signatures are delivered? They could potentially fulfill all European reservations, Signatures and regular, within two months... They probably won't but how long until I get my car??? ;-)

vouteb | December 14, 2012

A friend of mine just saw the car in Holland today. He was informed that EU pricing should be the same amount converted from $ plus a 'bit'.

We'll see.

vouteb | December 14, 2012

My guess is that you will get yours in April/May, I am later with the right hand drive, guessing mid summer.

Norbert.Vienna | December 14, 2012

Volker.Berlin, I believe it will take not so much time as you were waiting till today and you will be happy soon
and giving us your experiences and welcomed comments
I am looking forward to it because I have to wait a bit longer
P 551

dborn | December 14, 2012

Regarding pricing, see George's reply to me at TMC under Asia/ Pacific" titled " George is incredibly responsive".
I noticed that the European centre in Holland will include an assembly section. Maybe this is for reasons as requested in my post to George, or maybe for homologation with the different requirements in each country in Europe.

TheFlyer | December 14, 2012

@ vouteb:

I think delivery in April/May is a bit optimistic. The cars are shipped by.. well, ships. It takes a while for a container ship to go from the US west coast to Europe. Anybody knows how long?

gregv64 | December 14, 2012

Well, when we in California order a custom BMW, shipping takes about a month (from Bremerhaven to LA). The big variable is how long it sits around waiting to be loaded on a ship. I must admit I take a certain satisfaction about things being the other way around for a change.

Jolinar | December 14, 2012

gregv64, damn you :-D

lajollan | December 14, 2012

What?? You mean the Model S can't fly??

Brian H | December 14, 2012

No, but if you add outriggers, and paddle vanes on the wheels, it'll do 50 knots in calm seas!

Norbert.Vienna | December 15, 2012

as far as I have been told by European Marketing the production will run in US in a seperate shift seperate to the US production
the cars are shiped to Europe complete and only be finalized in Tilburg
the European prices will come on Tuesday 18th ( if true ??)
and delivery starts in March 2013 with the signatures
so according to there logistic odering will start 3 month ahead
beginning 2013

AndrewM | December 17, 2012

My quick back of the envelop calculation suggests that the base model P85 will come in at GBP 76,500 and the non-performance version at GBP 64,500. Existing reservation holders will get a GBP 1,500 discount off this price, but will have to pay GBP 3,000 for 21 inch wheels (which used to be standard on the P85).

What do people think - will the actual price be higher or lower?

vouteb | December 17, 2012


I hope that you are wrong!

(and are still hoping for parking sensors up front!)

vouteb | December 17, 2012

UK Pricing is only next year, EU pricing (ex UK) announcement this week

Norbert.Vienna | December 17, 2012

EU (-UK) prices will be announced tomorrow if the rumors are correct TM made many announcments always on a Tueday
so there is a great possibility. we will see it tomorrow