Unable to run car play on the multimedia system

Unable to run car play on the multimedia system

Whenever i try to run apple car play, i always get a prompt that no iphone is coonected, whereas my phone is always connected to the system. I dont know why am i facing this issues. Any helped will be appriciated!

bp | November 21, 2018

Tesla does not support Apple Car Play or Android Auto. Several years ago, Musk indicated Tesla would provide better smartphone integration, though it was more likely they would either develop their own solution or go with a 3rd party, than licensing the Apple or Android technology.

It's likely every new EV coming out over the next few years will have Apple Car Play and/or Android Auto, so if Tesla doesn't provide comparable functionality, they are risking losing customers on this feature.

akikiki | November 21, 2018

barryflash2727, really? Mine has worked since 1997. | November 21, 2018

@barryflash2727 perhaps you're not in a Tesla? There is no CarPlay buttons in the Tesla UI.

Long threads about CarPlay - some want it, others hate it. CarPlay fits a need of many manufactures, who are not capable of creating a UI (almost all car makers contract out all this work). It does have value, but far less on the Tesla. Here's a lot more on the pros and cons:

ak | November 23, 2018

Tesla’s UI is ugly, needy and buggy. V9 is worse and all the bugs from previous versions persist.

When will Tesla realise they suck at UI? They’re good at making cars. They should stick with that.

CarPlay would be a godsend. It’s the number one reason I will jump ship to Porsche when they release the Taycan.

SbMD | November 23, 2018

@barryflash - like the others above have noted, there is no CarPlay support currently.

@ak - if you would jump ship to a Taycan for CarPlay, then maybe you should re-evaluate why you would choose any car. CarPlay — as much as it can be a nice option — is not the messiah of UI and that level of value you ascribed to it seems very odd.

hammer @OR-US | November 23, 2018

"When will Tesla realise they suck at UI? They’re good at making cars."

This is hilarious, no other car has an interface anywhere close to Tesla. Tiny screens, lots of buttons, non-intuitive, German cars are generally the worst although the brand new Caddy I rented last summer was also horrible.

Additionally, I would say that Tesla, being a very young company inexperienced in volume manufacturing, is generally not very good at making cars

Silver2K | November 24, 2018

I was thinking about buying a taycan because I hear Porsche makes great mats.

bp | November 24, 2018

Today, Tesla is the only manufacturer that has long range EVs with the ability to take road trips using Tesla's supercharger network.

The Bolt supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but hasn't been a major competitor to Tesla's S/3/X models.

At some point, there will be viable competitions for Tesla's vehicles - with EVs with comparable (possibly longer) range and there will be alternatives to Tesla's charging network - at that point, Tesla will likely have to compete more on the other functionality - and provide features like better smart phone integration.

Until then... You can buy from Tesla and get the best long range EVs on the market - or you can go with another manufacturer and get your choice from a longer list of premium features...

As for UI design - user interfaces are always a trade-off. Tesla has tended towards a focus on the UI style - and less on the usability, sometimes with major releases taking small step backwards in usability (like deciding not to show the time-of-day on the center console or removing the first letter scroll bar for long media lists).

Compared to other manufacturers though, Tesla is committed to provide software updates for their vehicles - so a Tesla owner should continue to see some improvements periodically - while with the other manufacturers, what you see at delivery - is likely what you'll always have for the life of the car...

Silver2K | November 24, 2018

ak, you should buy a bolt, they support both!

ak | November 24, 2018

“I was thinking about buying a taycan because I hear Porsche makes great mats.”


@Silver2k - people have proposed the Bolt before. It’s not available in the UK.

Lots of people love the Tesla UI, I hate it. A huge screen is no boon in a situation where you’re supposed to be looking at the road. A UI that is tactile or voice activated and reliable is far preferable to me, when I’m driving.

The Tesla UI annoys me on a daily basis. I’m glad you all love it. Maybe you just have lower standards. My hire car - a crappy Ford Fiesta - also annoyed me. But it had CarPlay, and going back to Tesla’s UI - which is obsessed with showing me a huge map with no local detail, moving and distracting elements surrounding dialogues, completely random album art, and no support for skipping through tracks - just reeks of poor QA and a lack of attention to detail. | November 24, 2018

ak - Clearly Tesla's the wrong car for you. If you're unwilling to learn how to use it, perhaps the Ford Fiesta is a better fit. On the map, why not zoom in. Pinch to zoom in is rather easy. Not sure how it can even be done in cars without a touch screen (and very few offer one, although Porsche is finally going to switch in the next year or two). I never get random artwork - it is always the exactly same artwork I get on my PC. Not only can I skip tracks both from the steering wheel and screen, with one tap I can skip over portions of a song or repeat a section of a song. Again without a touch control, I have no idea how that can be done. Are you sure you own a Tesla?

Haggy | November 27, 2018

Doing many things right is no excuse for doing some things wrong. Some people disliking carplay is no excuse for not adding it. Nobody is saying that it needs to replace anything. People can still use what's built in, but if they want something that's in Carplay but not built in, that would require Carplay support.

sentabo | November 27, 2018

Silver2K | November 24, 2018
I was thinking about buying a taycan because I hear Porsche makes great mats.

Got a lol out of me.