UNCONFIRMED: Tesla Model 3 now the World's Best Selling EV*

UNCONFIRMED: Tesla Model 3 now the World's Best Selling EV*

*Since inception, global sales totaled over 400,000 Leafs by March 2019, making the Leaf the world's all-time best-selling highway-capable electric car.

Tesla is now #1.

Nissan's "throne" was built of straw and delay. 9 years. less than 40,000 sales per year, or less than 1/2 of 1% of Nissan's worldwide sales over that same period.

Here's what has done in the pretenders:

Lack of fast charging capabilities and/or

Lack of fast-charging network and/or

Lack of range and/or

Being significantly overpriced compared to their peers.

Long live "competition" like Rivian, who imagines something better than oil and gas and doesn't have a legacy to "support".

We need a clean break and the sooner these OEMs either go all-in or go gently into that good night, the better for humanity. Their half-hearted attempts provide fodder to the well-coordinated disinformation campaigns aligned against the rapid transition to sustainable energy.

Atom12 | September 7, 2019


jimglas | September 7, 2019

Somebody onse posted a video graphic of EV sales by company over time that really showed the accelerating trend of Tesla sales. It anybody has a link .....

SamO | September 7, 2019

Since this is a made up stat that Nissan loves to use to confuse the press, I’m glad it’s being wrenched from their grubby little paws.

Magic 8 Ball | September 7, 2019

@jimglas A brilliant piece of work by TexasBob.

rxlawdude | September 7, 2019

SamO +1

JAD | September 7, 2019

Great graphic, can't wait for the updated version and an international version.

jimglas | September 7, 2019

Thanks M8B!

don.lind | September 7, 2019

Ummm.... ok... I'm not getting it.

Your headline/subject SAYS that Tesla Model 3 is the "World's Best Selling EV"
But you link to what is essentially an advertisement for Nissan Leaf that says the Leaf is the World's Best Selling EV with 400K sold.

You link to nothing that backs up the statement that says Model 3 is the best selling EV.

I read an article to day saying that the Model 3 may never actually top the Leaf's lifetime "number sold" count.
I suspect it will. But that implies that it hasn't yet.

M8B's link to that cool graph is nice... but it shows that Tesla has sold (in the USA) about 200K Model S and X and roadsters up to the point where the Model 3 started selling in 2018. And since then, there's 250K more Tesla sales. In the USA. More in other countries, recently... but I doubt Model 3 itself is up to 400K sold yet. Is there a source?

So if the definition of "World's Best Selling EV" is "the EV with the most total sales," I think it's likely that Nissan Leaf is the correct answer.

So... what's the point here? Just asking. :-)
It's (as you say) UNCONFIRMED. And so far, it doesn't seem like it's true. Yeah?

Or is this a "they made up a claim, so we can, too" thing?

This is likely true, though: "Model 3 is the best selling EV in the world over the past two years"

ReD eXiLe ms us | September 7, 2019

don.lind: Check this link...

Just total up the number of Model 3 sales from each Quarterly Earnings Report. They are archived in PDF format for a year or so. If you need to check out Q3 2017 through Q2 2018, I'm sure someone else archives them online too.

SamO | September 7, 2019


don.lind | September 8, 2019

Thanks for the reference (and for the "no flames" response!) I'll go find the various reports and add up the numbers.
I would think Tesla would make an announcement if the numbers add up favorably.

don.lind | September 8, 2019

test response - keeps saying "Access Denied"... server issues?

don.lind | September 8, 2019

Anything over a couple of chars won't post (Access Denied).
Total Model 3 Deliveries 356,576 (including Q3 2019 estimate from Seeking Alpha).

don.lind | September 8, 2019

Here's the quarterly numbers, hopefully readable:
________M3 Deliveries


____Q3__80195 <--- estimate from Seeking Alpha

Total Model 3 Deliveries 356,576

don.lind | September 8, 2019

So the Total Deliveries for Model 3 (including the Seeking Alpha Q3 2019 estimate) is 356,576.
That's not quite to the 400,000 units sold that Nissan is claiming for the Leaf.
But if Q4 is anywhere near Q2 and Q3, that'll add another 80K to the total.

jimglas | September 8, 2019

Gina coming on line soon
Tezla is failing big time | September 8, 2019

@don.lind - Your Q3 number looks reasonable, but Seeking Alpha is renowned for made-up info. Not a source you can trust as anyone can post anything. Thanks for the lookup and totals.

Also on posting, I've found for reasons unknown it seems to dislike parentheses sometimes. I remove them from text and it then saves without a problem. Othertimes using parentheses works fine.

ReD eXiLe ms us | September 8, 2019

don.lind: Honestly, I do my best to provide 'no flame' responses, while others do their best to post incendiary claims. Your request was a reasonable one, the data is publicly available, so I assumed you were simply unaware of it. My default nature is to help people. I prefer to think that if a question is asked, then someone deserves an answer.

Tesla reports sales statistics quarterly. For several years multiple NaySayers, Skeptics, Contrarians, FUDsters, and Trolls intimated that 'there must be something wrong' or that 'Tesla must be hiding something' because they didn't report monthly sales 'like everyone else'. When queried on this, Elon Musk was consistent in saying, "Our sales are very small. Reporting monthly sales would cause people to jump to conclusions. It would be inappropriate to report monthly sales at this time."

Thing is, those who spoke of 'everyone else does' were falsely, purposely, overlooking Maserati, who likewise have not reported per model, per region, monthly sales of their cars. They also report quarterly and receive no flack, no blowback, because of it. Likely because ANALysts and 'journalists' know full well that their sales are 'very small'. That Maserati actually is the kind of company ANALysts had accused Tesla of being for years -- a boutique manufacturer of bespoke cars that are just 'Toys... for the RICH!' Acceptable for Maserati, apparently because they sell ICE vehicles, use 'independent franchised dealerships', and pay for advertising, three things that Tesla does NOT do.

Further, in recent years, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Ford Motor Company, and General Motors have all switched to quarterly reporting of vehicle sales. Why? Doesn't really matter. But they also pretty much entirely abandoned the Fuel Efficient Midsize Passenger Car market about the same time. I find it interesting these changes took place after multiple decades of losing the monthly, quarterly, annual sales race of those types of cars first to Japanese manufacturers like Honda, Toyota, and Nissan, then to Korean manufacturers like Hyundai and Kia. It was all they could do to post a few wins over Subaru, Mazda, Mitsubishi, and Volkswagen among foreign automobile manufacturers. Yet, on their first try, Tesla was able to surpass all their individual sales of passenger car models in just ONE FULL YEAR of Model 3 sales to take the #5 position in overall passenger car sales during 2018. Did they chose to just give up an entire segment of the automotive market, then take their ball and go home rather than try to compete with Tesla, risk embarrassment at their hands? At least this way, there is no longer a monthly record of how many models from Ford, Lincoln, Chevrolet, Dodge, Chevrolet, or Buick are being regularly outsold by Tesla Model 3, right? Oh! Maybe that's why. Hmmm...

See, historically, the Detroit Big Three have always fought tooth & nail against building safer, smaller, more fuel efficient cars. They have fought against any and all regulatory requirements for zero emissions vehicles. And they have steadfastly declared that zero emissions electric cars were too expensive, would not sell, no one asked for them, no one wanted them, it would be 'too much of a hardship' to provide them. The existence and sales of the Tesla Model 3 prove all those points wrong. Oops?

ReD eXiLe ms us | September 8, 2019

Typographical Error Alert! I'll learn to proofread better one year, I'm sure. Until then...

That should have been...

"At least this way, there is no longer a monthly record of how many models from Ford, Lincoln, Chrysler, Dodge, Chevrolet, Cadillac, or Buick are being regularly outsold by Tesla Model 3, right? Oh! Maybe that's why. Hmmm..."

don.lind | September 9, 2019

I suspect it was parens that were triggering the uncalled for access denied nonsense. Thanks for that hint. I had a part of my failing post that had parens and the parts I was finally able to successfully send didn't. And as a recently retired software dev, mishandling parens like that is dumb and the resulting misleading "access denied" error is unforgivable.

I know Seeking Alpha isn't great... But Tesla hasn't posted Q3 numbers yet. And Seeking Alpha did clearly say they didn't have final numbers for Canada and several other markets... it's what I could find.

Given the trajectory, it seem like nothing short of an asteroid strike on Fremont could keep the Model 3 from passing the Leaf in total units sold by the end of Q4.

kevin_rf | September 9, 2019

Don't joke like that, the San Andreas big one is long over due. We are talking CA.

Atom12 | September 9, 2019

@don.lind: "I know Seeking Alpha isn't great..."

Thanks! I just blew coffee out my nose.

Nexxus | September 26, 2019

Okay, if Nissan is claiming over 400K Leafs sold, why does Texas Bob's chart only show 135K cumulative to that same date? Also, since that is Nissan's only BEV, why wouldn't you consider all of Tesla's sales of the Old roadster, S, X, and 3 as cumulative anyway?

Nexxus | September 26, 2019

It doesn't have to be just the Model 3 to beat their overall sales.

SnowZA | September 26, 2019

@Nexxus Texas Bob's chart only shows US sales. Nissan's 400k number is world wide.

msmith55 | September 26, 2019

What really sets Tesla apart is the superior battery management system which results in longer battery life, typically twice the competition. Tesla maxed the battery life knowing this was critical to EV performance, while competition saved money on less capable systems.

Mike83 | September 26, 2019

The safest vehicle made is the Model 3 Tesla. How much is that worth?