Unknown Devices In iPhone OS12 Bluetooth?

Unknown Devices In iPhone OS12 Bluetooth?

I have 4 unknown devices connecting to my Bluetooth in my OS12 iPhone Xs. They all begin with Sea49 and then have the same sequence of 15 letters and numbers until ending with a different capitol letter. They don't have an i at the right that I could use to disconnect them. Is anyone else having the same issue with their Model 3 or have any idea what to do? Thanks!

BostonPilot | September 29, 2018

I have a similar situation, iPhone 6s running ios 11... I'm assuming it's something to do with the car...

Anyone have any info?

BostonPilot | September 29, 2018

Just some more info... Turned Bluetooth off and then back on, on the phone, all 4 devices went away... Turned on the Tesla app, and they came back. So, definitely associated with the car... Maybe multiple sensors for proximity unlock?

JPPTM | September 30, 2018

Bluetooth sensors for Model 3- for the sides and rear. No worries.

TexasBob | September 30, 2018

Normal. Four BT antennas on the car.

Iceniner | October 1, 2018

Excellent! Thank you very much JPPTM and Texas Bob! Now that the car has been delivered and I know what the Bluetooth connects are I'll have to figure out a new target for my obsessive side. Have big fun!

OneSanket | January 6, 2019

Awesome!! Mine start with S2531 and I have 4 of them as well on my M3. Was wondering all this while what they were. So glad to find out now. thanks all

Neomaxizoomdweebie | January 6, 2019

Encrypted bluetooth keys for your car. Delivery guy pointed them out to me.

pokada | February 5, 2019

Thanks for posting this. I spent a couple hours chatting with Apple support trying to figure this out. We didn't come to any conclusion. I should have googled this first.

ajdoyle | August 23, 2019

Thanks for posting this. I was about to send a ticket to Apple until I found this.

TesJoy | August 23, 2019

I spent hours on the phone today with Apple when I noticed this unknown device on my Bluetooth list, which I could not do anything with. The “serial number only” device connected automatically. We finally determined this is a Companion App, commonly associated with Tesla, Fitbit, and others that use Bluetooth. Apparently only the manufacturer can supply information on how to disable this. I have sent an email to Tesla customer support about this. This app would seem to be unnecessary and redundant to the downloaded Tesla app that controls the vehicle.
Have owned our 3 less than 2 weeks and, so far, love it but there’s definitely a learning curve involved with these cars.

FISHEV | August 23, 2019

Learning curve is more Tesla’s....don’t use the phone as key again...dumb idea. It works intermittently. It drains the phone battery. It has weird stuff like two Bluetooth connections to the phone that wastes people’s time trying to figure it out since Tesla impolitely doesn’t explain anything.

cwilsonc88 | August 24, 2019

Regardless of the time between (repeatedly) turning off my Model 3's WiFi AND instructing it to "Forget This (my personal hotspot) Network"-- When I turn on my WiFi, The vehicle turns on its' WiFi, connects, and the first time it Hijacked my Jetpack, It sucked out my entire 30-day allotment (5GB) in about an hour! Is there a fix, other than parking my vehicle far away? IT ALSO LOCKED MY IPHONE/Key INSIDE 2-DAYS IN A ROW using "walkaway lock". It was only 'luck' that my 'one-remaining key card was not also locked in. When it happens again before I buy more key cards, is there an emergency/alternate way to access the vehicle, before it decides it wants to go for a drive autonomously?
On my iPhone, the 4 'mystery Bluetooth devices connect immediately -- even when the "'Tesla 3 Not connected"'.

Electric Lightning | March 21, 2020

Same here with my iphone 11, tried everything to get rid of that connected device and it keeps coming back, I will keep tracking it down and will post once solved.

lbowroom | March 21, 2020

Those are the connections to the car they allow the phone key to work. You don’t want to delete them, they are supposed to be there

ted | March 26, 2020

I have a phone issue with this ‘phantom device’ Bluetooth connection. When I’m on a call after several minutes the caller cannot hear me but I can still hear them, so obviously there’s still a connection but one of the connections is stepping on the other. To troubleshoot, I deleted the app and reinstalled and suddenly no phantom device and no interruptions with phone calls in the car. Then suddenly today the phantom device is back in Bluetooth and again the phone issues returned. I have a service appointment on Tuesday to hopefully suss this out

EVRider | March 27, 2020

@ted: Those extra Bluetooth connections have nothing to do with your audio issues. Try deleting your phone from the car’s Bluetooth settings and re-pairing it. If you recently had a HW3 upgrade, note that it might have changed the name of the car’s Bluetooth ID (it did in my case), so make sure you pair with the correct one.