unlock from app

unlock from app

I have not been able to unlock the car with my app for months.
Anyone having that issue ?

How to fix ?

Tesla is clueless

EVRider | February 10, 2019

Do both your car and your phone have internet access? Can you do anything else with the app? Details please.

DRFLGD | February 10, 2019

Did you try deleting the app and re-installing it?

jordanrichard | February 10, 2019

Tesla is clueless? What did they say or suggest that didn’t work?

Just like the car, when in a moment fo doubt, reboot. In an app case, that would mean deleting and re-installing the app.

Ohmster | February 10, 2019

^Or force quit the app.

redacted | February 11, 2019

As I say to my testers, it would help to provide some further information - what works with the app, what doesn't work with the app, how it fails in the app and so forth. Can you see your car in the app? Can you see it charging? Can you honk the horn from it? Can you turn on the climate control with it? Can you do remote start with it? Etc.