Unplugged from Charging Station

Unplugged from Charging Station

I recently parked at charging station at SFO and returned to find the car unplugged and the SAE J1772 adapter was gone (now I have to purchase a new one for $95) and the charge port closed. There was not another car using the charger at time of return. I am guessing I may have broken protocol as I had the car there for three days (longer than it required charging) but I also understood that the adapter could only be removed by owner. Anyone else have this type of experience. What is protocol when you need to use airport charger but have multi-day trip?


rblock | July 23, 2013

I'll spare the charging etiquette, but the missing J1772 adapter is actually Tesla's fault. A bug in 4.4 and 4.5 allows extremely easy unauthorized removal of the adapter even when the car is totally locked:

Tesla needs to fix this thing.

Brian H | July 24, 2013

You cannot shut off the relevant computers manually; it's mostly the 50-odd little ones scattered around the car on standby, and "OFF" doesn't even really cut power to the touchscreen entirely. It needs the sleep fix.

nickjhowe | July 24, 2013

All UMCs, SC cables and Model S's use the same RF frequency for the charge port. So ANY model S that is within range and unlocked when you press the button on a UMC or SC cable will pop open its charge port - it happened to me today at the Port St Lucie SuperCharger opening.

Note this will only happen if the car is unlocked.

michael1800 | July 24, 2013

Thanks for the info Brian. Anyone have any ballpark figure of vampire loss regular vs vampire loss when shutdown? Naturally, I'm testing this tonight and tomorrow night, but waiting 48 hrs is tough work! Curiosity beckons.

tobi_ger | July 24, 2013

Numbers I've seen on the forums for the current vampire drain range from 9-14m/day. With an upcoming fix it should be down to only 1% of current losses (Walter Franck of Tesla was cited).

jbunn | July 24, 2013


Shutdown does not change vampire loss, at least the last time I measured it some 4 months ago. We wish it did since shutdown/restart is pretty quick.

GReese | July 25, 2013


Since it wasn't mentioned yet: what about those spots being not only used by travellers, but people that actually work at the airport and need to charge in order to go home? Or do all airports have employee-only parking with extra EV slots?

In long-term parking?

michael1800 | July 25, 2013

@jbunn, thank you, that was the data I was looking for. I used scheduled charge to go to my standard last night, then shutdown the car using the software. I charged her earlier today (same start time) to the same level (and ended charging about an half-hour earlier...close enough for our purposes) and am just letting it sit tonight. It sounds like I'm just wasting my time based on your input, but figure I'll let it play out and compare numbers tomorrow morning since all I have left is to do nothing :)

Back to my post, I guess the OP and future OPs don't have so many options after all until the next major versions come out. Still, EV proliferation is just now growing by several orders of magnitude...the whole situation is growing pains imho.