Unveil In Detroit

Unveil In Detroit

So there is a Model X 2.0 on display:

Note: It has physical mirrors, not cameras on the outside.

cprenzl | January 14, 2013

seems to have a little updated interior, I think they need to stretch the car about 4 more inches from more rear legroom. They need to set the Model X apart from the others. Perhaps a new way to get in the deeper frunk, seems hard to put shopping bags in compared to the Model S. Like that they ditched the camera mirrors. I like the new dash.

Neige | January 14, 2013

I actually am disappointed in the new interior. I was hoping the screen sticking out like a sore thumb was simply an alpha design oversight but they seem to have made the problem worse in this model X. I much prefer the way the screen blends into the lines of the dashboard as it does in the Model S. In the current Model X, the touch screen looks like an awkward afterthought rather than the elegant interface in the soul of the car.

As for the length of the car, I think the car is already plenty long (I'm already going to have a tight squeeze in my Boston garage).

It's not a surprise they had to back to traditional mirrors--the laws on car design haven't caught up to technology yet.

appljd | January 14, 2013

Well Model X is the same chassis as Model S I believe. So might be difficult to add more length to it...

Brian H | January 14, 2013

They have stretched the wheelbase a bit. The position of the axles wrt the battery isn't "fixed" by its design.

ar | January 14, 2013

I like the new look. Why do we need wood in cars? Seems like a history lesson. Go Tesla, I'm keeping my deposit/reservation for X.

Timo | January 14, 2013

Wood, when treated correctly, is just beautiful. Nothing historic there, just aesthetic.

BjörnF | January 15, 2013

I like the updated look (interior), that includes the way that the screen is attached. F.e

Nothing wrong with the exterior, although they should have worked a bit more on the alignment of the back doors:

tpmeyer | January 15, 2013

Anyone know if Tesla will represent at the upcoming Chicago Auto Show?

cprenzl | January 15, 2013

^^ Good question, I would be interrested in going to that

GoTeslaChicago | January 15, 2013

I had the same thought. Checked the list of exhibitors, Tesla isn't listed.

Brian H | January 15, 2013

Here are the Electrics on show at Chicago:
Cadillac 2014 ELR
Ford Focus Electric
Chevrolet Volt
Honda Fit EV
Ford 2014 Transit Connect

appljd | January 20, 2013

These pictures are much better then what I have seen so far from other web sites reporting from Detroit. In my opinion it also shows a much more usable 3rd row. Looks like the car they had on display is a Signature model X ( with the red leather strip around the seats).

Brian H | January 20, 2013

That's called piping. And yes, the photos are quite good.

Interesting seeing the Smart display just beyond the Tesla one in one pic. Wonder which got the most attention. ;)

GoTeslaChicago | January 24, 2013

Did you see those cool wheels, picture #9? Makes me wonder if they are ever going to offer the aerodynamic wheels that were originally to be offered as an option on the Model S?

My take on the Smart Car?

"Smart for Two
Dumb for Three!"