Perusing the website, and I noticed you can now order the car with parking sensors, rear seat heaters, heated windshield wipers and spray nozzles, a few other things. Progress!

Brian H | August 9, 2013

Complaints about pricing of those has generated the last several hundred comments. Read, then write!

ppape | August 9, 2013

Easy Brian......Let's play nice with the new kids in the neighborhood.

Not all are as gifted with your reading and writing talents.

J. :-)

DouglasR | August 9, 2013

@ppape - Epley's an old timer here. If he's anything like me, he has stopped reading the complaints. I don't get the outrage, the sense of entitlement. Every time TM improves the car and therefore raises the price, we get a raft of people complaining that they are entitled to have that improvement without paying the price. I welcome the improvements. I also welcome the fact that the car is selling so well that TM can afford to raise the price. It makes me realize what a bargain I got.