Upgrade Battery from S60 to S75

Upgrade Battery from S60 to S75

Has any one upgraded to S75 from S60. I'm considering it but I was wondering if someone else went trough and if so what is the improvement you have noted? Power? Mileages? none.

Thank you!

manuelroth1 | September 18, 2019

np, thx for ultra-fast replying ;)
Will make a "big" service apointment anyhow (fixing all little bugs from previous owner) where i (hopefully) can ask someone about it right away.

Meanwhile read some post about Tesla discontinuing such upgrades but no offical Tesla statements (yet).
Cant imagine why they should refuse free money for hardware which is already in place...

EVRider | September 18, 2019

@rothman: A December 2016 Model S should have EAP, not AP1. They switched in October 2016. Are you sure you have AP1?

manuelroth1 | September 19, 2019

Yep, got autopilot-hardware listed but (sadly) no additional side cams yet.
Sorry only reg was in December, so production till October sounds legit...

reed_lewis | September 19, 2019

You will never be able to upgrade from HW1 Autopilot to HW2 with the full 8 cameras. It is not possible.

hsuru4u | September 19, 2019

@KYUY How can that be??? nothing has changed in the 75 locked batteries? very odd..

manuelroth1 | September 19, 2019

AP Hardware update was never questioned...
Only want to unlock 75 battery and AP1 functionallity included in the car (only can activate non-adaptive speed control atm) | September 19, 2019

@rothman - Some confusion here! Ok, you want the 60 -> 75 kW upgrade (last I heard was $2K) and you want AP on your AP1 car ($3500 I think). Hopefully, both are available. I expect you need to go to a service center and find out the current availability and cost. Rare to hear of either one of these happening nowadays. I hope you'll come back and let us know what you found out.

kyuyeunkim | September 19, 2019

I contacted customer service. They are saying the option is discontinued since 2019. That cannot be correct, bc I say the option like 2 months ago. If anyone hears otherwise from the service center, please post. Why do you think the service center can do it if customer service says the option was discontinued?

manuelroth1 | September 20, 2019

I think TeslaTap just replied with "common sense"
Why should they refuse "free money" to basically click on an OTA option for hardware which is already in place in your car. IMHO they just left out any OTA self-service completely with the account website redesign (for now)

I will def. ask SeC about this once I got my appointment.
Located in Germany btw.

reed_lewis | September 20, 2019

Ever since Tesla changed the website for the cars recently, there seems to be no way to purchase things that are pretty much an automatic 'flip a bit' type purchases. Furthermore, the car info no longer shows that you purchased an extended service agreement or the like.

Also Super Charger terms have changed. It used to say that you had free super charging and it was transferrable to anyone else who bought the car. It no longer says anything like that. It just says 'free super charging' now.

But like many here, I do not understand why Tesla removed the ability to give them a significant amount of money to unlock the battery or enable AP1 capability when it is an OTA enablement sale. The administrative cost is almost $0 for pure profit. | September 20, 2019

@kyuyeunkim - Service centers can occasionally do things that are "off the book". It doesn't mean that they can or will do something, but it never hurts to ask in person. I had a friend who bought a used P85 without the tech package (2013 without tech package means no navigation). Service enabled the navigation for them when they did some minor maintenance.

I also recommend when Tesla offers a deal (a 60 -> 75 upgrade used to be $10K option, then $2k) take it right away. The deals are often for a limited time.

hsuru4u | September 20, 2019

the must have stopped offering this because they are capping batteries now.

kyuyeunkim | October 17, 2019 service center engineer in Culver City said the upgrade can only be initiated in the Tesla app or webpage. I informed them that the option is no longer available on the webpage and was never available for me on the app. They then said it was discontinued. Any tips on how to get them to do it "off the book?"

ggendel | October 17, 2019

@kyuyeunkim I ran into the same situation. The first time I contacted support, they told me that it was no longer available and it's a HW update! Subsequently, all of my requests now get replied with a "Sorry, it's no longer available". I'd like to start creating a list of others in the same boat so we can request this option reinstated as a block of owners to give it a bit more weight.

If it were a battery cap issue, did they reduce the charge for owners that pulled the switch before they pulled it?

sgadasu | October 17, 2019

mine got downgraded to 60 from 75 after an update...... not sure what went wrong

Mathew98 | October 17, 2019

Temporary upgrades for hurricane and storm avoidance get roll back. If you lost a paid upgrade, then contact service via the app.

rothman | October 18, 2019

Meanwhile I had my 1st service appointment for this used car in Stuttgart, GER
(after finally being able to book one since ownership takeover)

Basically the same reply: They had AP1 successfully turned on during service (newly summon function in app) but found no way to bill it to me... so had to deactivate it again :(

Final statement was to wait until options (AP + Battery) will be available to book in app or account, they were pretty confident that it will return.

btw. paid ~35$ for this info in the end since out of warranty :P


tduffy50 | October 18, 2019

Certainly Tesla can - and are - doing this upgrade. They currently list used S 75 models that still have 60 badging. Here's an example:

Whether or not they will do the upgrade is a different story.

kyuyeunkim | October 20, 2019

@ggendal. I will join that list. I have a ranger coming out to UV "fix/patch" the yellow border on my screen. I will ask him about the upgrade too. You would think they would at least send out a notice that the option will be discontinued.

ggendel | October 23, 2019

@kyuyeunkim I have the same service set up but they told me that I have to bring it in. I mentioned... "As long as I have to bring it in, why not order the new AP computer and install it at the same time?" I guess we'll see about that one too.

swildschut | October 28, 2019

@ggendal I woul like to join that list as well. It seems virtually impossible to get in contact with Tesla to even provide an answer... | October 28, 2019

@kyuyeunkim -Any tips on how to get them to do it "off the book?"

Ask nicely while other work is being done? You can also try a different service center - they are not always on the same page. Still, if the option is truely discontinued, there may not be a lot of hope.

On the plus side with your 2nd gen S60 (2016-2017), you can charge to 100% without concern about battery degradation. With it enabled to be 75, you normally only charge to 80-90%.

kyuyeunkim | October 29, 2019

My car was just upgraded from 60 to 75 for free because of the fires in Los Angeles. I received a notice the upgrade was provided to give extra range during the state of emergency in California and will be downgraded at a later date.

The service center and customer service stated that the upgrade was no longer available/discontinued. One customer service agent stated that the discontinuation of the upgrade was possibly due to recent OS software upgrades.

So the upgrade is still possible, but not offered to purchase anymore for no apparent reason.

I am thankful for Tesla for providing the upgrade, but disappointed that their customer service is so confused about their products. Hopefully, they will provide an option at the end of the upgrade to pay to retain the extended range.

kyuyeunkim | October 29, 2019

@Teslatap The jury is still out if it is safe to routinely charge a range limited 60 to 100%. I read that the software charge limitation is not a general cap on the whole battery limit. Do you have any confirmation that it is safe for degradation reasons to routinely charge to 100%?

kyuyeunkim | October 29, 2019

@ggendal AP 3.0 and MCU2 upgrades would be nice....I think Tesla want us to buy new Teslas instead | October 29, 2019

@kyuyeunkim - It's been generally accepted by the community that 100% charge on a 2015/2016 S60 is fine, but I can't point to anything Tesla has stated. If you don't get any warning when charging to 100%, then it would seem Tesla has accepted it as well. Non-software limited batteries get a warning after charging once or twice at 100% that recommends a reduced SOC unless really needed.

kyuyeunkim | November 1, 2019

@Teslatap - My tesla warns me if I charge to 100% three or four times in a row. The service center says to charge to 90%.

rothman | November 4, 2019

Well the car thinks its a real S60 - often charging >90% with a 60kWh pack would be really bad so ofc it warns u...
(sadly) the same with SuC: while i'm pretty sure it "could" detect the 75kWh pack and charge faster for a longer while, charging kW gets much slower earlier like for a real 60kWh pack.....
IMHO keep charging a soft-limited S60 with 75kWh to 100% is absolutely safe.

stew | November 6, 2019

I too was just told by the Dublin service centre that my 60kw can longer be upgraded as the option is discontinued. Not acceptable as it was a reason for purchase.

I think there are grounds for legal action. What do you think?

Mathew98 | November 6, 2019

Options availablity comes and go. Was there any part of your purchase agreement that stated it was a lifetime upgrade option?

Would you ever sue GM for not offering to upgrade a 4 banger to a V6 engine?

Jhonmicky | November 6, 2019

Do you still have a link to the upgrade page url by any chance?

Just bought an S60 from 12/2016 with 75kWh batt and AP1 hardware but see no way of unlocking both on the newly designed page now :(
Ownership transfer just completed today after 6weeks...

stew | November 7, 2019

Mathew98 do you work for Tesla? You are implying Tesla are acting in accordance with their small print - You may or may not know that this will not protect them in court.

stew | November 7, 2019

Anyone here with the upgrade problem from UK or Ireland?

Mathew98 | November 7, 2019

If you can't answer a simple question then what are the chances you would win in court?

It is a case of reasonable expectation vs self entitlement. | November 7, 2019

In another thread, an owner was told that the option may come back at the end of the year on the website in your account "Manage" page. No idea if true or not.

larssthlm | November 7, 2019

I live in Sweden and was told by the Tesla Service center the reason for not being able to upgrade is due to a system problem with the 'My Tesla' website/app. They say the problem will be resolved by the end of the year and that the upgrade should be available in the app as well.

I would REALLY like to know if this is correct.. No way to find out. Maybe if we ALL decide a date and time and tweet the same question to @elonmusk we can have a response.

swildschut | November 8, 2019

I got the following quote from the Amsterdam service center. Compared to $2000 this is outrageous....

Service/Labor FRT Hours FRT Price
Subtotal Labor Price: (EUR) 0.00
Parts: Price
1091845-07-A - BATTERY UPGRADE, 60kWh to 75kWh, MX 3,966.94
Subtotal Parts Price: (EUR) 3,966.94
Subtotal Services and Parts: (EUR) 3,966.94
Discount: (EUR) 0.00
Shipping: (EUR) 0.00
Estimated Tax: (EUR) 833.06
Total Amount: (EUR) 4,800.00
Note: This is a quote on list price, actual prices may vary at the time of service.

rothman | November 8, 2019

Phew... almost 5k EUR sounds like making good money out of people's panic ;)

The statement that it will come back end of the year sounds realistic, as TeslaTap (and SeC in Stuttgart) already stated, why should Tesla stop making money with things which are already out there in the cars, would make absolutely no sense.

Since all self-buyable options are lacking since the MyAccount redesign im pretty confident it will come back. | November 8, 2019

@swildschut - Most of the cost we've talked here was for USA at $2K. Not sure why Europe costs far higher. Keep in mind the original price was $10K (the price difference between buying a 60 and a 75 at the time. If it comes back, it's not clear it would still be at the $2K price, which was one of the best bargains Tesla has offered.

I find if you see a great price bargin at Tesla, don't wait. It may disappear and never come back. They do tweak the pricing and options regularly.

larssthlm | November 8, 2019

I was going to purchase it for 22 800 SEK = 2 350 USD, but since I had to wait FIVE weeks to get my Tesla account for the used car I purchased. By the time I was going to buy the upgrade it was gone. That makes me an unhappy camper.

rothman | November 12, 2019

Europe was also 2000€ before the option disappeared, that's why I stated 5k = panic price ;)

cohen.stephen | November 19, 2019

I've followed up with this topic for a few weeks. Here's the story.
Ever since the Raven powertrain release for the model S the 60D battery upgrade purchase was no longer available for purchase from the web site. Tesla is working on restoring this by the end of the year. In the meantime you can go to a service center and they can do the upgrade there. Sounds simple in theory but in practice you need to talk to the right person at the service center because few of them know about this off the top of their head and will need to do some digging and escalation (phone calls) on their own to figure this out. Otherwise they will tell you to call Tesla and when you do Tesla will tell you to go to the service center.

Hope this helps.