I have a red 40 on order due to be delivered in May-June. I decided that air suspension would increase my enjoyment and add to the "cool factor"r. I made two calls and sent one E-mail with not even an answer as to wether or not this was possible. Today, I finally got to talk to the right person in "configuration" and my change was made immediately. My car order now shows "air". Very cool.

BarryQ | April 19, 2013


I also have a 40 on order and was wondering about adding air. I initially decided against it because of the added cost, added complexity (and maintenance down the road) increased power draw, and increased weight (although I'm not sure if it does weigh more). Also I don't have a steep driveway and don't drive in the snow. (I'm also aware about range at highway speeds, but as this is a city car it's not a big concern to me).

There hasn't been much written about standard suspension (the few comments say they see no difference between standard and air) as few have been produced.

Anyone have comments / advice?

ir | April 19, 2013

Air has saved my bacon (err... bumper) a few times as it allowed me to clear those cement wheel chocks at the end of parking spots. I always set to high / very high when entering unfamiliar parking situations.