Upset by delivery delay to France

Upset by delivery delay to France

My model s performance is ordered since febrary 2013.
The paperwork is complete since the 23 rd of may. The delivery was Schedule for Oct/Nov 2013.
Today I received this message from Tesla :

Dear Jean-Marc,

Thank you for your email.

Please be advised that you can expect delivery of your vehicle in January 2014. Please be rest assured that his is not a delay in production as the first cars have still been built as per our production plan. It is a shift of the logistics time frame for the shipment of cars from Fremont to Europe. Trans-continental transport can be a bit unpredictable due to weather,strikes and overcapacity ports etc and our goal as a company is of course to avoid that we create an incorrect expectation patternwhere possible. As it stands now, you can expect delivery in January 2014. Please note that we have learned so much from this and as you can imagine this is the learning cycle every company has got to go through and for us as a start up no different. The same happened in the U.S. when we started production and we have now learned as a young company.

We will work very hard to get your car out to you as early as possible and understand this can be a bit disappointing. In the meantime if there’s anything I can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Kind regards,

Mohomoud Ismail | EU Ownership Experience Advocate
ITO Tower, 11th Floor | Gustav Mahlerplein 76A, 1082 MA, Amsterdam

This is not acceptable as far as Tesla, on the website, is giving 5 months delay for an order made today !!!

I am so disapointed that I even think about giving up to get this car that makes me dream since 7 months !!!


GeirT | October 9, 2013

Live with it. It's a start-up and they have to go through a learning curve, as everybody else. I ordered in December scheduled for delivery mid-September. I'm lucky to have my P85+ late October, more likely early November. Frustrating? Of course! But to cancel this fantastic car due to a couple of months extra in expectations? No way! Hold on to your dreams. The future is bright ;-)

Jamon | October 9, 2013

Hang in there jml. These are real growing pains for a startup company. It will get better in the near future, but unfortunately (or I would consider it fortunately!) you are an early adopter in France and you're helping them learn the necessary lessons.

I had a similar experience. I ordered an S60 in early 2011. They first told me delivery would be Sept 2012, then pushed back to October, then jan/feb 2013. This delay was because they were prioritizing 85's over 60's through 2012. It was painful to wait - especially as new orders for 85's were flying ahead of me in line. But it was the right decision for a young company. And the wait was totally worth it once I received the car.

Be patient, and enjoy the ride!

Brit.l.T | October 9, 2013

Who knows... We have a government shut down (not sure how that affects ports other than customs but it seems to affect everything else so plausible), bad weather is for sure is an issue around here in the states lately, and strikes is always a problem. It sucks, but when you finally get your car it will be worth every agonizing second you have to wait. Btw, congrats on owning a model s in france. That should get some attention!

J.T. | October 9, 2013

I understand your bitterness and disappointment but one thing is certainly true: if you give up the car it will take even longer to get it. :-)

shop | October 9, 2013

I think Tesla is finally starting to get the idea of under promise, over deliver. Ie. they will give you a longer ship date, and hopefully if nothing goes wrong, you'll get your car earlier. At any rate, be proud to be getting one of the earliest France cars.

robert | October 9, 2013

If you really want to deprive yourself of the best car there can possibly be, then keep the reservation and sell your queue place to someone that will pay for jumping the queue. I would have paid good money for having had the car a year ago (I ordered in June 2012 and got it in Oct 2013!).

Mais, vraiment, Monsieur, il faut, que vous attendiez. Cela vaut la peine, je vous assure !


Captain_Zap | October 9, 2013

Last year in the US the same discussions took place because the first US cars were delayed as they worked out the kinks in the distribution networks and Service Centers. Tesla pulled it all together and things smoothed out quickly. It is growing pains. My car was delayed but the wait was worth it.


The reservations are not transferable. Many tried to sell their spot for a profit to impatient customers. People are offering more money for existing Model S cars in Norway to get cars faster right now.

robert | October 9, 2013

You don't have to sell your spot - you take delivery of the car and sell it brand new. If the deal is done early enough, the car may be specified to the satisfaction of the second buyer.

Anyway, this is going to happen in my neck of the woods - fast - using the fact that the Norwegians don't charge 25% VAT like the other Nordic countries do. In this price range that's a cool 30'000 Dollars just there. There are going to be hordes of Norway-sold cars finding their way into the other Nordic countries - or even EU countries - until the resp. governments see the light and abolish VAT on EV:s. You read it here first.

If anyone wants to know precisely how this is done - and absolutely legally, too - my eMail address is above.

Now let's see how long this post is allowed to stay...


sq1mike | October 9, 2013

Saw a couple in Paris just last week.

AmpedRealtor | October 9, 2013

How long are we going to keep telling people that Tesla is "only a startup company" and to "hang in there". I believe we are at the point now where Tesla is selling larger numbers of cars to countries where there are higher expectations and less forgiveness of this startup syndrome. Tesla is going to find that it will not get the same breaks from owners overseas that they are getting here. The bar is much higher in Europe.

Captain_Zap | October 9, 2013


Distribution and Service Centers are just starting up with new staff in Europe. So, it is understandable as new employees learn the ropes. Car haulers still have to perform to show that they are worth their salt. First deliveries are ramping up much faster there than they did here. There were some stumbles that got fixed quickly. Not excuses. Just experience.

SunCoulombs | October 9, 2013

@ Jean-Marc,
no problem, cancel your order and buy a Toyota Prius+, you will be even happier as a European!

mario.kadastik | October 9, 2013

AmpedRealtor: I think Tesla is a startup until it produces hundreds of thousands of cars. Relax, it is still a startup. I'd start to lose the startup attitude around Gen-III, not really much before...

thranx | October 9, 2013

se la vie.

Pinacle | October 9, 2013


Should be ."C'est la vie".

Don't be shy though, it's easy for me because my mother
tongue is French (from Québec, Canada).

leon.gelernter | October 9, 2013

Do you guys think that what is true for Jean -Marc will be true for all Europen Model S orders? My delivery should be in january 2014 but since they pushed back Jean-Marc to january 2014 from october/ November 2013 should I be afraid that I won't get my P85+ until march/ april?

Would like to hear about other europeans and if they got a similar e-mail as Jean-Marc.

Brian H | October 9, 2013


jbunn | October 9, 2013

We all got letters like this when our cars were being delivered earlier this year. Mine was something like 4 months later than the original estimate. Bringing up a manufacturing plant and getting the quality right was a difficult learning curve. And it was a start up.

We have delay in Europe. Might be because of Tesla bringing up extra manufacturing capacity in Europe. Or issues getting cars out of the US, through transatlantic shipping, and through EU customs. Regardless, THIS part is new for Tesla, which is why we say it's a "start-up".

But they do get it right, even if they have growing pains. And you'll like your car. We've all been through it. Hang in there.

SunCoulombs | October 10, 2013

Startup company or not, the Europeans have now finally fed up with the endless waiting!

NKYTA | October 10, 2013

@SunC "the Europeans have now finally fed up with the endless waiting"

And I thought it was us American's that were always rude and impatient. ;-)
Excited and anxious, sure.
I waited 3.5 years for my baby, how long have you waited?

Patience, it will come! :-)

billreeves | October 10, 2013

Think about what it takes for Tesla to ship a car to Europe.

The car is manufactured at the factory in Fremont. They may do final assembly in Europe, but everything is manufactured in Fremont and then shipped to Europe.

How do the cars (or the fully constructed car body / battery packs with wheels) get from California to Europe? They don't get loaded onto a ship on the US West Coast -- nobody is shipping from California to Europe, the only big ships in California ports come from Asia with completed products and go back to Asia with raw materials. So the Teslas have to get across the country in some fashion -- either on a car carrier truck, loaded six or eight or ten at a time, or loaded into shipping containers and sent by train to the east coast.

Once on the US east coast, they get loaded onto ships to go to the Netherlands, where any final assembly takes place, and then out to the delivery centers.

So what happened? The letter refers to "trans-continental transport" which probably refers to this process of shipping the Teslas from California to the east coast for trans-Atlantic shipment. I don't know if anyone knows exactly how they do this, but the fact is that bad things can happen -- car carrying trucks can crash (taking six, eight or ten Teslas with them), or trains can derail taking a bunch of shipping containers with them.

If one of these things happened, then a handful of European customers would get screwed -- their cars, customized to their preferences in the factory in Fremont, would be lost, and the factory would have to make new ones for them -- it's not easy to take some other car and reroute it to the customer whose car got damaged in transit. This is not a delay in production (just like the letter says) -- it's an unfortunate incident that causes delays for a small number (relatively small -- a few dozen if it was a train derailment) of customers. That doesn't mean that it doesn't suck less for those customers who are affected, but it's not some widespread issue that will affect deliveries to all of Europe.

Jolinar | October 10, 2013

Some of us waited since 2009 when the car was introduced for the first time... Be patient...