Upset at major headliner issue

Upset at major headliner issue

Hello all -

I wanted to know if anyone else is familiar with a major change that took place and went unannounced by Tesla. I took delivery of a loaded P85 3/22 and have been very happy with Tesla and the car. I've expected a few things here and there though I am very detail oriented and a perfectionist. I'm ok not having the spoiler, HPWC, and parcel shelf available at the time of pickup.
However, the entire headliner is fabric instead of the promised Alcantara. This is unacceptable to me. It appears that recently the factory made a change and all cars come with fabric. Mine was one of the first to have had this. I was never informed. Cost savings? Im not happy about it at all and to me it completely changes the feel of the interior. I was promised a car as configured, and changes have been made without my knowledge or even approval. I'm working to see what Tesla can offer and will keep you updated. Anyone else in a similar boat?


EMDoc | March 28, 2013

Dwdnjck - thanks for the helpful post . It's more the principle of the matter.

Ryan - the alcantara has more of suede type feel.

EMDoc | March 28, 2013

I just got an email from Tesla ownership...they state the issue has been escalated to a "top level."

Captain_Zap | March 28, 2013

I'm not surprised.

GeekEV | March 28, 2013

My issue that I alluded to earlier is also under review by upper management and Tesla let me know they needed about a week while they figure out what they can do. Fair enough.

Captain_Zap | March 28, 2013

Very cool.

EMDoc | March 29, 2013

OK great. This is what I expected from Tesla. Glad to hear they are following through.

Shakespeare | March 29, 2013

Ready to place my ordering a Grey with Grey leather interior. With matching Alcantara headliner, that I was shown and told would be in my performance EV.
When somebody breaks my trust, it is difficult to continue. CONSIDERING CANCELING

ylyubarsky | March 29, 2013

Just spoke to Tesla representative. They indeed confirmed that from now on they won't use Alcantara headliner on Performance vehicles. The new headliner is a little lighter color wise and more durable as they said. The color is still light beige what doesn't match any interior but tan. But this is what we have right now and I don't see that any changes are going to happen.

Captain_Zap | March 29, 2013


I wouldn't panic and go that far until I got official word back from Tesla regarding the issue.

I wasn't expecting to see Alcantara used on the seat bolsters and I was a bit concerned about its maintenance and durability in that location when I got it. I figured that if turned out to be a problem placing it in that location that Tesla would fix it and make a modification in the future.

At the same time, I wasn't ever concerned about Alcantara's durability or performance as a headliner. I had big concerns about the headliners in the beta cars and I didn't care for the fabric headliner I saw.

Maybe they got some feedback that concerned them about the Alcantara and they are making a move toward a superior material that has the same performance when it comes to acoustics, noise dampening and aesthetic appeal.

Ultimately, they definitely need to be proactive about stating significant revisions in advance.

Carefree | March 29, 2013

You're going to CANCEL the most innovative and coolest car on the planet because of the HEADLINER? REALLY?

I just don't get some people - be upset, complain to Tesla but CANCEL - no way!

michaelwm | March 29, 2013

There used to be a post in the "Bulletin Board" forum on Tesla's website about 19" wheels that very explicitly mentioned the Alcantara headliner and its value as part of the performance package. That post appears to have been deleted (or at least, I can't find it anymore and existing links to it don't work). The only mention/copy I can find is over on TMC:

nkinkaid@teslam... | NOVEMBER 24, 2012
The Performance Package was priced assuming a 19" wheel. Here is how we arrived at Performance pricing:

Base 85 kWh Model S $77,400
Performance Drive Unit $10,000
Upgraded Interior and Treatments $3,500
Active Air Suspension $1,500
Total $92,400
The $10,000 Performance Drive unit includes upgraded drive components, hardware and software.

The $3,500 Upgraded Interior includes all items in the $1,500 Nappa Leather Interior package, plus an Alcantara headliner ($1,900 on a Porsche Panamera), additional leather treatments and Alcantara seat bolsters ($600), Carbon Fiber décor option ($500 on Audi S7), and contrast color piping on seats ($200). This package rolls up to between $4,200 and $4,700 (depending upon if you choose the Carbon Fiber Décor on not), but was included in the Performance Package at $3,500.

The $92,400 price assumed a 19" wheel. However, we wanted our very early reservation holders to have the option to choose their favorite wheel as part of the Performance Package at no additional cost.

Six | March 29, 2013

Thanks for posting the above information. I recalled reading that in making my decision on the Performance package but could not find a copy.

Shakespear | March 29, 2013

You're going to CANCEL the most innovative and coolest car on the planet because of the HEADLINER? REALLY?

I just don't get some people - be upset, complain to Tesla but CANCEL - no way!

IT is the COOLEST CAR ON THE PLANET. I have lived my life of sixty plus years, knowing that I have always
kept my word and dealt with everyone on their truthfulness and mine.
I am going through a tough patch in my life now and need the security of my friends and family.

I have spoken with TESLA and even offered to pay more for the Alcantara in my EV, so I wouldn't be disappointed. I don't want to cancel but I have to live my life with the road I drive on.

Suprkar | March 29, 2013


I agree with you TRUST is everything!!! Tesla has made many promises which to date are still in the works. Really? No word on the progress of the promised items. Removing features seems to be the norm lately. If I had ordered the Perf I would be totally disgusted with the lack of integrity Tesla has shown. Make a promise keep it, make a change, announce it and set a start date for the change. I use to believe what Elon said and what was printed but no more. I think money has become the ONLY issue. I understand profit is important but how can you recommend a company that does stuff like this. Shame on you Tesla, give the man his due, give him the headliner he expected when he placed his trust and order with you. I will put my money where my mouth is. I will pay 300.00 toward giving this man what he is due. Make the customer happy! Anyone else?

EMDoc | March 29, 2013

Thanks Michaelwm for posting that! I printed it out and will discuss it if need be when Tesla gets back to me.
Suprkar - Exactly...I am very upset and its more the principle of the matter and the integrity more than the cost. I want Tesla to thrive...but if they keep this up they are destroying their reputation.
I'm sure they will figure this out fairly and will let you guys know. The car is amazing in all other regards.

To be updated...

satchy11 | March 30, 2013

This thread upsets me. I'm a shareholder and I received my P85 3/11 with the Alcantara headliner. While I ordered the performance more for the "performance", I expected the headliner to be part of the package, and would have been very upset if it had not been included. It was pointed out as one advantage of the performance upgrade during my test drive. Perhaps it was not specifically listed on the web site but it was certainly implied. This is certain to leave the impression of a bait and switch to many of those soon to receive their performance model. Tesla has been under the media microscope, unfairly I think, nevertheless their reputation is fragile and I feel this could really end up being a classic "penny wise pound foolish" decision.

sjm | March 30, 2013

Reading this thread has me very nervous about my upcoming delivery of my P85 on 4/12. Tesla wanted to delivery to me before month end to help with Q1 but I am off on vacation with the family. They asked me to pay for the car before end of March "to help" and I am glad I told them that I will only pay for the vehicle after inspecting it at delivery. If my car has a cloth headliner, probably will not take delivery of it instead re-ordering a very base specced vehicle.

Personally, the tipping point for me ordering a Performance was the Alcantara headliner as I hated the look/feel of the fabric headliner at the Tesla Store. Without the Alcantara headliner, I would have gone very base on my 85 - including fabric interior. Will wait to hear what Tesla does to make this right for EMDoc and keep my figures crossed my car has Alcantara in it. Thank you for posting that original thread michaelwm, I read it before and was looking for it on here again after reading the first post.

Tesla making this change without notification is unacceptable and they need to make it right for those of us that have ordered our P85's.

Has anyone considered that the reason for P85 cars showing up without Alcantara headlines is Tesla's massive push to be profitable in Q1 thus, pushing out every high dollar configuration as quickly as possible resulting in their running our of Alcantara headliners to install?

Shesmyne2 | March 30, 2013

I never even noticed the headliner during test drives/factory tours.
Does it really matter?

Still grinning ;-)

GeekEV | March 30, 2013

@sjm - > Tesla making this change without notification is unacceptable...

Exactly, this is what needs to be dealt with. I understand that Teslas are a constant work-in-progress with no model years, but they absolutely need to keep clear communication on what's been changed since you reserved so that when its time to order you can adjust accordingly. And then they need to stick to what the configuration was at the time of your order. If a change is absolutely necessary AFTER an order was placed, they need to give you a chance to change your order or back out of it.

GeekEV | March 30, 2013

@Shesmyne2 - Does it really matter? Maybe not, it's still an awesome car no matter how you slice it, but it's the principle of the matter. The Tesla configurations have always been a little fuzzy and that's just not going to cut it as they scale up production. You should get what you thought you ordered..

raineir | March 31, 2013

I washed my new model s water got on the fabric an now it has a really nice water stain on it. This pretty much sucks! Right next to the drivers side window. I'm going to have to call tesla service station Monday and see what can be done about this?? So also know. Owners do NOT get any water on this fabric. It stains really bad.

RobS | March 31, 2013

I have a pearl white performance with grey interior. The only thing that doesn't look perfectly beautiful to me is the tan headliner. Just a heads up... I consider it a small flaw but I rarely notice it.

EMDoc | April 1, 2013


Got an email from Tesla. Offer 500 back or will retrofit to alcantara. Trying to decide if the retrofit can be done in San Diego as the service center there said they could not handle it.

That is more of what I expect from Tesla. Feeling better now.

GeekEV | April 1, 2013

@EMDoc - Very nice, glad to hear they stepped up. Now, to see what they propose for my situation...

@raineir - Water doesn't stain. Impurities in the water, however, do. Minerals, soap, etc.. Try wetting the area down with plain de-mineralized water (you can get it at any grocery store) and blotting dry. Or use a portable steam cleaner unit (again with de-mineralized water and no soap).

EMDoc | April 1, 2013

GeekEV - someone in TMC forums (awaiting delivery) said that they got an email stating P85 cars not delivered yet will have alcantara and those going forward will have option to pay for alcantara.

EMDoc | April 1, 2013

So, don't worry in other words. Yours should have it!

Shakespear | April 2, 2013

Very happy regarding outcome....

Also MAGMA will be also.

GeekEV | April 3, 2013

@EMDoc - My situation was with a different (as yet unnamed) missing feature (not headliner, I just piggybacked on your thread). I heard back from Tesla today about it. Apparently they tried very hard to figure out how to give me the feature I thought I was getting, but decided it just isn't practical. They apologized and offered me the extended warranty as an olive branch. I'm a little bummed because I really was looking forward to the missing feature, but not enough to give the car back or hold a grudge over. I am pleased to have the extended warrant though, that was a nice gesture. Cost effective on their part too as it doesn't really cost anything unless the car has problems...