urgently need money back

urgently need money back

Hi all✌️
I make reservation for 2 Tesla 3, it is perfect cars, and i want have new model for my family.
2 day after reservation, i have money problems and i urgently need money back (2000$).
I write e-mail, wait some days, i call 3 time, wait 10 minutes and do not have answer....
How back money?

Tropopause | April 7, 2016

What does it say in your reservation agreement?

StayThePhoqueHome | April 7, 2016

It's on your credit card bill

Abr | April 8, 2016

To Tropopause: it say we can have money back

To EVolution: i am not understand you

ian | April 8, 2016

Can you visit or call a store or Service Centre? You may be able to get more of a response (I'm just guessing though), or perhaps tweet Elon musk or tesla motors. Basically I would try every route. The email they sent me says contact them through but I expect that is a pretty busy email alias at the moment. I think what Evolution is suggestions is contact your credit card company for help. Hope it works out for you.

storm3163 | April 8, 2016

I had reserved the Model S when they 1st started taking reserves. Decided to cancel when I realize the final cost with the option I wanted. I simply gave called the service center and my deposit was returned in a timely fashion.

cpmarino | April 8, 2016

@storm: just curious, where were you able to see final cost, or even any option pricing?

storm3163 | April 8, 2016

I was talking about who I reserved the Model S not the Model 3.

ir | April 8, 2016

> "It's on your credit card bill"
> "To EVolution: i am not understand you"

Tesla only accepts pre-orders from a credit card. If you have a cash emergency, you still have 1 month before you need to pay the bill. In the worst case, you can contest the charge with the credit card company.

You did pay by credit card right? Not cash to a shady person in a dark alley?

KP in NPT | April 8, 2016

ir - LOL

Assuming you paid via credit card and not to a shady person in a dark alley - a call to your local Tesla Store to cancel should be all that is needed.

Abr | April 8, 2016

I am pay from debit card from Russia.
When i USA support, they do not answer second day in 10-15 minutes.
It is not seriously for big company like a Tesla.

acuoio | April 8, 2016

To cancel, you need to call this number: (888) 518-3752, speak to someone, give them your RN number, and ask to cancel. They will tell you it takes 10-15 days to give you your money back.

Captain_Zap | April 8, 2016

Is Tesla in Russia now? I heard that they were going into India with the Model 3.

Abr | April 8, 2016

I am can not call from Russia to (888) 518-3752
I call to +1(650) 681-5100, they do not answer long time...

carlk | April 8, 2016

I don't think you can buy a Tesla car in Russia except from grey market. ir could be right after all.

KP in NPT | April 8, 2016

Call the 888 number with Skype.

Abr | April 8, 2016

to Carlk:
I do not know..tesla have't russian support

to mp1156
Thank you. I thought Skype can't call toll free numbers)
Now i call to 888 number, wait 20!!! minutes, and whey not answer too

SCCRENDO | April 8, 2016

As someone who grew up outside the US I can appreciate the issue. There are often controls on currency and they have worse bureaucratic nightmares than us so it's not as simple as cancelling with the credit card company.
@Abr. Tesla is usually pretty good about answering their phones but I'm guessing they are overwhelmed at this time. Recommend you call during business hours in California and just hold on and be patient. If you get sent to voicemail leave a detailed message. Probably better if you could get someone to call who speaks good English. As a native English speaking South Africa people here even had trouble understanding me. Your easiest option may well be trying to get your credit card company to cancel your payment if possible.