US Cross country trip/blog in a Model S

US Cross country trip/blog in a Model S

Jesse and Steve are taking delivery of their Sig S (Sig #41 per their tweet) today Sept. 7th and planning a cross country trip from San Francisco to DC, planned route:

Start: San Francisco, CA
Sacramento, CA
Reno, NV
Salt Lake City, UT
Cheyenne, WY
Omaha, NE
Des Moines, IA
Chicago, IL
Toledo, OH
Pittsburgh, PA
Hagerstown, MD
End: Washington, DC

They'll be updating their blog and posting on Tweeter @XCTeslatrip

Looking forward to their feedback and will following their updates closely!

Whity Whiteman | September 7, 2012

cool! bookmarked it...

Roblab | September 7, 2012

Now if they were efficient, they could make one of their trip legs just a shade over 400 miles and with the 400 mile challenge, too!

Quigibo | September 7, 2012

Bookmarked too

---is that Pink S for real?

Wow Mary Kay must be doing pretty good eh?

MandL | September 8, 2012

That pink Model S is awesome! talk about an attention getter

dahtye | September 8, 2012

Bookmarked and will be following the blog!

Flex | September 8, 2012

Read Day 1, looking forward to following your journey. Cannot wait to see range numbers in real world situation. Good luck and be safe.

jlloyd | September 10, 2012

I'm so glad they're doing this. Best of luck to them!

Brian H | September 10, 2012


Bob Kroll | July 5, 2013

Jesse and Steve,

Congratulations on a great job of documenting your trip. I loved the photos and commend you on them.

My wife Rosie, I and our shih tzu PeeDee are just completing a round trip from Berkeley, CA to New York City and back. Tonight we're in Flagstaff, AZ and will be back in Berkeley around July 13 or 14. We took loads of photos but haven't put them together as you have in a blog. The car worked so well, we had very few "interesting" experiences to write about, as we have often had when traveling long distances on our old Norton Commando motorcycle. But we're happy with the car as I'm sure you and all the other lucky Model S owners are.