USB Music Playback

USB Music Playback


This thread has nothing to do with the user interface, but rather a technical issue. Yes, the GUI could use improvement, but I am used to the GUI from my other Tesla.

I moved a USB flash drive (SanDisk UltraFit USB 3.0 128GB) that works in my Model S with 60-70Gb of .flac's over to the 3. The 3 seemed to recognize the USB drive show titles, folders, et cetera but would not play back music.

I tried both USB0 and USB1 ports. I noticed that the USB flash drive does get hot. But this is the same in the Model S and the 3.

I purchased a new SanDisk UltraFit USB 3.1 128GB stick and copied a subset of the files over (~40GB) to it.

I thought everything worked well but then found out it was only playing certain songs from the various folders; maybe a third of the overall music catalog. If I choose a "bad" file it seems to try for about 30 seconds and then moves on to the next playable song.

Has anyone had a similar experience? If so, is there a diagnostic and action that solved this?

wiboater4 | December 14, 2018

I tried using a thumb drive to play songs and it shows the thumb drive but no songs. So I just gave up on it for now. I had MP4 songs on it.

roger.klurfeld | December 14, 2018

I have the Sandisk Ultrafit 128 gB stick with a mixture of flac and mp3 files. I have not had any issues in playing flac files. But I did initially have some trouble with mp3 files. It seemed the header of the files was not up to standard. When I re-repped the CD with different software the problem was fixed.

roger.klurfeld | December 14, 2018

@wiboater4: The Model 3 does not read mp4 files. You need to convert them to mp3 files.

MRNot01 | December 14, 2018

@OP: that's a new one for me. I've definitely had squirrelly performance, but nothing of that sort. I find inconsistency with the app remembering I was listening to USB, and sometimes with even only a momentary exiting of the vehicle & reentry, it will have to reload the database, and sometimes refuses to find any files on the thumb whatsoever. It is hard to know if simply unplugging/reinserting is effective to correct, or if it requires a soft boot of the OS. I've done both, and on each occasion, the result has been different (but ultimately, it all comes back at some point). Frustrating, to say the least.

But, your description is a new one for me..

jithesh | December 14, 2018

USB drive music worked for me fine.

I actually plugged in my iPod Nano recently and to my surprise it was able to show all the songs with Genre, Artist.. info except the iPod playlists which is fine. It was able play the songs with no issues. So now I have updated the songs Genre to be same as my playlist name and that works pretty good for me.

wiboater4 | December 14, 2018

roger.klurfeld Thanks for the info , how do I convert them? Is it something I can do on the thumb drive or do I have to do it before?

jvcesare | December 14, 2018

Here is a pretty good blog post about using a USB drive in a Tesla. It's a little dated but most of it still applies.

farmer | December 14, 2018

@cmichael I took a the same SanDisk (SanDisk UltraFit USB 3.0 128GB) and partitioned in two. 25Gb for TeslaCam and the rest I loaded w/ FLAC & MP3 files and it works fine for me. M3P using passenger side USB port

gcklo | December 14, 2018

Works for me. TeslaCam and MP3 musics in the same drive.

roger.klurfeld | December 15, 2018

@wiboater4: You need to do it on your computer and then move the files to the thumb drive. I use EZ CD Audio Converter on Windows 10. It costs money, but it allows a 21 day free trial. I bought it years ago and it is well worth it.But I think there are several programs that are freeware.

jwins | December 15, 2018

Like @MRNot01, my issue with USB is the inconsistent behavior on reentering the car. About one time in five, the media player will continue playing what I’d been listening to upon exiting the car. Most times, it switches from USB to TuneIn.

cmichael | December 16, 2018

I had one trip yesterday where the newer USB worked as and all the flac's were available for playback. This morning the 3 found nothing on the USB.

Like @MRNot01 said "...and sometimes refuses to find any files on the thumb whatsoever" and "definitely had squirrelly performance" I agree.

I did check the number of songs. I am under the 8,000 suggested limit some, like the article @jvcesare provided suggested.

This is so vexing having the third-best-selling car in the U.S. and technical showcase having the USB flash work one day, partially another, and then not at all the next. Argh.

Kahn | December 16, 2018

i have 34000 songs.. works great.. recommend one of these . only issue is screen freezes for about a minute when you select usb for first time in a drive and it scans it.

casun | December 16, 2018

the usb playback leaves a lot to be desired. it’s my only significant complaint and i hope they improve it soon.

roger.klurfeld | December 17, 2018

@jwins: I agree with you, the interface is inconsistent. But it is also just awful for USB playing.Has anyone figured out how to set an artist or an album as a favorite. Sometimes when I set the first song on an album as a favorite it will play just that song, and other times it will continue to play the album. Voice commands would be great. But the user interface for playing songs on the USB drive is nonexistent. Is it any better in the Model S?