USB Ports

USB Ports

Sorry if this was asked before, but I am seeing some weird behavior with the front and rear USB ports in my model 3. Sometimes I get regular charging on the ports and other times it shows up as slow charge. Is this normal?

I brought up a similar concern up at the service center a few weeks after taking delivery and I was told it was normal to have regular charging at the front ports and slow charging at the rears. I was okay with that, but now it seems to be random.

By the way, I just noticed this again because I recently purchased a Jeda wireless chaging pad, but it does not work when plugged into the front, it only works with the rears. I wondering if I have a bad wireless charger, or are is it my ports.

daikoncat | March 23, 2019

A response for the Jeda Team:

So, with the 8.1+ /9.0 software, it seems people are having issues with their front USB ports when it comes to power and data switching. For example, with a wired connection it will work, however with a wireless charger of any kind the mode seems to switch to data and not power, thus disengaging the wireless charger. We have tested our charger, a samsung charger, and 3 other competing devices to find they all have the exact same issue. The back ports, however, remain the same and capable of charging as they only serve as a power source and not a data source. 

The solution we have found so far is to use a USB splitter or hub, which reengages the power mode. We are working to establish contact with Tesla to discuss the USB port anomalies occurring with their newer software versions. 

We are also working with our engineers, and our suppliers to find out what we can.

isabellerose3 | March 25, 2019

all you need to do is switch the cables with the jeda pad and use powered cables, as the ones they provide are data and power. simple fix.

P49X | March 25, 2019

We have a 4-port USB 3.0 hub plugged into the right front USB port. Plugged into the hub are (1) the right side of the TapTes wireless pad, (2) a 256 GB SanDisk Ultra-FIt for DashCam/Sentry mode and (3) a 256 GB SanDisk Ultra-Fit with our music libraries.

Has all worked fine for months now.

daikoncat | March 25, 2019

Thanks for the replies. I ended up using a USB splitter on each port and it is working great so far.

themattray | April 3, 2019

Thanks - I am seeing this with a new wireless pad I bought and thought I was going nuts. I don't think I am ready to rule out craziness, BUT it's good (I think?) is to see it isn't limited to my experience.

When you say splitters, are you saying you use one splitter per port in the front such as this one?

So weird.

Mikael13 | April 3, 2019

@themattray - Yeah that should work. I have a Nomad and it works just fine with the update, and they also include 2 sets of USB splitters. You’ll need to use at least one to hook up dashcam.

daikoncat | April 3, 2019

@themattray, yes that is correct. One splitter at each port and your wiresless pad will be connected to the "power only" cables of each splitter. This way, you still have two available ports for data or phone charging.

Carl Thompson | April 3, 2019

Remember there are 2 versions of the Nomad. The original version had a built in battery and the new version doesn't. That may make a difference as to whether you notice charging issues.

timmyers44 | July 20, 2019

Does anyone know if the Model 3 USB ports will work with a USB 3.1 connector such as this flash drive? | July 20, 2019

@timmyers44 - No problem. Tesla has 2.0 USB ports, and all newer USB standards are backwards compatible (assuming the connector matches, as it does with that Samsung drive).

tome.najdovski | August 7, 2019

Hello Tesla model 3 owners. I received mine on july 15th and from the beginning my iPhone 7 does not charge on any of the front or rear USB ports. The first time I connected it with lightning cable the charging sign appeared briefly and then disappeared. Using an other cable did not solve the issue nor did a USB hub.
i called the Tesla support but they said I will be contacted by the service center but no news after 10 days.
Does someone know how to solve this basic issue?

Joshan | August 7, 2019

no idea, I bought a wireless charging pad the day I got the car. Never used those... sorry. | August 7, 2019

@tome - Sounds like there may be problem with your USB ports. Two tests may help identify the issue:

1) Put some USB music on a flash drive (MP3 or Flac is best), attach it to one of the front USB ports and see if you can access music from it. If so, it would seem the USB ports may be ok - if not, clearly something is wrong. Note that the SR/SR+ may not have USB music support - only the LR.

2) Connect your phone charger to the rear seat USB ports. Does that work? If so, again it points to a problem with the front USB ports and you'll likely need a service appointment to have it fixed.

finman100 | August 7, 2019

reboot the car.

hold down both steering wheel scroll wheels until the screen goes black AND then the T (Tesla) symbol come back on. then let go. You can do this with or without the brake depressed.

worth a shot. solves a lot of issues.

tome.najdovski | August 8, 2019

Thanks I'll try these different things and give you feed back.