Used Model S import from Germany to Switzerland

Used Model S import from Germany to Switzerland

Hello, I was wondering if it’s possible to buy an used Model S in Germany and service it in Switzerland.
Maybe somebody already did it?
I sent two e-mail to with no response…
The euro-chf rate and the greater choice, makes it hard to resist…

dovilina | January 26, 2015

I'm from switzerland aswell and I first looked into buying an S from US. As far as I know the warranty is a big issue. You only have warranty in Germany. I wrote to Tesla that time aswell and didn't get a reply. Maybe you should better call.

Jonathan C. | January 26, 2015

Thx seisend. I can understand from the US since the charging issues and the regulations are different. But in Europe there is a common ground for those regulations. My current car is from Germany and I had no troubles with the warranty in CH. It should be allowed to import cars from the EU zone, at least there is not problems with the current dealer model witch has much more to lose… I hope to receive an official answer soon. I also asked Tesla CH and one told me that I couldn’t service the car here and another told me that it was ok to import…. So I’m little confused.

ElectricSteve | January 26, 2015

I live in CH.

I think it should be possible to import a EU Tesla car to CH, just like any other car.
Give Tesla in Möhlin a call to ask how warranty is handled. Cannot imagine why it would not be possible.

ElectricSteve | January 26, 2015

Ask for Bastian when you call the Möhlin SC. He lives in Germany.

Jonathan C. | January 27, 2015

Thx a lot ElectricSteve!!

I’ve called Basel and they were very friendly and helpful. They will send me an e-mail with the official answer, but basically it should be possible. They will also check for inventory cars for me, witch with the recent price reduction could translate into a good price :-).

GeirT | January 27, 2015

The smartest thing you would do is to get the used car from Norway. Approx. 130 on sales at - - and with no taxes etc you'll get it cheaper than from Germany. And Norway cars comply to the CE standards.
And no reason why Tesla Switzerland would not honor the EU warranties that are uniform (or at least should be).
And with the resent exchange rate between NOK end SFR you are in for a serious bargain!
The prices you'll find are relative low in NOK (and very low in SFR) is due to the massive ordering of the P85D.
Happy hunting!

Brian H | January 27, 2015

Witch is a woman who does magic which you may not like.

jackan | January 27, 2015

@Brian H. I'm sure his English is better than your French ;)

Brian H | January 27, 2015


Jonathan C. | January 28, 2015

@GeirT Thx a lot for your link. It’s insane!!! It’s Model S haven in there heheh. Prices are very good and I could actually find a car for me no doubt. I was also inclined to fly to Oslo with my wife and 2 kids, buy the car and have a 3 weeks road trip.
But I’m afraid it won’t happen, since I would lose the warranty on the car. Tesla says that they have divided Europe in 4 zones (like the DVD regions hehe): EU,UK,Norway and Switzerland. You can only get service on the car in the region you have purchased it. If you’re travelling is not a problem, you can service the car where you are, but if you buy a car in the EU zone you will be able to service it only in the EU.
So I could buy it in Germany and service it in Milan which is 1h away (actually closer than ZH). But what if they put a service center in Lugano and I can’t service it there?
I will wait for an inventory car from CH, which will probably take a while.

Thx to everyone

@Brian H Hahhahaa, you got me good this time!!! Maybe we need a witch to resolve this matter. Thx for the help, I hope I’ve used it correctly this time.

@jackan My mother is from Lucerne, my father is from Bellinzona, I studied in Yverdon-les-bain and I’ve been a fan of the USA forever (done a 3month/10’000miles/15 states road trip in 2006). So my brain is a mess…

WattsThatGrin | January 28, 2015

Ciao / Bonjour / Sali / Hi Jonathan C.

My Swiss P85+ is for sale... let's talk!

022 735 06 08. Anytime. D / E / I / F

Jonathan C. | January 28, 2015

@WattsThatGrin thx for your time!!

WattsThatGrin | January 28, 2015

@ Jonathan C.
Was nice talking to you. When I'm in Ticino next time I'll let you know... if you don't have yours by then, we go for a spin!!

Jonathan C. | January 28, 2015

@WattsThatCrin likewise. See ya then :-)

Brian H | January 29, 2015

Watts a Crin? Pix.