Used Model S instead of Model 3

Used Model S instead of Model 3

I was thinking of getting a used 2017 Model S with the Enhanced Autopilot when the actual Model 3 comes out and cancelling my reservation. Or maybe even a new Model S. Is it worth it?
Also how are the nextgen multipattern seats (comfort, breathable, etc.) and ultra white seats (with no perforation because the Model S doesn't have perforated seats right now)? Those are my only two choices. Is the Enhanced Autopilot just a better version of the Autopilot 1 or do you need Full Self Driving enabled?
That's it.

jordanrichard | February 19, 2017

To me, the Model S and Model 3 are 2 different animals. Just in sheer size and cargo capacity. It's like comparing/cross shopping a S-Class Benz with a C-Class.

kaffine | February 19, 2017

I am waiting. I really want AP2 and the S is out of my price range even used AP1 cars in my price range are hard to find. If I could afford a car with AP2 I would get one now. The 3 will be a little larger than my current car but the larger size of the S would be nice though.

I had thought about getting an S and then deciding if I want the 3 when it comes out but I would still be paying on the S when the 3 came out. Then I would have to sell the S so I could buy the 3. I figure I will take a bit of a hit on the S when I sell it after a year as I drive 50k miles a year. Just not worth it to me I will keep my current car and wait. When the 3 comes out I will decide between a new 3 or a used S. If AP 2 gets to level 5 before the 3 comes out I will reconsider.

pranfire | February 19, 2017

kaffine AP2 is already level 5 with full self driving upgrade.

dsvick | February 20, 2017

@pranfire - "... AP2 is already level 5 with full self driving upgrade"

No, no it isn't. Yet. They haven't even activated all of the EAP features yet for the second gen hardware. The plan is that the cars will eventually be FSD with the 2nd generation hardware but there is fair number of things that needs to happen between now and then.

kaffine - if it hasn't reached FSD when it comes out (and I'll be surprised if it has) you should, just like the S and X, be able to activate it later for an upcharge.

Rocky_H | February 20, 2017

@pranfire, I know there is not an obvious search utility, so it's hard to locate, but this is exactly the same question as this thread, which has a lot more answers already.

Rocky_H | February 20, 2017

Oh, and search utilities for this forum are:

sunnyvale45 | February 22, 2017

I went through the same issues. I put the deposit on the first day before the announcement came out. My lease on my current car was due in the summer. I am now waiting for the delivery of my model s 85 with AP1 CPO. I got a good deal . I saw a good deal and i grab it For me, i did for a lot of reasons, the 85 has a bigger battery, and more upgrades. Plus We want to use the car for everything instead of our SUV(except hauling stuff) We take several road trips from Northern ca to Socal, and I have 2 kids, plus we always have an extra person in our car. Five people in the Model 3 for long road trips would not have work. For some people the Model 3 makes a better choice if work for your situation. Granted It won't have ap2, but for me i can live with that (if you seen what i drive now any update would be great)and came be happy with ap1

ckcland2 | February 23, 2017

I had an early Model 3 reservation, then took a test drive. I now own an S60D. I am so glad I bought the S.

b8schris | February 23, 2017

I have toyed around with that idea also.. used Model S, already depreciated hold their value... and I am guessing that fully decked out Model 3 will cost more than a used MS with less upgrades but free charging. I prefer the size (or what I know of the size) of the model 3. The S is amazing and most of the time it is just me in the car and at the most, my wife, son and dog.. the M3 will be perfect for that.

Nexxus | February 23, 2017


We did also and received our Model S 60D last September. Already have 9300 miles on it! We kept the Model ≡ reservation though. The wife will need a new car someday.

andy.connor.e | February 23, 2017

Consider this:

A fully loaded Model 3 could potentially cost about the same as a brand new S60D.

vp09 | February 23, 2017

Like ckcland2 and Nexxus, I reserved a Model 3 (mid morning at Buena Park Showroom, 31 March of last year) then bought an S 90D. I received one of the first refreshed versions.

SamO | February 23, 2017


Definitely purchase a Model S right now. But keep your Model 3 reservation since your new status of owner will push delivery of Model 3 to the front of the line.

In 12-18 months, you might be at the front of a long line of owners and might want to resell your Model S.

You never know and it is only $1000.

Whatever you decide, you'll be driving an incredible car.

Haggy | February 23, 2017

The good news is that you can test drive a Model S right now to find out. The bad news is that AP2 software isn't complete yet, and FSD isn't released yet. But you can be sure that AP2 will work better than AP1 once it's done, and AP1 is quite good.

The essence of the problem is that Tesla would have needed to have put in a MobilEye chip in addition to the new hardware if they had wanted the car to start off with everything that AP1 does and then build from there. So there are some things that Tesla's software does based on the output of the MobilEye chip, rather than using the output of the camera directly to come up with the equivalent data on their own. The NVIDIA hardware will handle it just fine, but it's not as if they could simply run the same software.