Using MacOS' iCloud on the 17 inch screen

Using MacOS' iCloud on the 17 inch screen

I would love to be able to check my calendar on the 17 inch screen (for example, to get the address of an upcoming appointment) instead of being tempted to look down at my iPhone. However when I go to on the Tesla's browser, I get to the Apple page reserved for unsupported browsers, and it says "Selianta ei tueta" which according to Google Transliate is Finnish for "browser not supported". Amusing that it is Finnish.

Anyone find a work around?

jat | January 9, 2013

Complain to Apple - the browser is running WebKit (via Khtml), which is similar to the version used in Safari. They shouldn't be looking at the user agent but instead looking for specific features they require, which are almost certainly present.

schumonster | January 9, 2013

As Jat said, The Tesla browser is reporting that its something "other" than what Apple deems appropriate for display. Its an attribute set at load time that the pages check when you request them. In theory Tesla could set it to something apple liked, but that would potentially cause other incompatibilities. Maybe in the glorious 3rd party app future, we can get a chrome install that would display it, but running this to its logical conclusion if what you really want is to tap on your Ical address and have it pushed to the Tesla navi, you are talking about OS level integration that is probably unlikely without significant Apple+Google+Tesla cooperation and that seems unlikely given the current state of affairs between the first two. I'd love to see if you can get to a google calendar on the display, as selfishly my company uses gmail for corporate mail and there might be a closer shot to that workflow functioning for me in the future. :-)

Xcell | June 20, 2017

iCloud is not supported by Teslas´s Browser. Tesla told me that this is a measure of "security" so people are not distracted by reading eMails, etc.
Tesla´s Browser is also incapable of showing other webpages (Flight Aware, Vienna Airport, etc., ).
It´s seems that Tesla has different priorities (problems using their OS) than offering a functional Web Browser...

dogfishbird | June 21, 2017

Don't complain to Apple or Tesla or Finland - Tesla has already implemented an elegant solution for this.

In my Tesla, every morning, a calendar overlay appears on the screen, showing all my appointment times and addresses. If I wanted to navigate to my 7:30am's address, I press it, and it appears on the Tesla nav.

Here's how:
1. Put your appointments in your iPhone calendar. Put the address in the location field (Very important!) Turn on Bluetooth.
2. Open your Tesla app and under Settings, turn Calendar Sync ON.
3. In your Tesla, there's a setting to show your calendar in the morning, afternoon, or every time you get in the car.

There's other detailed instructions elsewhere - google is your friend! :)

reed_lewis | June 21, 2017

The best thing about having your calendar synced with the car is that you can tap an address and it will set it as a destination in the NAV system. I have used that many times for appointments, etc. As long as the address is in the location field of the meeting, it will work well.

EVRider | June 21, 2017

Who says you can't search this forum? @Xcell found and replied to this thread from January 2013! :-)

NKYTA | June 21, 2017

@EVRider :-)

That reminds me that I need to sync my iPhone after the MCU upgrade. Darn first world problems...

MaaDoTaa | June 22, 2017

Recently, I added a new feature to my app that lets you send an address that you've looked up on your phone (e.g., using Google Map or Apple Map) to your Tesla.
Here is how it works:
- Look up your address in Google Maps or Apple Map and tap the share icon
- Select "Stats" app icon from the share menu and hit "Send to Tesla".

This automatically create an event on your calendar which includes the address. Tapping on the event starts navigation.

The app is "Stats: for Model S/X" can this is the link to App Store:

TaoJones | June 22, 2017

Nicely done. I may start using the calendar in the car yet.

MaaDoTaa | June 22, 2017

I find the calendar in the car quite useful. Both for seeing what my meetings are for the day and to start navigation to my appointment.

dlake | June 22, 2017

You don't even need an address. It will navigate from your calendar to a location by name of the location. Pretty smart.