Using MS as a Hot Spot

Using MS as a Hot Spot

I haven't seen this topic discussed here, but does the Model S currently function as a hotspot for my other devices (i.e. laptop, iPod, etc.)? And if it doesn't, does anyone know about adding this feature in a future update? Any info is appreciated.

Brian H | March 25, 2013

Scheduled, soon (?).

DouglasR | March 25, 2013

@Brian, I don't think so. The car will be a client for other hotspot or tethering sources (e.g., phones, mobile hotspots, etc.), but I have never heard that the car will be a hotspot source itself.

sergiyz | March 25, 2013

That's what they advertised at some point, i.e. your friends in the car connecting to a built-in wifi and sharing car's Internet connection.

David Trushin | March 26, 2013

My question would be why you would want to do that given that current models are 3G. If you have multiple devices in the car and want to network, it would be better to use your 4G phone as the wifi router and connect the car to it.

stevenmaifert | March 26, 2013

@sergiyz - You are correct, but that was many moons ago. I think that went the way of the lighted sun visor mirrors.

Roshandosh | March 26, 2013

I also remember them advertising this some time ago, but I haven't heard much recently about it and since I just picked up my Model S I was hoping this would have been resolved

@David Trushin
Even if they are only 3G, It would still make a lot of sense especially if you don't have hotspot enabled on your phone as I don't. Having the car as a hotspot would be great especially on road trips for everyone in the family to be on whatever device they want and not be using up my phone's data connection.

David Trushin | March 26, 2013

I would doubt that anyone would find that an enjoyable experience. Just try bringing up a web page on the screen and see how long it takes.

martha | May 2, 2014

I would like a hotspot feature too! It would mean one less device to carry/fool with (the kids would be able to use it too). +

stevenmaifert | May 2, 2014

In early 2012, the Model S features Web page said this: "Model S comes equipped with four USB ports that enable passengers to charge devices while on the go. Equipped with high-speed connectivity, Model S works as a hotspot, providing internet connectivity for other devices while on the go." Obviously that didn't make it to the production Model S. Not sure the speed of a 3G hotspot would be all that useful anyway.

juerg.spoerri | January 30, 2015

it would be great to connect in both directions, so to speak use the car as a hot spot for your Iphone to avoid roaming costs when you are abroad, and to use the Iphone as ahot spot and enable the cars computer as your in built labtop. wouldn't that be great?

hpjtv | January 30, 2015

You can already use your phone as a hotspot for the car's WI-FI. However, the touch screen is not up to laptop standards.

vjkumar45 | September 1, 2015

after the new windshield replacement, i had no wifii . how to resolve itin my car

keydiver | September 1, 2015

Who did the windshield replacement? If it was a Tesla SC, take it back. I believe the WiFi antenna is in the passenger side mirror, but they may have accidently unplugged it while doing the windshield.