Using a Nissan Dealership to Charge

Using a Nissan Dealership to Charge

Am planning a trip to the middle of Montana. I need to charge twice to get across the state. Am having difficulty finding charging stations. Have noticed there are Nissan dealerships in a number of cities. Has anyone successfully used a Nissan dealership to charge?

dortor | June 10, 2013

My Nissan dealer only lets leafs charge - I would suggest you arrange it ahead of time or be prepared with a plan B - I'd look for an RV park with 50 amp RV hook ups.

breading | June 10, 2013

Yes. I charged at a Nissan dealer in Columbia, MO. Call before you leave to be sure thy will allow you to charge there. Some will not.

dortor | June 10, 2013

also - you may want them to understand how long you're be there - a full range change @ a 32 amp charger could take longer than 8 hours (they aren't used to that cause leaf's can only go 60-80 miles) - I know my 32 amp 240v charger at work can take 11 hours to fully charge my Model S…they may not want the competition parked there for 8 hours or more…

cmaso | June 10, 2013

When making my decision to buy, I called two Nissan dealerships here in VA and both said they had no problem letting me charge. I take delivery in 11 days, so haven't had a chance to take them up on it... however, I believe that they are only 30 amp stations and if you are looking to charge on a long trip that's going to be a slow recharge. I agree with dortor... find RV parks along the way and call ahead to make sure they will let you use the 50 amp hook up. The KOAs I called basically told me that if nobody was using a 50 amp hook up, they would let me use it for no charge. I don't think they get many requests, and didn't know what to say, so maybe I will find a different story if I ever go there. However, if I need to recharge on a long trip, going to have plan A, B and C, until I am know the cars limits. One other thing is to see if there are Tesla owners along the way that might let you use their personal charger (if they have HPWC and you have twin charger, that's a great solution). In one of these posts someone had provided a Google map of charging stations, which included Tesla owners who were willing to share…

alohasara | June 10, 2013

My Tesla is charging at the Nissan dealership in Santa Barbara right now. They even moved a Leaf out of the way to allow me to pull in and charge. I guess it depends on the dealership.

agiangone | June 10, 2013

I was able to test my j1772 adapter at a Nissan dealer for about 10 min. 30 amp 14 mph

kidheme | June 10, 2013

Like Breading, I also needed a partial charge at Columbia, MO Nissan dealership. They were very gracious both on the phone and when I got there. Only one charger though, thankfully it was available. It was slow......
Had also checked into getting charged at Nissan dealership in Jefferson City MO (site was shown on Recargo) but they apparently were not selling any Leafs (?Leaves) and had their charger removed so definitely need to call ahead.

ramtaz | June 10, 2013

TEXAS NISSAN never offered the charger, it's in the service entrance.
I did receive 2 year safety inspection!

cerjor | June 10, 2013

I used the Mitsubishi dealer in Medford, OR. I had called ahead. They were very accommodating. Salesmen asked all kindest of questions. Left it charging overnight.

herkimer | June 11, 2013

Seems that the 14-50 RV outlet available in RV parks and campgrounds gives a faster charge than the 30 amps at Nissan dealers. FWIW

Andrew_OH_S60andS70D | June 11, 2013

It would seem that Nissan Corporate would provide some guidance. of the many encounters I've had with people asking about the car, they always ask the price. This is after I've explained all the advantages of owning an EV. I always mention the Leaf and how it's a great car with very good leasing terms at the moment. I was going to purchase a Leaf, and test drove one before I decided to go ahead with the Model S, so I can provide a reasonable testimonial.

We are all getting people excited about EVs, and since Tesla does not have anything in the Leaf price range, they should be happy that we will be driving people into their dealerships.

TheAustin | June 11, 2013

I concur with l of the above...If you're going to attempt to charge at a Nissan dealer, definitely call ahead and ask if it's feasible. I did, and they were very gracious and told me that I was welcome to charge any time. However, with the long charge-time, I was thinking of leaving it there overnight...But, as nice as the dealership was, they told me that they couldn't allow that because they couldn't take responsibility if anything happened to my car on their property while I wasn't with it.

I think you will be better off exploring one of the other two good options mentioned: Researching a KOA or other type of campground that has a NEMA plug for motor home hook-ups (FYI, most marinas will have similar NEMA hook-ups)...Again, locate a few potential locations, and call ahead.

And finally...Use the PlugShare or Recargo websites or Apps to see of there are any Model S owners along your route listed on there...As you have probably figured out, we're quite a friendly, helpful, accommodating bunch ;)

Good luck, safe & happy travels...

DTsea | June 11, 2013

one of my buddies rode in my model s and decided he wanted an ev too. but his commute is only 3 miles so he bought what he calls a 'baby Tesla' ~ a Leaf. i bet teslas at the nissan dealership will improve leaf sales.

July10Models | June 11, 2013

I recently charged at a Nissan dealer in Newport, RI. I was going to charge for a few hours until they invited me to charge overnight since I was staying near by. They were very accommodating even offering coffee and water while I was waiting. I had called another Nissan dealership in the area who had suggested the one in Newport since that was my destination anyway and the charger was indoors. This was my first totally pleasant experience with an auto dealership since I've been driving.

David70 | June 11, 2013

Actually, I think a Tesla charging at a Nissan dealership could be good for their business. A lot of people could look at it and talk to the dealer. If they don't intend to do road trips and never have to drive more than 70 miles per day, the Leaf would be a very good lower priced option for them. I wanted a more comfortable larger car (the best I've ever dreamed of owning) and the ability to drive over 500 miles in a day since I'm willing to take the time to recharge.

Brian H | June 11, 2013

Yes, 40/30 faster. Or maybe 40/24.