Using19" Model S wheels on a Model X

Using19" Model S wheels on a Model X

I have seen several posts concerning stock Model X tires. Here is what I did to increase range and provide peace of mind when traveling while maintaining the stock appearance of the car.

I am using 5 245x55x19 Michelin Premier LTX tires mounted on 19 ' Model S slipstream wheels. I have used 1/4" spacers behind the wheels to bring the wheels out somewhat for looks, but they worked fine before I installed them. I own a 5 passenger 100D Model X. I rotate all 5 tires. The spare is stored in the compartment behind the back seats. The spare makes the cover sit higher and required some minor modifications to make it stable etc. I have 13,000 miles on the car and have averaged 318 wh/mi, which means my range is over 300 miles. According to the records from my first year service at 12,600 miles, the 4 tires on the car have 6/32'' tread on the front two and 7/32' on the rear tires. They measured 8/32 " when new. I have rotated them twice so far. I am driving 50% of the time 70 MPH plus on the freeway. I carry a small "bottle jack" and lug wrench. I picked up a nail 600 miles from home in one tire and was able to change it and be back on the road in under 20 minutes. It was repaired where I had the tires mounted for free when I got home. These may not be for everyone, but work fine for me. They are "only" rated for 130PMH and have a sightly lower weight carrying capacity then the stock tires. I find the higher profile makes these a good choice if the roads you travel are not in the best shape and you want greater range. If you are towing a lot and/or own the heavier 6 or 7 passenger X these might not be for you.

mxlifestyle | January 16, 2018

Thank you guy for the good idea. I want a set of tires/wheels I can rotate and your idea gives better mileage and I expect a better price for the tires. Regarding the spacers, are they stock aluminum auto wheel spacers or did you do something special?

Model X Guy | January 17, 2018

The spacers are actually for a BMW with the same bolt pattern. I keep it to 1/4" thickness to ensure plenty of threads were griping on the lug nuts. The service center didn't even notice that i had difference wheels until I pointed it out to them.

Trey757 | November 10, 2018

Model X Guy, do I have this right? You're using the 19X8 slipstream wheels for the Model S on the X? I have a set from my Model S with winter tires 245/45/29. So if I change them to 245/55/19 it can work on a 5 seat 100D Model X, with 1/4 spacer?

gdoratt | August 27, 2019

Was just curious if you changed over to the 245/55/19 tires for looks or functionality. I'm really considering this setup for my X but there's a local guy who is selling his 19"s with the 245/45/19 tires already on it. I'm not too concerned with looks so if the 245/45/19 will fit then i'd be ok to use those until they need to be replaced. Let me know.

volefen | August 27, 2019

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Vawlkus | August 28, 2019

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jjgunn | August 28, 2019


jjgunn | August 28, 2019

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Vawlkus | August 29, 2019

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Triggerplz | August 29, 2019

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Model X Guy | August 29, 2019


I did it for functionality, softer ride and increased range and less chance of curb rash and tire damage. They also can be rotated. The 245/55/19 tires match the diameter of the original 20" tires so the speedometer is actuate. They also will carry the increased weight of the Model X better than the 245/45/19s on the 19" wheels you are considering.

gdoratt | September 2, 2019

Thanks for the response, much appreciated.

RAUDIKAL | September 8, 2019

@Model X Guy - the Michelin Premier LTX in size you mention do not seem to be XL load rated which is needed for the MX. Are your tires XL load rated? Maybe I am missing an available configuration.

Size: 245/55R19
Service Description:103V
Load Range: SL
Eco:Michelin Total Performance
UTQG: 620 A A
Max Load: 1,929 lbs