V9 Issue with Audio Settings Dolby Sound and other bugs

V9 Issue with Audio Settings Dolby Sound and other bugs

I am having an issue where the Dolby Sound setting resets everytime and turns off when I turn off the car and I have to go back and reenable it.

I also have an issue where I have B trip selected but the A trip is showing on the dash.

gadgetman_000 | November 16, 2018

Yup, me too. How do we report it to Tesla. They don't make it easy to do.

jamesguan117 | November 16, 2018

I told service center and they said it was a bug but then in documentation they said it was normal... which is it? Hope they fix it. Because a setting, which a slider like that denotes tells a user that Dolby Sound should stay on if I select it. | November 17, 2018

Have you tried a reboot? It's always the first step, and seems 90% of odd problems disappear, never to return.

cpop76 | November 17, 2018

Can anyone tell me if there!s a difference between the premium sound system and the Ultra high fidelity system. Are they the same? | November 18, 2018

@cpop - It's a bit hard to say. The basic system's name changed a few times over the years and the current UHFS system (standard in the S/X now) is only listed as "Custom Audio System" in the Premium Upgrade. It does make it confusing. There are two systems that owners could purchase in older cars. The standard system had 7 speakers, while the UHFS has 12. More details on differences here:

wisam.alrawi | November 18, 2018

This is going to hurt but honestly the Tesla audio system does not impress me at all. (I think my Model S came with the ultra high fidelity one). The quality feels like my old Toyota Camry with the premium audio package. The bass is not deep and some songs get distortion with flat equalizer settings. I usually like to listen at volume level set to 11. Can't go higher either. I don't mess with the equalizer. The current audio leaves a lot of room for improvement. I don't want to do an aftermarket audio but I wish Tesla can innovate more when it comes to Audio. | November 19, 2018

@wisam.alrawi - I suspect the problem is not the Tesla sound system, but the source material. To get the most out of the car, use a USB drive with your songs, encoded in a loss-less format such as FLAC. If I were to guess, you may be using AM radio or bluetooth - the worst for quality sound compared with the alternatives. Bluetooth is always highly compressed.

You're old Camary also has a lot of ICE noise, so you have to listen at high levels to overcome all the noise in the car. With the Tesla, I find you can hear a lot more of the actual music, even at lower volume levels. Can't say I've ever listened at 11 - for me 3-5 is more than enough. I wonder if your source has a level problem too, as 11 should be ear-blasting loud.

RAJEEVSH | July 11, 2019

@Wisam @TeslaTap : I also feel the same for sound system in my model S. It is supposed to be UHFS but I don't like the quality. My Hyndai Tuscan has better sound quality. I was also of the impression that it could be something related to kind of file format I try to play on Bluetooth. But recently I played the same files over bluetooth on a rental new Tesla and it sounded pretty great.
I believe it is more of a HW issue with Tesla. | July 12, 2019

@RAJEEVSH - That's always possible. I'd do a quick check - ideally with test sounds, but even with music and the built in fader, test each corner of the car to be sure each speaker is working. When set to the front-corner, check both the door speaker and the one in the dash that audio is coming from each speaker. This guide shows you the position of each speaker to test:

Also check your equalizer settings to be sure they are not set to something way off normal. Flat at zero 0db is a good starting point. Depending on your hearing loss (we all have some) you may want to boost the highs. You could also boost the bass a bit, but don't go overboard :) The Tesla UHFS is well balanced and a flat 0db settings will yield the most authentic sound.