V9 - much ado about nothing; and the maps suck more than before

V9 - much ado about nothing; and the maps suck more than before

As an AP1 owner, I'm completely underwhelmed by this long anticipated update.

There are no significant improvements and the maps are WORSE. This time, they eliminated the color of the roads, so the entire map is a flat gray-scale unreadable blob while in motion.

Telse is continuing their trend of each update being worse than the last, since V7.

dr.redMS75D | October 6, 2018

I have AP2 and not AP1, but have you tried using Aerial map view rather than Road map view? You might like it better. | October 6, 2018

Map color changes occured many months ago - nothing to do with v9. For me, the color change helps emphasise the traffic colors. Doesn't appear gray scale to me, but agree it isn't as vibrant as before.

barrykmd | October 6, 2018

TT - it appears to me that the bodies of water lost color months ago. V9 changed the road outlines from green to gray.

jordanrichard | October 6, 2018

Before people start casting stones at this update, Elon did say that while there would be a major change to the Nav via V9, he also said that it would happen over the course of series of updates. Meaning the initial V9 release lays the ground work for future supplemental updates.

hammer @OR-US | October 6, 2018

+1 Jordanrichard Same thing happened in the 6>7 and 7>8 updates. The intial was a GUI change and then there was a .1 follow up that added most of the features.

dborn | October 6, 2018

Yeah, Barry. They won’t unlock the few remaining features of the Mobileye chip. It has the potential to recognise stop signs for example. Pity. There is more that they can give us, but the bridges were so thoroughly burned by our fearless leader that it is not going to happen.

Boonedocks | October 6, 2018

@jordanrichard but 1/2 true for V9. As late as last week that changed drastically

redacted | October 6, 2018

For those who love mobileeye so much, my story: I have a pre-AP vehicle. I have the mobileeye hardware in it, for measuring distance, collision, pedestrians. Mobileye never updated its software, and it no longer works on iOS. In the meantime, Tesla has updated my software innumerable times, updated the app, and added features. For those who got the Tesla version of AP, there have been software updates galore and the promise of new hardware.

Mobileye is (was) a sucky company. Tesla made exactly the right choice.

johncrab | October 6, 2018

I feel your pain but am not "underwhelmed" as you are. I'm totally pissed off at the loss of customization and functionality. If I wanted a G-D-FING Ford with Microsoft junk in it I would have bought one. This truly sucks.

PBEndo | October 6, 2018

But now you can play a few Atari games! Everything is Awesome!

2015P90DI | October 6, 2018

I hate that you can no longer split the screen with two screens containing the information you WANT. Now they force navigation on you and force you to overlay the navigation for anything else. I don't use navigation that often, but seems like it would suck for those that want navigation AND something else on the screen at the same time. Sucks that they took away the choice to have it the way you want it. But, being Tesla, it's not surprising. One by one, they're taking away all the choices you once had, from the purchase and configuration of the car to just about everything else. They are building them towards FSD, which would be fine except for the fact that we're probably 10+ years away from FSD driving cars. They need to continue with the mindset of user friendliness. Most people won't have their cars in 10 years.

sr.smr | October 6, 2018

This "upgrade" may work better for the smaller screen in the Model 3, but eliminating many direct selection of features and replacing it with a two-step process by swiping up and then making a selection is a step backwards for the Model S. The Model S is supposed to be different. It is the flagship model and does not need to mimic the economy user interface of the Model 3. The large screen on the Model S has plenty of space to make direct selections. And what was the the reasoning for forcing the map on the top of the screen whether you want it or not. Just terrible.

johnson.todd.r | October 6, 2018

The center screen limitations are terrible. I have said this on the Tesla twitter feed and on Musks (assuming his new handlers are letter him actually access twitter), but does anyone know where we can formally complain about the new V9 limitations? I find it unbelievable that they would take away user customization. This is like Apple deciding that I must have safari on my screen plus one other app at that bottom.

frieder | October 7, 2018

I don't get it why the nav screen is now the dominant one. I think that most people use it sparingly and, in any case, a half screen is more than sufficient. The most important window to me was the rearview camera, since the internal rearview mirror provides very limited view through the puny rear window. Now I need to specifically select it every time. I hope Tesla sees the light and provides the possibility of a split screen again in a future upgrade.
I have another gripe, I can use the dashcam recording in my 2017 Model X AP2, but not in my 2015 Model S AP1. Why? The upgrade to 9.0 worked in both cars but in the release note for S, there was no mention for dashboard recording. I hope that this feature is still in the works for Model S AP1.

lilbean | October 7, 2018

Atari games? Please explain. Thank you.

brianp6621 | October 7, 2018

I'm the opposite. I always have the nav up and want that to be the dominant one and now I hate that each time it brings up the last overlay that takes 2 downward swipes to fill hide.

brianp6621 | October 7, 2018

I'm the opposite. I always have the nav up and want that to be the dominant one and now I hate that each time it brings up the last overlay that takes 2 downward swipes to fill hide.

Wilber | October 7, 2018

The new Jag iPace is looking better and better!

bernhard | October 7, 2018

Is it possible to have the service center flag my car to not receive firmware updates?

Tldickerson | October 7, 2018

@bernhard, probably not but if you have internet at your house you can disconnect it or password protect it so your car won't connect to it. Might help to not get any more updates.

PBEndo | October 7, 2018

Tap the T logo and then the top bar of the window with the car information to show the Easter Egg menu. 3 Atari games are now available. Fortunately, you can play the games without having the maps on the screen.

PBEndo | October 7, 2018

oops - 4 games
Centipede, Lunar Lander, Asteroids, Missile Command
You can use the steering wheel buttons to play the games.

Haggy | October 7, 2018

I'm not overwhelmed either with AP1. The only real advantage I see is that navigation supports HOV lanes.

I was hoping that the entertainment (audio) part would get improved, but for the USB part it's still in the 20th century.

Tldickerson | October 7, 2018

WOW, HOV lanes now. Only good until the end of this year for most of us with AP1.

Tldickerson | October 7, 2018

I should have said if you live in Calif. that is and got your tags in 2016.

lilbean | October 7, 2018

@PBEndo Thank you. I haven't updated since 2017. I'm on 2017.32.6. My car has been in service twice since and they don't force the updates on me. :)

sentabo | October 7, 2018

lilbean, you're driving an antique. :)

carlk | October 7, 2018

So says the P_D wanna be. You should do better to catch up with him though.

ktslab | October 7, 2018

I, for one, like the grey map. or let's put it this way, the grey map does not bother me. It's easy on the eye.

NKYTA | October 7, 2018

@barry, the green wasn’t adding information. Yellow/red/black is what you care about from a traffic perspective. Better design. I drive with Nav on top all the time, so that doesn’t bother me.

The fact that they took away the option for (pick your app) on top, that is a very poor design decision.

PBEndo | October 7, 2018

In another thread, another owner says removing green does in fact remove information. Apparently they live in an area that often has road closures and if they see green they at least know the road is open.

barrykmd | October 7, 2018

NKYTA - it's not the information or lack thereof that bothers me. It's that the monochrome maps are harder to read.

NKYTA | October 7, 2018

Well, I certainly don’t live in that area. Pretty easy to not get on the 101 if it is sold out. Even my horrible eyes can see that. Point taken.

@barry, noted. I don’t notice that they are more monochrome than pre V9, but see eye comment above. ;-)

PBEndo | October 7, 2018

Since I never use the NAV I have no idea if V9 maps are an improvement.

Wilber | October 7, 2018

+100 barrykmd - I love those green lines on the map! Much easier for my old eyes and brain to see and comprehend. I wont give those up without a fight!

NKYTA | October 7, 2018

@Wilber, if you don’t see the previous non-green roadways, you assume it is clear. Excepting the one poster that PBE referenced.

NKYTA | October 7, 2018

PBE, take a real road trip at least a handful of states away. ;-p

mcptwo | October 7, 2018

We have driven over 150,000 miles in our Tesla's. Love the Car!
DO NOT UPDATE TO THIS VERSION. It is a major disaster. My greatest concern is that the Rear View Camera is now stuck at the bottom of the screen where it is almost completely blocked by my right arm. I rely on the rear view camera and am very disappointed that we can o longer flip the top and bottom of the screen.

PBEndo | October 7, 2018

I have done a few road trips, I just don't use the Tesla Navigation. I use Waze. I have gotten as far as Virginia!

NKYTA | October 7, 2018

The fact that it is not an option is problematic for some, yep. Bad design decision.

It is not a major disaster for all. Note no caps lock.

Everything is so filled with angst and smacks of always/never these days.

I’m not saying this shouldn’t be voice, you should voice it, and maybe you will effect change.

Create a bond with the manager of your SvC. Let him know your concerns. It will make it to corporate. It sounds like this rollout vs V8 has made folks even more vocal, and that was pretty vocal...for the ~10% of Owners on the Forum. I imagine 40% don’t care. Many of them just got a new M3 and are pretty excited.

NKYTA | October 7, 2018

@PBE, what!?! I missed you getting four states away! Excellent!

I’ve tried Waze maybe twenty times and modified my route. One time Waze was right, One time Tesla was right, all other times they agreed within 5 minutes.

So yeah, I like the Nav, and I used to travel a lot (but don’t spread that around). ;-)

PBEndo | October 7, 2018

I had a few occasions where Waze was so much better that it allowed me to avoid a charging stop. The route that the Tesla NAV recommended was both slower and much longer. My MO for road trips is to put the next Supercharger destination into both the Tesla NAV and Waze. I then ignore the Tesla NAV but use the Energy App and trip tab to monitor the estimated charge level at arrival while I am driving, using Waze for the navigation. I can then adjust my speed if needed to arrive at the next charging stop.
That being said, I have not traveled nearly as far as you have, so what the hell do I know?

NKYTA | October 7, 2018

@PBE, I’d post my unique SCs, but that would be just embarrassing (to me).

And I still use Rated range on the road as my buffer. Pretty much all we had back in the day.

That said, the route Tesla gave you, was probably to maximize unique SCs, regardless of time to destination. Can’t blame that on me! except a few years ago for three weeks. ;-)

Wilber | October 7, 2018

NKYTA - as for green lines. let me try to explain. I am on 201832.4. the highways and major surface streets are all in bright green except when red or yellow. minor surface streets are grey. I like the green on highways and major surface streets simply because of the high contrast with the background whitish color. It shows that there is a roadway there. Much easier to see very quickly - especially if there is a little sun glare on the screen. So, yes, i realize green just means the road is open and not slow. but, i like that it is high contrast. I would be happy if those highways and major surface streets were purple, or bold black, or whatever. i just appreciate the high contrast with the background color. that way i instantly know there is a roadway there. helps me get oriented in a new town.

Captain_Zap | October 8, 2018

I thought that if the lines were not green, yellow or red then that meant that there was no data. (i.e. something is wrong or the road has no coverage.)

sbeggs | October 8, 2018

@Captain Zap,
That's what I thought, too.

barrykmd | October 8, 2018

Me, too. In the past, if you turned off traffic, the streets turned gray. Now they are always gray. Simply an awful user interface.

Anthony J. Parisio | October 8, 2018

Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, and the only legitimate gripe I see is the loss of split screen. Other then that everything else is an improvement. The side cameras are now working! This makes blind spot detection SO much better. The new dashboard video is easier to see and understand. The center screen is way better and easier to use minus the split screen control. While I prefer the new setup, I do wish people had choices for their preferences.

anindya | October 8, 2018

I also mourn the loss of split screens that could be customized and the lack of green marking roadways on the map. Tesla please bring those back. Apart from the lane change warnings in red when there are vehicles in the blind spot, I am not seeing anything to recommend this update. I wish I had read this thread earlier and disabled the update.

miller.90 | October 8, 2018

The blind -spot warning, alone, is enough to warrant getting the update. I'd like to be able to put two different apps on the center screen and change their positions. I guess I'd like the green lines for open, monitored roads. But the blind-spot feature means that I would not go backwards to 8.1, even if I had the option.
The new GUI will improve. No software team can hit nothing but home runs every time they come to bat.
All 8 cameras are active.
They absolutely nailed blind-spot monitoring.
Navigation by AP is imminent.
You can perform auto lane changes on multilane surface streets
The S/X media player is better
Version 9 is a major advancement, and all major advancements come with a few glitches that need to be ironed out with incremental upgrades.