Valet and Car Wash Macros

Valet and Car Wash Macros

Given the unique nature of the Model S and how it drives, it would be good if Tesla incorporated Valet and Car Wash macros in the control panels.

I suspect most of us are eager to drive our Model S' anywhere we can. Given the newness of the Model S, I also suspect that most valet's have not driven one yet. It would be good to have a Valet macro that displayed basic driving instructions on the screen. Subtle things like pushing "P" for park on the drive selector may be challenging for a Tesla novice to discover on their own.

As for those of you brave enough to take your car to the car wash, trying to explain to the attendant (who in most cases English is not their first language) how to place the car in neutral, raise the suspension, and then power off to prevent the e-brake, is probably a bit of a challenge. However, showing them a "car wash" function when at the roller track would be much simpler and less likely to cause damage.

I still intend to hand wash mine. Car washes are not kind to black paint...

tm | May 1, 2013

I was actually just thinking about this very problem the other day. It would also be great if the "macro" modes would limit the distance the valet could drive - no joyrides in the Model S :P

As for the car wash problem, just wash it by hand. Expensive cars deserve that!

PBEndo | May 1, 2013

@ hkaiser

There are web pages already set up for this.

I use this one

and another one can be found here

@tanner I would like to see the valet mode limit acceleration and top-speed, not just distance.

tm | May 1, 2013

@pbendo - Exactly, that would be great. It would also be nice if the car could auto-alert the owner via the app if the valet decides to take it beyond the preset limit, giving the user complete control over the car. It would be somewhat counterproductive if the car immediately stopped and shut of in the middle of the road.

PBEndo | May 1, 2013

@Tanner I have a teenage son, so I would love to be able to "downgrade" the performance before letting him drive

tm | May 1, 2013

@pbendo - That would be another great addition, especially since that can all be controlled through software, similar to how the driver can adjust the regenerative breaking/steering type.

tm | May 1, 2013

Braking* AutoCorrect never ceases to amaze me....

lov2krz | May 1, 2013

Send an email to with any and all suggestions. The more times they hear from owners the mor likely they will take action.

tm | May 1, 2013

How many emails do they require to take action?

lov2krz | May 2, 2013

The more they get pushes priorities. I made a suggestion a couple days ago about adding an alarm to the phone app when supercharging. The inside ownership guy passed it on to software which hadn't heard about it before. We've talked about it in the forum but no one bothered to request it.

I think the first place we should start as a users group is with the ownership group for many of the great suggestions that have been floated here or for MS functions we don't understand or know about.