Valet Parking

Valet Parking

Any suggestions to either use valet parking or avoid. If you do use valet, what instructions to give?


AJ | October 24, 2013

You can bring up these instructions on your in-car browser to provide instructions.

Instructions are available in English and Spanish.

Elon indicated about 5 months ago at TESLIVE that integrated valet support would be in at the end of the year.

ajmail01 | October 24, 2013

Thanks so much. Pick up my Black S85 on Sat in ATL and want to celebrate at a nice valet only place on the way home!

Bennett R. | October 24, 2013

I haven't had any issue with valet parking. In fact, more often than not, my car gets the VIP placement right near the valet stand.

SCCRENDO | October 24, 2013

I have had a bad valet experience with a previous ICE vehicle and try avoid it. I left the valet in the dark and when filling up with gas on the way home noticed a huge ding below my gas cap. So I don't think its worth the trouble. Went to a valet only hotel in July and told them I only drive my own car. They allowed me to self park in the valet zone with one of the valets in the passenger seat. Going to restaurants in Southern Cal I am usually able to find self parking.

fluxemag | October 25, 2013

Every time I've used a valet in my car, I either ask to park it myself and tip them immediately after, or they park it right in front. If possible I park the car in the public lot and avoid valet altogether.

TikiMan | October 25, 2013

Ask yourself... If some stranger showed up at your house, and said to you... "I will watch your home while you are away". Would you trust the person enough to let them do it?

If you answered yes, by all means valet park with no worries.

Mathew98 | October 25, 2013

Yes, and I volunteer to be the custodian of your bank account for "free".

Ralph_G | October 25, 2013

I had a great experience yesterday at a Toronto hotel. The valet area was full, I asked one of the doormen where the nearest parking garage was. He looked at the car and said that it doesn't belong in a public garage and proceeded to park the S in the taxi area right in front of the hotel entrance and marked it off with orange cones. When I returned he commented that it's a tough car to keep an eye on because so many people wanted to look at it.

July10Models | October 25, 2013

I had a very comical experience recently with a valet. When I pull up to the valet stand, I asked the valet if he wanted some brief instruction, he's reply, of course not. I tossed him the key fob and went on my way. Ten minutes later while looking up something else on my phone, the Tesla app was running showing the frunk open. I went to security and enquirer about my car and the chief of security staff assured me the car was being well taking care off. I showed him the app with my frunk open. He walked me to the valet area where four valets were standing around my car. When he asked them what was going on they said they couldn't figure out how to shut the dawn thing off and they didn't want to disturb me. I whispered in the valet's ear, "just walk away from the car man." My meal was free that evening.

Gizmotoy | October 25, 2013

I never valet unless I have to, and it seems like a lot of hotels with chargers will only allow charging when you valet. Worries me a bit. :-/

NKYTA | October 25, 2013

@July10Models - oh that is precious!

Thomas N. | October 25, 2013

The frightening thing about that story is that they opened the frunk and had you not showed up they most certainly would have slammed it shut. Welcome to your new crease.

Forget the valet scene. Find somewhere to park and enjoy the fresh air on your walk. Valet only? Go somewhere else.

8508BlueS | October 25, 2013

I agree with Bennett, I have used valet, gave the guy a $10 and said take care of it and every time they have put it right up front and never took it for a quick joy ride.

2050project | October 26, 2013

Best to leave specific instructions on your screen when leaving your Model S with a valet (just to be safe), Teslatap has some excellent instructions as does teslaccessories w/ translations if necessary...