Valet Service Disappointing

Valet Service Disappointing

So at least in Austin, getting a loaner is much easier lately. That said, in the last month I've gotten a P85 and a P85+ loaner, and here is the issue: My 60 feels much less impressive after driving the P85, and downright wimpy after the P85+. Don't get me wrong, I still love my 60, but how you people with the P85+ don't make random detours to windy stretches of road is a mystery to me. By the time I got done showing my wife, kids, and even my mom and my neighbor's kids the accleration and handling on the P85+, there was a wide range of squeals of delight, screams of terror, and dropped jaws. I think this confirms Elon Musk's concept of making service as painless as possible is a good one.

They even dropped my car off when I was done, which was indeed disappointing, because I wanted to drive the loaner more! Hmmm...does that mean my thread title is misleading? :-)

negarholger | March 2, 2014

But that is the idea to get you to buy the P85 as soon as possible.

danej | March 2, 2014

They will see you that very car -- you can just keep it!

Mathew98 | March 2, 2014

I'm tempted to upgrade to my loaner now. But it's the wrong color. There's no way I would trade in the MC red for the black P85.

At least not with all the drama I had to go through to get the red one...

LMB | March 2, 2014

(LMB spouse)

@riceuguy - Wait until you get a loaner Roadster!

@Mathew98 - +1.

Brian H | March 2, 2014

You can red-wrap the P+ for $3K. Then mauve, then orange, then pink, then ....

Thomas N. | March 2, 2014

I'm going to request a Roadster loaner when I take my P85 in for service. I'm hoping they have them at the Costa Mesa, California, Service Center.

The other day at John Wayne Airport there was a blue Roadster parked in the underground parking. I walked all around it and realized there's a chance I couldn't even fit in it!

I'm 6'2" and around 225 and that thing looked TINY! Hopefully I could pop the top and just squeeze in.

jbunn | March 2, 2014


I'm 5'10, and about your weight. I had to crawl out on my hands and knees with the roof on. Very comfrey once you get in, but you wear it more than ride in it. What causes some of the contortion is the door threshold is super high, and of course the roof is very low. If you can touch your knee to your ear, you'll have no problem. ; )

Mathew98 | March 3, 2014

So the Roaster is thew new, hip, clown car?

BTW, I was driving next to a clown inga beat up, power blue, rusted out mini van yesterday. Didn't have time to look for the other 25 bozo's in the minivan though...

mrspaghetti | March 3, 2014

Ha, I had a loaner from the auto shop that was fixing my wife's BMW last week - a noisy, battered old Nissan. I remember thinking that was just one more reason I am looking forward to a Tesla.

8508BlueS | March 3, 2014

I never got it at BMW. I would take my 530i in for regular service and they would give me a 328i. I mentioned that they should be giving me a 750Li as a loaner, especially as my 530i was almost paid off. They looked at me like I was crazy! Duh, I went and bought a Tesla! True, only a S60. When I was given a P85+ during a service call I didn't want to take it back. My threatened divorce. Man that was a very tough decision! But neither of us wanted to get the BMW in the divorce!

8508BlueS | March 3, 2014

My wife threatened divorce that is!

Brian H | March 3, 2014

Write a note to BMW expressing gratitude for preventing a divorce; I'm sure they'll appreciate the props! Or maybe not ...