The Very Latest Firmware Update

The Very Latest Firmware Update

On March 5, 2020, my 2019 Model S received the newest software update. What a wonderful surprise awaited me when I backed the car out of my garage on March 6, 2020. My Model S now has a maximum driving range of 999 miles.

Wow!!! No more range anxiety, I'll seldom have to Supercharge now. Simply Amazing.

And, I'm not joking. The car really is displaying 999 miles of range.

Michep | March 7, 2020

Wow! My problem is connecting to wifi. Basically I can not. No access to an in-range wifi. Does anyone know how to update software via the car's 4G connection? Is that possible? Thanks for any help.

murphyS90D | March 7, 2020

Software will update over the car's cellular connection. Maps only update over WiFi.
There is no way in the car to request an update. It happens when it is your turn.

EVRider | March 7, 2020

I don’t know that software updates still happen over LTE, except maybe for critical safety issues. Any time a new update is detected for my cars (S and 3), I have to connect to WiFi to download it. I have Premium Connectivity so that doesn’t matter.

@Michaep: If there’s an update available for you car, you’ll be notified even without WiFi. If that happens, is there a service center or other public WiFi spot you can go to to download?

DRFLGD | March 7, 2020

Michael: Been having problems for years with connecting to wifi in my garage. Sometimes doing a reboot (hold down scroll wheels until screen turns blank) and erasing pre-set wifi settings helps connect, but only temporarily.

Tokenekie | March 7, 2020

Just performed the update. Mine also says 999 miles. The model of the car also changed from Model S Long Range to Model S Standard Range. Purchased the car new in October 2019.

Tldickerson | March 7, 2020

Another Tesla screwed up update. I suggest that both Tokenekie and jaycarsman change your cars to read percentage than miles. Maybe a hard reboot will fix Tesla's error.

brent | March 7, 2020

I, too, received the 2020.8 update last evening and was anxious to see if the range boost Elon has promised would be reflected on my 2020 MS. Sadly, no EPA change on my car. I'm still maxing out at 362 miles in the rare situation where I need to charge to 100%. The 999-mile display is so unfortunate!

brent | March 7, 2020

I, too, received the 2020.8 update last evening and was anxious to see if the range boost Elon has promised would be reflected on my 2020 MS. Sadly, no EPA change on my car. I'm still maxing out at 362 miles in the rare situation where I need to charge to 100%. The 999-mile display is so unfortunate!

omega | March 7, 2020

DRFLGD you probably have big interference issues there. Need to revisit the wifi config.

fholley | March 7, 2020

What happens to the 999 display when you drive? Does it decrease at the normal rate meaning you’d be empty with 600-700 miles showing or does the range decrease 3 miles/1 so that the display would show 0 when the battery is empty?

DRFLGD | March 7, 2020

omega: It's not an interference issue. The SSID appears in the list with at least 4 bars, but when I press on it, it fails to connect. Sometimes if I reboot, it will automatically connect, only to be lost sometime later. | March 7, 2020

I have also installed 2020.8. My displayed range did not change. Significant Improvements in this update include:
Bluetooth will not pair to your phone until you are sitting in the driver's seat (I actually like this; occasionally I will be talking on my iPhone and want to retrieve something from the car. As soon as you open a door, the car pairs to the phone. This no longer occurs).
Also, regenerative braking has been improved: "Regenerative braking force has been increased to improve the driving experience and increase how much energy is actively returned to the battery when slowing down." I did not notice a significant change this morning as it was around 40 degrees here in SW Virginia. | March 7, 2020

2019 Raven/Performance

EVRider | March 7, 2020

@jfemd: I think only Ravens get that regen improvement. I didn't have that release note when I updated my pre-Raven S to 2020.8.1 last night. I had the note about Bluetooth improvements and another about voice command improvements, but that's all. Sadly, I didn't get the 999-mile range boost. :-) | March 7, 2020

Maybe that is how they will give Ravens a small range boost. My range was 345 new and has already dropped to the high 330’s after 8 months.

jaycarsman | March 7, 2020

Bummer! After I did the reboot, my range was back to what it was before the software update. Perhaps it was a "tease" of what the future may hold...….assuming that I live long enough

Michep | March 8, 2020

@murphyS90D, @EVRider, @DRFLGD: Thanks for your comments. I am a little disappointed that we are not told that wifi is needed before we order our Teslas. I will look out for public wifi areas, but if an update takes several hours that is not a solution either. I will see if I can get wifi extended to the garage. Wonder how people living in apartment blocks manage? I would be prepared to pay for LTE premium but it does not seem to be offered in my country.

murphyS90D | March 8, 2020

I repurposed an old wireless router and put it in the garage hard wired to my main router. It was converted to a wireless access point.

1. Configure the wireless parameters the way that you want them.
2. Set the router's IP address to a static address outside of the main routers DHCP range. For example The first 3 numbers must match what your main router uses.
3. Turn the DHCP server in the router off.
4. Connect a short LAN cable from the WAN port to a LAN port.
5. Connect another LAN port to the main router.

This configures the old router as a wireless switch.
It can be accessed from a computer on the main network by using the static address that you gave it.

If you get it wrong the only way back in is to do a factory reset.

Jca320 | March 9, 2020

Another option I use on a regular basis is to use my phone as a WiFi hot-spot. The car will connect to it, and use it as WiFi for updates. Takes longer, of course.

EVRider | March 9, 2020

@Jca320: The WiFi hotspot option works if you have an unlimited data plan, but if you don't, note that some updates are pretty large.

AIA304 | March 10, 2020

Tesla tech support stated there was a Bluetooth change, but wasn’t clear on what the change was for.

Can someone post the info on the 8.1 BT Sw changes ?

pete | March 10, 2020

I received the 999 range as well. When it didn't budge or change after a few charges, I scheduled service that just changed from this week, mobile service at my home, to late next week at the dealer.

cmkjahn2 | March 10, 2020

Anyone else having Bluetooth connection issues with their iPhone after the 2020.8.1 update? I have to connect it manually and then it disconnects after a few seconds. I've had the car for 3 months and never had an issue before the update.

EVRider | March 10, 2020

@AIA304: The Bluetooth change was this: The car will not longer connect to your phone until you're inside and close all the doors. This prevents the car from hijacking in-progress calls while you're getting in (or maybe even walking by).

symbiodin | March 10, 2020

I have a Model X Raven, but see no range increase with the latest update.

schillats12 | March 10, 2020

I got my MX first week of Feb 2020 (a week or so prior to the release of LR+ model). I was pretty bummed when I saw the 23 mile range update did not make its way as part of 2020.8.1. I also did not see anything mentioned in the release notes associated with 8.1 so curious if anyone else saw a range increase part of this firmware or is there another trick or an update that is required.

yeemoney | March 10, 2020

Updated my 2019 Raven Model S to 2020.8.1 FW and Here are the issues I’ve noticed so far:
1. Range reports 999 miles and doesn’t decrement In the car is driven or increment when it’s being charged.
2. The picture of the model S in the app Shows the old nose Cone instead of the new front in

dickrudy | March 14, 2020

The Bluetooth update was so your phone connect when you sit in seat instead of when you get close to car | March 15, 2020

Updated to 2020.12 yesterday. Same release notes as 2020.8 with nothing new noted. Regen may be a bit stronger; the Bluetooth change is an improvement. My app's car avatar still has the new front fascia (not a nosecone). 2019 Raven

p2e2d2 | March 15, 2020

I got the 2020.8.1 update and my regen is all messed up. Car no longer slows when accelerator is un-weighted. regen is paltry compared to what it was before the update. I am having to brake EVERYTIME I take my foot off of the accelerator and get no or very little regen in doing so. I bought my X in December. It drives entirely differently than when I bought it. It really is a different car to drive. I want back the car I bought.

dougk71 | March 16, 2020

The update destroyed the synchronization between the map and the GPS. Very dangerous on interstate as the car believed it was on local roads and swerved and braked to 35 mph

dougk71 | March 17, 2020

Went to the local Tampa service center I also needed to make a yellow screen repair appointment as well.
It was a glitch in the interaction of the GPS software interface and the 2020.8.1 update install. A reboot fixed the issue.

Audrafarrell | March 21, 2020

@cmkjahn2 are you still having the issue? I just updated the software in my 3 and am having this problem.

dborn | March 22, 2020 2014 build. Stuffed up my microphone so the car would not accept instructions and also gave error messages like microphone will resume next drive cycle. Took a couple of deep reboots to come good, at least, i think it has come good. But will only know for sure tomorrow.

slcolbourne | March 23, 2020

I updated the software on my model S and my car is messed up. Spotify started going into some kind of meltdown, my trunk won't open or close but remains in some kind of unlatched state, cruise and auto steer don't work likely because of the error being created by the unlatched trunk. Tried a hard reboot. Nothing changed.

AIA304 | March 26, 2020


Thanks for feedback, hoping changes might address issue with MCU1, 80 bit keyfobs and driver profile abnormally.
It looks as if driver profile changed in this update, is for saving volume Nav levels and Traffic display settings.

Stay safe

jesseandlisa | March 26, 2020

So don't update is what I am hearing?

EVRider | March 26, 2020

@jesseandlisa: Depends on what you already have and which update is waiting to be installed. It also may depend on your configuration. I have 2020.12 installed in my 2018 Model S100D and I'm not seeing any of these issues.

rm760 | March 27, 2020

My 2018 MS P100D just started updating to 2020.12.1

trisailor33 | March 30, 2020

There is a lesson here. The cars display of full charge range is whatever Tesla wants it to show. Your ACTUAL range will likely be much less. As the TezLabApp shows, the average (real range/displayed range) among hundreds of users is 70% for the model S. Since many owners report real range close to displayed range, there must be many who get much less than 70%.

avesraggiana | April 1, 2020

@trisailor33. Does tezlabapp give me any more information than what Tesla STATS does? I'm presuming you've used Tesla STATS. Thanks.

EVRider | April 1, 2020

@avesraggiana: Just wondering, why do you presume trisailor33 has used Tesla STATS?

avesraggiana | April 1, 2020

@EVRider. I just am.

ScottE | April 3, 2020

2015 70D (MCU1 of course), and the 2020.12 software brought the same WiFi issues as identified in this thread. I removed/recreated the WiFi connection in the car and it worked for a few hours, then back the state where it doesn't actually connect to WiFi.

Toggling WiFi off/on spends a _lot_ of time in the "Initializing..." state, and then can often see my network, but not actually connect. :-(

Anyone with newer than 2020.12 able to report that the issue is fixed?

richard.osborn | May 21, 2020

I have a 2015 Model S and the 2020.8.1 did not seem to bring the much-needed Bluetooth improvement to my car. Did this only apply to newer models? It would be a real shame if it did as it is the single most annoying issue. | May 22, 2020

@richard - Yep, I suspect the update is for MCU2 equipped cars, which has newer and different Bluetooth hardware from MCU1 vehicles. Fairly common for newer hardware to have driver updates early in it's life. Older stuff has likely gotten as good as it will get.

barrykmd | May 22, 2020

TT - its

Bill_75D | May 23, 2020

Apostrophe policeman Barry reporting for duty ;-)

thranx | May 23, 2020

He's not the only policeman. English needs an overhaul, anyway.