Very Strange Screen Malfunction

Very Strange Screen Malfunction

I had a very strange screen malfunction. I'm sharing it here just to see if others have experienced the same.

AWD Non-P 3, running 2019.8.5 since the weekend. I'd enabled no-confirmation-on-lane-change on the previous trip.

When I got in the car and shifted into R, I noticed my screen was blank. I double-knobbed a reboot.

I got a Tesla logo, but afterwards a blank screen again. Double-knobbed again.

I got a Telsa logo flicker. Seemed like a boot loop, but the screen eventually appeared in a heavily degraded state. The speed was totally missing. The AP max speed was "--". I think almost everything from the right 2/3rds were missing. Only the car settings icon was available from the bottom row, but tapping it didn't do anything. Double-knobbed again.

The screen came back much improved. Everything seemed to be working as intended, except most but not all letters would appear on the screen. For instance, when I voice-entered
"Bug report my screen malfunctioned" the screen showed
"B p m m f ". It then showed the green check and
" h ks fo ou feedb ck".

Because I'm an unnecessary risk-taker, I'd been driving home during all this. There were instances where the car should really have been attempting a lane change (e.g., behind someone at 52mph when set at 62 in a 55, lanes to left free and clear) and it didn't lane change. I double-knobbed again.

This time, the screen came back completely functional. This morning, I discovered that the magnet to the charge door had fallen out overnight and was on the floor of the garage. A tough few hours for the Tesla, apparently.

bpaul | April 10, 2019

(The HTML interpretation of the missing letters treats multiple spaces as a single space. Imagine a space where a letter is missing. It looked more like "B-- --p--- m- ------ m--f----------" with the dashes being spaces.)

michael | April 10, 2019

Screen has been flaky with the 2019.8.5 update for me as well. Once, it went completely jumbled (mess of pixels) and spontaneously rebooted. Another time, all text was flickering, manual reboot fixed it.


Lorenzryanc | April 10, 2019

I've haven't seen this EXACT issue, but have had similar screen problems 3-4 times in a year. A reset or walk away and come back has always fixed it. 1st time it happened it was day 1 or 2, scared the crap out of me cause I thought my car was broke!
Also, the car will drive fine w/ no screen, but I wouldn't count on climate control or any fun toys until the screen reloads.

josia75 | April 10, 2019

I had a similar issue this morning. When I got in my car the screen was all glitchy and pixels where going in and out. After about 2 minutes the system rebooted itself and I have not seen it happen since. My guess is that it’s most likely a bug. I have a MR on version 2019.8.5

threejwang | April 10, 2019

my screen went flaky today for the first time. It scared the hell out of me. For a min, half of my screen showed as if a bright orange colored fan was swiping through the screen. I got the 2019.8.5. software a few day ago.
Car seemed driving ok. The screen rebooted on its own and returned normal. but I am not sure if it will happen again. freaky.

can someone tell me if they ever got through Tesla help line? terrible.

ajbutler45 | April 10, 2019

I have always been able to talk to someone on the Tesla help line. Sometimes you have to wait for ten minutes or 20 minutes.

eddieu | April 10, 2019

Similar problem. Screen is very glitchy since the last update. Screen goes blank and needs manual reboot. Screen goes blank and reboots on its own. Screen with shake and flash. Areas of navigation map turn orange.

Tesla, please fix this! How this rolled out to production is beyond me.

Magic 8 Ball | April 10, 2019


gmr6415 | April 10, 2019

Try going into safety and security and power down. Let it sit for 5 minutes and then step on the brake to wake it up. That seems to be a different level of reset than holding down the scroll wheels. Service also told me when rebooting using the scroll wheels to step on the brake at the same time.

ybbor | April 10, 2019

2019.8.5 is super buggy. I have not had the boot loop as bad as the OP buy my screen has been freaking out about once a day forcing a reboot.

lbowroom | April 10, 2019

Just a thought. If the screen goes completely black, it's already rebooting, No need to thumbwheel it. Just wait for the T logo. Forcing a reboot in the middle of a boot-up might not be the best practice.

disclaimer...... I'm not endorsing or agreeing that the screen should reboot often... if ever.......

donkbsc | April 10, 2019

My screen has gone black when I started on a trip. lights went on and car would move. waited about twenty seconds and then the logo appeared and shortly after screen was fine. Second time this has happened in past two weeks

Firaz.ashraf | April 10, 2019

On 2019.8.53aaa23d. Been getting lots of screen reboots. It does not impact manual driving but man its eerie when the screen is off along with everything else including music.

lbowroom | April 10, 2019

Enjoy the silence....commune with the road without distractions.

jamilworm | April 10, 2019

I just had the issue today with missing letters and random pixelation. The 2 button reset fixed it for me.

Steepner | April 10, 2019

Flickering and pixilation for 5 minutes today and rebooted itself. Resolved. Must be related to software update.

Wildcardtaylortesla | April 10, 2019

Good to see this is a common problem with this version, and not just my screen dying. Hopefully Tesla will fix it soon...

bpaul | April 11, 2019

I guess I'm glad to hear it's not just me. At least I have a car that can get better without me having to take it anywhere. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

TexasBob | April 11, 2019

have had some serious screen issues. gremlins in the machine. By contrast my wife's 3 has never had a single one. a few suggestions that should help:

1) Make a log - date, running software xxx, charged to xx%, drove xx miles, screen went blank, rebooted, etc. It will really help service center to have the log details.
2) Definitely do what gmr6415 says above, go to power down and leave it for a few minutes (or overnight) then step on the brake. That has been a successful way to kill the gremlins for me.

I am convinced I have some sort of problem but it is so intermittent (has happened 6 times on 3 occasions over 10 months) that I dread going into the SC to let them search for it.

beaver | April 11, 2019

Screen crashing every other day for me since 8.5, kind of scary. Yesterday the bottom bar got pixelated then buzzing sound and it went black and restarted.

wehrmargaret | April 16, 2019

Every time I use autopilot since 2019.8.5, my screen will reboot while I'm driving within 24 hours of using autopilot. Every time this happens, report the bug - hold down the right scroll wheel and speak without pausing..."bug report screen reboot while driving".