Video Trip Report: San Diego to L.A. (Hawthorne Super Charger) back to San Diego in the Same Day (Photos/Video)

Video Trip Report: San Diego to L.A. (Hawthorne Super Charger) back to San Diego in the Same Day (Photos/Video)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I figure a video would be priceless. I made my first longer distance trip today in my P85. My wife and I both had meetings in LA today so we left early and hit Hawthorne on the way up.

I did a maximum range charge and had about 263 miles to start off. I don't think I had the level all the way to the end so it was a few miles shorter than usual for max range. I originally planned to hit Hawthorne AFTER our meetings and after lunch on the way back to San Diego but I heard about others that had to wait in line in the afternoon and thought it would be a better idea to go up to Hawthorne on the way up to make a 10 AM meeting.

Also, something important to note is that I am in a Service Loaner vehicle which they limit the speed to 80 MPH so I couldn't go above that on the highway which was a real bummer being capped to that limit but saved on battery use I'm sure.

My wife had a meeting in Beverly Hills at La Cienaga/Wilshire. I met up with a client at the same time and asked if he could meet me at the SLS Hotel just a few blocks away so I didn't have to drive far. I ended up parking at the La Cienaga Tennis Center parking lot. It's GREAT as it includes 2 free hours parking. They had 2 Blink Chargers there. One was taken but I grabbed one of them. Got about 20 miles charge while parked there. I have the Blink membership so it was just $1 per hour.


We finished with our meetings and then met up. We know this area well and the SLS is one of our favorite hotels there. And our FAVORITE sushi place is Matsuhisa which has the best sushi in the world. And I noticed they opened up a Genwa Korean restaurant across the street! (Our favorite Korean restaurant in LA!)We headed back to San Diego right after lunch.

I'm totally convinced THIS is the future! I'll NEVER own an ICE car again. Never. Absolutely love driving now. (I hated it before). Big kudos to Elon and the Tesla team. I'll definitely buy the Model X next year when it comes out.

Here are a few photos and video trip report below.

YouTube Video Here:

Tâm | September 18, 2013


Very nice Video Report and thanks for nice pictures of Hawthorne's new yard and additional bays.

You've made a convincing case that there's got to be a Supercharger at destination for a round trip on a same day.

Now, only if we could get reciprocity so LA folks could do the same at San Diego :)

earlyretirement | September 18, 2013

Thanks Tam.

There is a SuperCharger that is supposed to go in at San Juan Capistrano in a few months so that would work for you LA people. And I'm trying to get a network set up with HPWC Tesla Club owners so we can do a reciprocal swap with one another. I figure 60 MPH charge rate is pretty good.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the driving experience. It's so easy that it even makes driving up to meet someone for lunch in LA from SD possible. :)

SCCRENDO | September 19, 2013

I did the reverse trip yesterday started in Orange County with 259 miles. Drove to the office 40 miles away. It's got 700 ft elevatation. Left the office with 209. Drove to La Jolla 100 miles away with 109 miles left. Drive home was 90 miles. To avoid range anxiety called Tesla University Towne Center. Apparently charging can be tricky there but they were quiet. Plugged me in to one of their two roadster chargers with an adapter that they connect. Got back 31 miles in 1h15 (about 22 mph). Had to give a presentation at Roy's so plugged into the Blink charger outside for about 2 1/2 hrs for another 35 miles. Total mileage gained 66 miles. Got home with 66 miles left. Although drove home at 80-85 because I had a great buffer. If San Juan had been open I would have not bothered with the rest and just topped up for 15 mins or so for reassurance

Thomas N. | September 19, 2013

Very nice report Early!

earlyretirement | September 19, 2013

@ Sccrendo - Yeah, the UTC is pretty good. I had to charge once there when I was waiting for SDGE to connect my meter and I couldn't fast charge. But why so slow there? Did you not get the dual chargers? I think I got about 50 MPH charge there if I remember correctly.

@ Thomas - Thanks! I hope some more people do some video reports. I didn't have my video camera as I forgot it but I used the video on my camera. I know the zooming in and out sucked on the video.

SCCRENDO | September 19, 2013

@earlyretirement. No I got the single chargers. I got my car in a week. My Lexus with 184000 miles suddenly showed signs of needing a new transmission so I showed up at Tesla Newport that Saturday Afternoon and asked for a test drive. Needless to say I got the look of surprise. Apparently only those who had already paid the $5000 deposit got test drives and then got to wait 2-3 months for their car. When I told them I was a serious buyer but without a test drive I was going to purchase another Lexus they got me a test drive at 7 pm. Needless to say the S85 I wanted with correct color and fully loaded was in inventory. The only feature I wouldn't have taken was the jump seats. Although I have a 14 month grandson with hopefully more on the way. If I was ordering from scratch I probably would have rather got the dual chargers and HPWC. However it's probably also a luxury and not essential. I suspect most of my future out of home charging on long trips is going to be via supercharger. Anyway my smile is bigger than it would have been in the Lexus.

earlyretirement | September 20, 2013

@ Sccrendo. Ah ok... got it. Thanks for the explanation.

Yeah, I know the feeling. I was one of those guys that said things like, "No way I'm buying now...I'll wait until 2014 when the kinks are worked out". Well, I went to test drive the car and I put the deposit down that same day! LOL.

But I did go with the twin chargers and the HPWC. I don't necessarily look at them like luxuries. I guess I don't really need to fast charge 60 MPH but it's really convenient and nice.

I have kids so went with the jump seats and they LOVE them. Although I wish Tesla would have put air vents in the back. It was kind of crazy not to. But I'm sure they will in the future for future owners.

Sccrendo - let me know if you make it down to San Diego again for work and have to get a charge to go back the same day. I have a HPWC that you can use. Safe travels.

tmsp85 at gmail

shop | September 20, 2013

Make sure you guys get your windows tinted - helps a lot with the jumpseats, and actually helps a lot in general in SoCal. I've got a really good mobile window tinter here in San Diego if you're interested.

The jumpseats are great for tailgating as well! Two small adults can fit in there with the top open just fine.

earlyretirement | September 20, 2013

@ shop. Oh yeah! I got it tinted the first few days after getting it. I went with 15 in the back and 15 on the sunroofs as well and it really cut down on the heat. I also tinted my front windshield (70).

The tinting in the back made a HUGE difference with the heat.

I used Mr. Tint in Escondido with the SD Tesla group discount.

SCCRENDO | September 20, 2013

@earlyretirement. Thanks I appreciate it.

San Diego Tesla | September 20, 2013

I recently traveled from San Diego to Newport Beach for an overnight stay at the Pelican Hill resort (I have the P85+). Left my house (in Del Mar) with 208 mile range (my usual 80% charge). Overnighted at Pelican Hill (did not charge while at the hotel), left there with 116 miles and arrived back in San Diego with with 35 miles. I set the cruise control at 70-71 mph (slower than I usually drive) and averaged about 318 kwh for the entire trip. Easy trip.

earlyretirement | October 6, 2013

Sitting at Hawthorne now. I am heading on an international business trip here tomorrow morning so I thought I'd come here and fill up so I can just drive home from the airport as I have a longer flight and my flight gets in late. I figure this way it will be easy to just drive home.

I arrived at around 3 PM and ALL the bays except the one I pulled in were full. ALL the spots are now up and running. A few weeks ago they just added a few new bays but they didn't have chargers on them but now they are all operating. With ALL the spots full it's pulling about 190 miles/hour charge rate.

I will keep my car at LAX a few days in a row so I'll see what the vampire loss rate is. At home I haven't had a chance to do it more than one day so this will be a good and true chance to see what the vampire loss rate is on 5.0 for a few days in a row.

I left San Diego with 263 rated miles showing on the battery screen. I drove 108 miles to Hawthorne and I lost 31 rated miles getting here. (I arrived with 124 miles left). This was worse than the last time I came when I had my loaner. But it's because the loaner had the restrictor to 80 MPH. This time I had more of a spirited drive with some speeds up to 100 MPH in certain spots. Especially the tollway near Irvine.

I always figure I'll see more Tesla's from SD to LA but I haven't the past few trips. I'll post back how many vampire miles I lose.

earlyretirement | October 9, 2013

So I've been gone 2 full days and I'm monitoring my vampire loss and it's been holding steady at 2 miles per night loss.

Brian H | October 9, 2013

So in about 3 months, you'll be nearing 0. >:P