VIN 74

VIN 74

I picked up my Special Signature Red 2012 Model S yesterday 9/19/12.

The Obeche Wood (Matte) was an exellent choice. Really glad we did not get the "shiny" version.

Got the 19" silver rims. Saw a couple Sig Reds with the Black performance rims and again, I am glad I went with the silver rims.

Tan perforated Napa leather. Again awesome, especially against the Signature Red. The "red" is more like an "ox blood" and really quite beautiful.

Pano-roof is sooooooooo cooool.

The 17" display is so far ahead of anything else (slightly angeled towards driver, as well), I don't know what to say. Bluetoothed my phone and tablet while I was still in the showroom. Auto-links contact lists, recent phone calls, etc. Could not link my iPod.

Oh and Tesla is giving everyone free internet until they get the wifi up an running. Thanks Tesla. Way Cool. Browser is not yet Chrome, so you can not yet link to your g-mail profile yet. But reportedly coming soon.

Charger does not yet have a timer (like the Roadster) so I have to wait until 11:00 pm to plug in for the lower energy rates. Going to be a pain at first.

This car is miles ahead of the Roadster in so many ways I do not know where to start (and the Roadster is fantastic). BTW it took all of 15 minutes for the first "that's a great looking car. OMG is the new Model S"

Please post with any questions or answers (like why i did not get a 110 adapter for the charger plug. or why there is no timer on the charging function, or why i can't link my iPod, etc).

Tomas | September 23, 2012

Ira: did you growing up in Los angeles by any chance?

Michael23 | September 23, 2012

Thx for the info!

Why is there no song storage if it is clearly advertised in the features?

At get amped I saw my iphone under devices when bt paired And could browse them. Is that the case for you with your phone? I did all control on screen, not the phone.

Do you find the seats comfortable after long drives?

Is your black nose piece the newer one with smooth edges? Or the older one with hard squared off edges? Wondering which one will be the standard.

Any other complaints or surprises?

iholtzman | September 23, 2012

Thomas I did not grow up in LA but my older son lives in Burbank and my youngest son is a sophmore at USC so I am in Los Angeles alot.

ggr | September 23, 2012

The operating system is embedded Linux. It is not Android, although Android is also based on Linux. I guess to a CFO, that's close enough.

DouglasR | September 23, 2012

For that matter, iOS, OS X, Linux, and Android are all based on Unix.

jerry3 | September 23, 2012


Strictly speaking OS X and iOS are Unix, while Linux and Android are Unix work-alikes.

DouglasR | September 23, 2012


I stand corrected.

Michael S | September 24, 2012


1.) Don't know about the storage thing
2.) Yes my phone looks pretty much the same as you described.
3.) I like the seats fine, but some might find them stiff. Have not taken a "road trip" yet, so long haul is yet to be determined.
4. On the "nose", it looks "round" I guess.

The only thing that needs fixing is the lack of creep. If you live in SF, like I did for 20 years, you know you don't want your car rolling backwards when you release the brake on a hill at a stop sign or stop light.

I am told forward creep will be added soon (software update only required, or so i'm told)

Oh, and it's a really wide car. stay away from curbs. Learned the hard way.

stuberman | September 24, 2012

I'm signing my paperwork today and so I, finally, called my insurance company. State Farm quote on a 60Kwh Model S is $353.48 for six months. Of course there are many variables that affect the quote, but I thought that you'd be interested in the general ball park.

Rod and Barbara | September 24, 2012

@ Michael 23 - Song storage is coming in a future software update.

kcveins | September 24, 2012

Have they released the Tesla app for Android yet (I know there was a question earlier re: the iPhone app, but I would presume these would be released around the same time)?

Michael23 | September 24, 2012

Thanks guys!

I am in SF so looking forward to creep as well, but hopefully it is a hill hold creep and not just a creep on flat ground.

laalan | September 26, 2012


It was a pleasure meeting you at the recent supercharger event! You were gracious letting me sit in the drivers seat. I will never forget the wow factor of sitting down and watching the car come alive due to the pressure sensors on the seat. I was also amazed at how many adjustments and how much capability resides on the touch screen and enjoyed hearing about your years with the Roadster and the faith you had in the company to wait three years for your S. It was also gratifying to meet a 'real' person who has taken delivery of the vehicle. Very cool that there is no ignition button. Just press the brake, put it in gear and go.

I can't wait for mine!


Michael S | September 27, 2012


Great to meet you as well. It was my pleasure giving you a sneak peak. Hope you get yours soon, as well.


Michael S | September 27, 2012

To all:

Don't leave the key fob in the car when not in use, even if it's locked in your garage. The little fob battery goes dead in 48 hours.

To be clear: NOT the car battery, just the $3.00 fob battery.

It's in the documentation (I found out later), but they didn't mention it when I picked up the car.

Electric Machete | September 27, 2012

Nice info Michael. Thanks.

stephen.kamichik | September 27, 2012

Good lesson-READ THE MANUAL. I have already read it twice and I am a Canadian reservation holder. I hope to receive my car in Q1 of 2013 or earlier.

mikeadams | September 27, 2012

I wonder what exactly the set of conditions are that drain the FOB battery. I often sit on a couch in a room that is adjacent to my garage. The distance through the wall is probably only about 10ft. I wonder if that would drain the FOB battery. Or what if I put the car in park and sit in the car for a while waiting on someone or playing with the LCD (still applying pressure to the car seat). Would this count toward the time that the FOB battery is being drained?

jerry3 | September 27, 2012


If the fob is close to the car, then the transmitters in the car will query the fob frequently. 16 feet (5 m) is the distance for the Prius' fob. I suspect it's similar for the Model S. However, the wall will cut down the signal somewhat so you should be safe. FWIW, the original battery in the Prius' fob lasted five years. The manual says the life is from 1.5 to 3 years. This is not a big deal in my opinion.

mikeadams | September 27, 2012

Thanks for the info. Was just curious. I usually drop off my keys in a predermined spot that is not right next to the garage anyway. Happy to hear you like the tan leather with the matte obeche as well as the sunroof. I have chosen those options too for my production pacific blue 60Kwh model. I thought about black on black, but from the pictures I really like the way the black and tan swoop through the inside door panels and make the interior look even larger.

Brian H | September 27, 2012

Get a wee pouch and line it with foil. ;P

Tomas | September 28, 2012

"read the manual". There's a manual? Where is it? I haven't seen one anywhere in the car. I was thinking that having no manual was just one more of the cool factors of the Model S. Who actually reads manuals and anyway the touch screen is intuitive enough to require no manual.
Having said that, I'm sure there are a few things I could learn from a manual. So, is there one?

stephen.kamichik | September 28, 2012

The link to a pdf file is available on another thread. Perhaps can help us here.

Brian H | September 29, 2012

Someone else found their printed manual in the glove box. Have you opened yours?

Volker.Berlin | September 29, 2012
Tomas | September 29, 2012

Thanks for the link!
Ahhh... Not to TM: tell you delivery specialists to actually tell us about this link when we pick up the car. He didn't tell me.
In fact, cooler yet, have his on the screen when you first get in the car.

Volker.Berlin | September 29, 2012

In fact, cooler yet, have his on the screen when you first get in the car. (Tomas)

Nice idea. Can you view PDF files on the touch screen?

Tomas | September 29, 2012

One cool thing that they didnt tell me and that I didn't see in the manual. Perhaps all fancy cars have this feature (my BMW did back in 2005) but after you unlock the car by pushing the top of the remote twice, you can hold it down and all four windows go down. Great feature on a hot day.

Michael23 | September 29, 2012

That's in the manual ;)

Did Nyone get today's firmware update? What's in it? 1.9.17

mw | October 4, 2012

I got the matte obeche too, love it! I have pearl white with black nappa. Non performance, but it has plenty of power for me! Just can't say enough about the lack of shifting; love it. I got vin 211 on 10/2 in OH. Permanent grin on my face everytime I sit in the driver seat. Have a software update waiting for me tonight. My HTC android works with bluetooth and USB. I did notice that the radio doesn't stream song info, I really like that so I hope they add that functionality in later. Also I noticed the songs on my phone don't show album info on the screen but they do on my phone.

Michael S | October 19, 2012

Three things I learned today:

1.) The new iPod Nano with Bluetooth works great with the car.
2.) If the car's Bluetooth crashes or freezes, the whole 17 inch screen can be reset by holding down the two scroll buttons down on the steering wheel. It takes about 3 minutes to re-boot.
3.) If the screen with the speedometer glitches or crashes it can be reset by holding down the two buttons ABOVE the aforementioned scroll buttons. Reset here takes less than 2 minutes.