VIN to Delivery time - Estimated vs. Actual

VIN to Delivery time - Estimated vs. Actual

For those of you wondering what the timing might be from the time you receive your VIN#, to the time your car gets delivered, here's what I got, and here's what happened:

December 6th - Received VIN #, via the following email:
Hi Austin,
The time has finally come where your VIN is in our system! Here it is: XXXXXXXXXXXXX1929. You should have no trouble getting insurance for your Model S with this information. You can get financing with the preMVPA and VIN, however some banks or credit unions will want the final paperwork. I would like to have the car complete its journey through the factory before preparing the final paperwork, and I expect that to happen in the next 2 weeks. Also, I was informed that the transit time from CA to NY is 10-14 days , so it is probably going to be 4 weeks before delivery takes place. However, feel free to email or call if you are having troubles, or would like up-to-date information, and I will do what I can.
Cheers, Peter

December 25th - Car arrived at Queens, NY Service Center

December 30th - Car was delivered to our home on the eastern end of Long Island. I probably could have had it delivered a couple of days sooner, but I was traveling, and then we had snow predicted upon our return.

Estimated time from VIN to delivery: 4 weeks
Actual time from VIN to delivery: 3 weeks 3 days (again, could have been closer to 3 weeks)

jat | January 2, 2013

My experience:
- last Thursday, talked to rep and there was no VIN yet and it normally takes 10 days to finish the car after the VIN is assigned. Then 2 days to get on a truck, then 6-8 days to get to Georgia.
- Saturday, get a call saying they have the VIN. Oh, by the way, your car is also finished.
- Monday, wire funds and the car is loaded on a truck with an expected delivery of 1/8

So, for me the time from VIN to delivery in Georgia will likely be about 10 days. The original estimate was 18-20 days.

TheAustin | January 3, 2013

Wow Jat, that's quick...So quick, that I think it's likely that your car was already in production and your rep didn't even realize it. Either way, good for you :)

c2tb | January 3, 2013

Was told on Dec 21 that I would likely not get VIN ( and therefore start production until early Jan). Got call 12/29 with VIN # and news that car was completed. Transferred money that day and was told car would be on truck the next and would get car in 7-15 days. Got a call from driver this am to shcedule a delivery for the afternoon. Rare to have timing ecpectations exceeded. Thank you Tesla

Cattledog | January 3, 2013

c2tb - Where is U?

Brian H | January 3, 2013

Heh! I count 4X you were exploited and your schedule and expectations were rushed to inflate their delivery count for 2012. No wonder your spelling is discomboberated! It will probably be years before you recover, if ever. So sad! (;(