Vossen CV2 wheels + Pirelli winter tires setup (PICS)

Vossen CV2 wheels + Pirelli winter tires setup (PICS)

I just received the Vossen Wheels CV2 and Pirelli winter setup I ordered back in late September. Looks great, rides well, I'm happy. Here are the details:

Wheels: Vossen CV2 in 20x9 (+35 offset all 4 corners) -- required hub-centric rings, provided by Vossen at no charge -- color: Graphite

Tires: Pirelli SottoZero Serie II 245/40R20 (front) and 255/40R20 (rear) -- offset sizing to better match P+ default widths

Pics (click to enlarge):

Overall (note: car is at "high" ride height in this photo):

Close-up (note: car is at "high" ride height in this photo):

And yes, four 21" stock wheels DO fit in the car:

Cost a little more than the Tesla winter wheels kit, but Tesla was constantly out of that anyway, so it wasn't really an option. Plus, I like how these Vossens look better, but that's just my opinion.

g_cofie | November 11, 2013

Awesome pictures man! makes me want to marry one of these cars! haha

NKYTA | November 11, 2013


LMB | November 11, 2013

(LMB spouse) Very nice! Do you have to do anything to the TPMS when you switch wheels?

tesla.mahedy | November 11, 2013

By chance do you have a picture of the car set to standard height?
I am thinking about getting these for our MS.

Why did you choose these over the standard Tesla wheels? Was it the 20in size?

RBats | November 11, 2013

@cfOH - Very nice! If you don't mind sharing, where did you get these from? Were the hub centric rings included with purchase by the dealer or did you have to get them separately from Vossen?

cfOH | November 12, 2013

@tesla.mahedy: I don't but I'll try to take some later. I wanted something wider than the 8.5" size that the Tesla 19s come in. My P+ has a staggered offset for a reason and I wanted to maintain my options tire width-wise. Plus, I like the look of these better, but that's not my primary reason.

@RBats: Got them through a local Vossen dealer. I don't know the answer to your question...the dealer just took care of it. I believe that Vossen supplies them as needed to fit the car the wheels are for, but I'm not 100% certain. An email to Vossen would likely clear that up.

jat | November 12, 2013

If you plan on carrying them around in the car, I suggest getting tire totes instead of using a blanket - makes handling them much easier as well. I found you don't have to stack the tires if you put one in the footwell, then tile them diagonally. The one in the footwell is held there by the tire laying flat, so it doesn't move either. Still leaves room for the jack/lugnuts/wrench/etc in the rest of the footwell, and I have the whole frunk for luggage.

Nuts4MS | November 12, 2013

Hi Everyone,
I have my MS 85 on order and have been reading up on topics in the forums, one this that I have seen several times is about 'winter tires' for the MS. Is this a requirement? Or just something people do in areas with heavy snow and ice?

Just wondering cause if I need to get all new tires for the winter then I need to start saving now instead of later as my 85 is supposed to be delivered sometime in January (peak time for snow in my area).



Brian H | November 12, 2013

Temperature has as much to do with it as snow/ice covering. Winter tires retain flex and grip in the cold. And one poor traction incident can ruin your day, and/or life.

Nuts4MS | November 12, 2013

@Brian H
Right I know that but never needed to worry about it with my current or past ICE so I was wondering if it is something specific to the Model S or just something that owners are doing cause of the area they live in...


lolachampcar | November 12, 2013

Absolutely beautiful! Nicely done.

suresv | November 12, 2013


If you didn't worry about it for the past ICE cars then you don't have to worry about it for Tesla. This is all about where you live and what the road conditions are in your place. I live in SF Bay area and have no need for the winter tires!!

NomoDinos | November 12, 2013

Nice!! Sweet rims, Craig!

P85D | November 12, 2013

So are you going to sell your stock grey 21"'s?

jat | November 12, 2013

@Gronhoffga - if you get all-season tires (ie, stock 19" wheels), they are fine anywhere you don't have heavy snow. If you get the summer performance tires (ie, stock 21" wheels), then they aren't suitable for use in sub-freezing weather and you need a second set of tires for the winter.

I have all-season tires and have never used winter tires on any car (in GA we get about 3 snow/ice days a year). I do have a second set of tires, but they are dedicated for track use.

cfOH | November 13, 2013

Personally (note that disclaimer...this is opinion), I don't think very highly of all-season tires. They seem to have less grip in warm weather than proper summer tires do and they do relatively poorly in cold and/or snowy/icy conditions. When I started switching between summer and winter setups on my last car, I noticed a dramatic difference in how much more fun the car was 365 days a year. Sure, it's a little extra cost and space in the garage to store the set of wheels/tires you're not using at the moment, but it's such a huge difference in terms of driving enjoyment that it's worth it to me. Also, since more traction = a safer car, it's not just about fun.

If the temps get into the 30s, your summer tires are not going to perform well at all and you could easily find yourself looking at where you just came from, possibly up against a guard rail or another car. So, if you bought a P+ with 21" wheels (which come with summer tires) and you live in a place that gets cold, then you need to address the situation immediately. If your locale gets cold but not a lot of snow, then winter performance tires are a good option. If you get a lot of snow, then performance snow tires will be far better.

cfOH | November 13, 2013

@GDH-PDX: No...summer will return and I'll keep those shod with summer tires.

Thanks everyone else for the kind words. I mostly posted this just to provide others with an idea in case they wanted an alternative setup to Tesla's offering, but I appreciate the kudos. :-)

jat | November 13, 2013

@cfOH - if you live in the south where you get very little snow/ice, it isn't worth swapping tires just for that. Then the question comes down to do you want much lower treadlife, lower efficiency (and more importantly lower range for long trips), and *having* to swap tires in the winter in exchange for that higher performance.

For me, I am not using even half the traction available in normal street driving (and why I care more about wet traction than dry when comparing street tires), and when I go to the track even summer tires are pretty poor compared to tires like real racing tires or even g-Force Rivals. So, for me, all-seasons that will maximize efficiency and treadlife for daily driving and dedicated track tires is the best choice.

howardb33 | November 13, 2013


Looks fantastic!!

Did you install yourself and order online, or go to a tire shop.

If so which one.

howard red P85+ cinci ohio

cfOH | November 13, 2013

@howardb33: Since I had to order the wheels through a dealer and the tires would have to be mounted anyway, I figured I'd just let them do the first install. I'll do future swaps in my garage. I used Spade Kreations in northern Cincy. Ask for Logan if you give them a call.

RBats | November 13, 2013

@cfOH - What did you do for TPMS?

cfOH | November 13, 2013

@RBats: I opted for nothing. I didn't feel like spending another $500 for the convenience of having my dash tell me something when I pretty religiously check my tires visually anyway. Plus, the hassle of Tesla having to manually reset the TPMS was undesirable. My typical commute is only 4.5 miles, and the TPMS warning doesn't come on in that short a period of time, so I rarely see the warning. That said, I'd like Tesla to give me the option to dismiss the warning for up to a week, or maybe even a month, at a time.

RBats | November 13, 2013

@cfOH - Thanks. Wish they'd support 2 TPMS for people that swap tires. Then it would be worth it.

cfOH | November 13, 2013

@RBats: Supposedly, the latest MS firmware update includes the option to keep two sets of TPMS sensors registered. Unfortunately, I'm still on 4.5.

Brian H | November 13, 2013


"No-season tires"

jat | November 13, 2013

@RBats -'s TPMS sensors work fine, and are $99/ea - they will also install them free if you buy them with the wheel (and will also mount/balance tires for free if bought at the same time). As @cfOH mentions, the next version of the software is reported to support two sets of tires.

cfOH | November 18, 2013

@tesla.mahedy - here's a photo of the car at normal ride height (since you asked):

click to enlarge

tesla.mahedy | November 18, 2013


Looks amazing. J & B Auto body just picked up my car (long story) and I asked them if they could look in to these for my car. How are they so far?

cfOH | November 19, 2013

@tesla.mahedy I like them a lot. There's the faintest of rubbing of the front tire on the wheel well cover when I go full lock, but I'm OK with that to get the extra sidewall for winter tires.

I have to say that I do miss the 265s in the rear...these 255s are just too easy to break free and summon traction control, and that's not fun at all.

tesla.mahedy | November 19, 2013

Does it make sense to stagger a P85? Is it even possible?

Bighorn | November 19, 2013

I think breaking free is more a function of the rubber than the 10mm width difference. I'm having to relearn the accelerator in order to not spin my winter set-up.

According to TireRack, TPMS is required by law. That said, I've got other cars running winter set-ups without them, but that's certainly not the case on my Model S, Mr. Musk:)

cfOH | November 19, 2013

TPMS is required by law? Seriously? What a bummer. I guess I'll live like an outlaw until these tires need to be replaced in, oh, about 6 years. ;-)

Odd that the installer shop wouldn't warn me about that.

When I need to replace my rear summer tires on the 21" wheels (possibly as soon as next summer), I'm going to try to see if I can get some 275s to fit. This car needs more traction in the rear IMO, range be damned. :-)