Vote of support for Apple CarPlay in Teslas

Vote of support for Apple CarPlay in Teslas

Just wanted to chime in here and say that Apple CarPlay would be a tremendous addition to my Model S. (Or, if for some reason it's not possible to add, I hope Tesla would consider its inclusion in new models.)

My phone is the center of my life, and it's so much more convenient to have the car honor that (as my wife's Honda does.) Not to mention that I have found Apple Maps' routing to be significantly better than that in even Tesla's newest Maps upgrade.

My Model S is the best car I've ever owned, hands-down. But CarPlay is convenient enough that I likely wouldn't buy another Tesla unless it supported it.

Baywood | September 17, 2018

I’m revisiting my earlier response. After 1 week with the M3 I was concerned about lack of mfi (made-For-IPhone) integration to my indispensable hearing aids.
6 weeks later I realized that I did not miss it once, for 3 reasons.
Foremost is the single button voice control recognition is way ahead of our useful Siri. I don’t know if I should thank Tesla or Google, probably both. Nearly flawless in recognizing both my voice and my wife’s.
Next is the outstanding M3 sound. It doesn’t solve my hearing recognition losses, but it sure has minimized them.
Finally, for the rest (audiobooks, answering call...) I still use my iPhone.
So I really don’t miss Apple play. Voice recognition, using a simple push of my right thumb, saw to to that.

carlk | September 17, 2018

Good to hear that. The point many of us tried to make is Tesla wants to make the experience better than what CarPlay or Android Auto could provide. It makes more sense from the integration point of view too. You will never be able to achieve the same seamless integration with a third party device.

nattamai | September 17, 2018

As a subscriber of Apple Music, I'd like to see Tesla integrating Apple Music via Musickit ( instead of CarPlay. IMO, CarPlay does not work great on large screens such as on Volvo (

Toboffice | September 25, 2018

I would like to see CarPlay as an option on my Tesla 3.

mikael | September 26, 2018

I vote yes!

thorvund | September 26, 2018

Having lived with ApplePlay in my 2016 Golf R, I would highly support having it in my Tesla. The ability to handle text message without hands or attention is a huge safety feature.

PrescottRichard | September 26, 2018

Since CarPlay is designed for smaller screens I could see it fitting in the bottom half of an S display.

How would it fit into a Model 3’s display?

I should point out I haven’t used CarPlay or been in a Model 3 yet.

Chi_Guy | October 4, 2018

I vote yes. I just picked up my Model 3 a couple weeks ago and love it. Although Tesla's interface and navigation system is lightyears ahead of most cars I have driven (and will be continually updated), I would still find Apple CarPlay useful to manage my imessages, phone calls and podcasts while driving. This is not a dealbreaker, just a preference.

khoidang | October 4, 2018

Go talk to Apple and ask them to pay for adding CarPlay to Tesla just like Google pays to be the default search for Safari.

NKYTA | October 4, 2018


Michael Sinz | October 4, 2018

So, as both an engineer and Tesla Model S owner, I would say that it would be great to have Apple CarPlay integration as a "window" (app) on the Tesla display. Not a full takeover but just another "app" like the calendar or radio is.

This does not force people to use the feature. But it does make some benefits.

Personally, I just would like to be able to use Siri from the car without touching the phone. Unfortunately, the car can't initiate the Siri interaction. I would also want a much better music integration - my wife's Subaru has the ability to search the phone's music and display (and play) albums, artists, and/or playlists all without touching the phone.

(And, given the poor music on USB drive behaviors, the Apple CarPlay music UI would be a major benefit)

Gabe | October 6, 2018

I want Apple Music, Audible, Podcasts, and Messages. With or without CarPlay.

Gabe | October 6, 2018

+1 for seamless Siri.

Westee | October 22, 2018

It totally make sense - on a business trip I rented a Chevy Equinox with CarPlay and it was amazingly surprising how easy it was for not only directions, but texting and media/podcasts - I feel CarPlay capability needs to happen - it will be weird if Tesla offer this capability.

parthjpatel1990 | October 22, 2018


efuseakay | October 22, 2018


NKYTA | October 23, 2018


chiropod | October 23, 2018

Yes for me. I have, use Apple play on my Porsche and do enjoy the interface. Also, I would prefer to have Waze up and running vs google maps, which btw, is owned by Google as well.

MsLynda | October 23, 2018

Yes! | October 24, 2018


oghowie | October 30, 2018


Not sure why people would want less options. Most car manufacturers include Carplay and Android Auto now for free. They're also siloed interfaces so you don't need to use them if you don't want to.

mos6507 | October 30, 2018

"Not sure why people would want less options."

I do. Since Tesla won't do it, fanbois need to rationalize why it's a bad idea.

pdp1 | November 1, 2018

@oghowie Couldn’t have put it better myself. Tesla needs better phone integration, bare minimum would be for the following:

1) music playlist
2) hands free text
3) push button Siri and Ok Google integration

How I see it though, if/when they add those features, might as well be CP and AA. Unless there was some hardware limitation that won’t allow Tesla to implement them. Regardless, those 3 items I listed should be implemented.

jc | November 5, 2018


I had a Chevy Volt with CarPlay for three years and it’s usability and stability were outstanding. I love the Tesla but its phone integration lacks so many important features that it’s a real drawback for the car. The media controls lack some of the most basic functionality. And there’s no reason that Carplay couldn’t come up in a window like all the other apps. Half the screen would be totally usable for CarPlay. Audio would be better too. Jeez, if GM is capable of integrating it, Tesla can do it.

wisam.alrawi | November 6, 2018

Right now I still use my Android phone to play music through Bluetooth and same for WhatsApp messaging. Would be nice to have some sort of integration of phone and car beyond just Bluetooth streaming. I understand that somethings can be beyond Tesla's control.
I miss the cheerful Google Assistant voice in navigation. The Tesla navigation voice feels less natural :/

ljkelley | November 18, 2018

I vote Yes. I think this is the one area that is holding me back from ordering a Model 3.

CarPlay support would be a quick fix.

But better smartphone integration is what I'm lookin for, especially in terms of text message and music control. I like that CarPlay will read out text message to me and allow me to respond. It will also allow me to easily, with voice controls or on the display, change albums, artists, playlists, etc... If Tesla had better smartphone integration then you might not have people asking for CarPlay.

jamesguan117 | November 18, 2018


jamesguan117 | November 18, 2018

I say yes if Tesla is not going to open source an SDK because other cars much cheaper than Teslas like Fords and Hondas are getting app integration which is really helpful. If Tesla comes out with a propetary system, I would not mind that either.

kichwas | November 18, 2018

My concern is the same as why I don’t use the web browser on the car (or the one on my smart TV)...

It introduces an avenue for malware / viruses to get into the car that could have extremely dangerous road consequences...
(Well for me smart TV it could just give me a $4000 doorstop, with the M3 I could get the car’s hardsrive reformated at a service center... if it didn’t drive me into a brick wall first...)

Less a concern with Carplay than with Android as Apple has single point of control over apps, but bad apps still do get through...

Last thing you want is your car mining cryptocurrency for some teenager in Russia while you’re trying to drive somewhere....
- and that’s a less harmful scenario than what could happen.

Other cars are not computers on wheels, so the audio system could become a viral mess and your other car is still safe to drive... but a Tesla is all one massive computer. Letting in outside appa that are not vetted by Tesla is a pandora’s box of problems...

Vegan | November 18, 2018

I vote YES as an option. It just makes sense to offer standard features that all the other car makers offer. Teslas are supposed to be better, not just different.

lsingh79 | November 29, 2018

I would like to see Apple CarPlay option on Tesla vehicles.

carlk | November 29, 2018

***I had a Chevy Volt with CarPlay for three years and it’s usability and stability were outstanding.***

That either did not help Volt or accelerated its demise by not putting focus on where it maters. | November 29, 2018

@kichwas - While not a fan of CarPlay, Tesla keeps the entertainment system well separated from the drive computer. In fact the Tesla has over 50 processors. A big clue is you can reboot the MCU while driving and it has little effect (sounds are disabled for < 60 seconds) and you can continue driving while it is rebooting.

I'm not saying there isn't a possible attack vector, but less than any other car. Also keep in mind that Tesla designed security in from the start. Most other automakers are starting to think about security, but have very little to no security in their designs today. Anyway CarPlay or CarPlay apps running amunk shouldn't be a too serious of a concern. The one concern is more social than malware. For example, a bad app might flash a black/red screen at 15 Hz an cause a epileptic seizure in someone susceptible, or set the volume to max and blast a crash car noise to startle the driver.

jibmac | December 3, 2018

Yes! Or at least get the media player to work as well as my 2010 (that’s not a typo) Ford Mustang. I love my Tesla. I tell everyone that it surpasses the hype.....except the media player sucks. Tesla doesn’t want to give screen real estate to CarPlay, fine. Then at least allow me to manually choose my playlist via the Tesla’s BEAUTIFUL screen and allow Siri pass through via a prolonged press of the voice command button so I can make phone calls or send text messages without taking my eyes of the road. Bottom line, CarPlay as an OPTION is a win win. You don’t like it? Then don’t use it. If your drivers do like it give them the option. If you don’t want to give them that option then start offering fewer Atari games and better smartphone integration.

brianrmurray | December 8, 2018

I would like to have the option. It doesn't mean everyone has to use it, I would just like the ability to integrate it somehow. You could do the same with Android Auto as many automakers have done. So you'd have 3 options: CarPlay, Android Auto, and stock Tesla UI.

d.bradley | December 14, 2018

Yes, please offer car play!

carlos | December 14, 2018

Not my vote. 20k cars may have a better phone integration, but not a single car offers the technology of a Tesla. Asking for CarPlay in a Tesla is like a Q7 owner asking for Tesla's Auto Pilot. I couldn't care less about phone integration, my Model X is simply perfect.

cycledon | December 14, 2018

I vote yes. One of the few things lacking in my “S”.

shred86 | December 14, 2018

Absolutely. I was surprised to find out Tesla’s don’t already support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

2020 | December 14, 2018

Useless, I've tried to use it in my other cars. I love Apple, but this is a fail.

agariogames3 | December 14, 2018

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mekramsey | December 15, 2018

I would like the option of better phone integration.

carlk | December 15, 2018

***Not my vote. 20k cars may have a better phone integration, but not a single car offers the technology of a Tesla.***

Very true. Can't believe people would say I want my to Tesla work like that $20K car, or for that matter any other car.

@2020 | December 14, 2018
***Useless, I've tried to use it in my other cars. I love Apple, but this is a fail.***

The Apple CarPlay is indeed inferior to the Tesla integration. That iPhone like icon arrangement on a tiny screen turned me off right away. As for those who say I can't live without my iPhone that is exactly the reason why you want to try live without your iPhone at least some of the times.

SO | December 16, 2018

I used Apple CarPlay for the first time in a rental Hyundai Elantra. The screen is probably 4 inches.

It worked better than I expected. Of course not as nice as a Tesla screen. But the integration was decent. So I’d be okay with having CarPlay added to a Tesla as an option. But there are probably licensing fees Tesla would need to pay Apple. If that was significant, I’d prefer Tesla just spend that money on improving its own integration.

jneme | December 16, 2018

Yes, Phone integration is terrible. It's embarrassing for a tech company not to support major OS in the market.

Ted007 | December 16, 2018

my phone works great playing Apple music in my Model 3, I thought I would definitely need Apple Car Play to be satisfied but I can do without it in my Model 3. So, at time I vote no.

andy123123 | December 16, 2018

Vote YES

jaynul | December 16, 2018

Yes, it will be handy

carlk | December 16, 2018

" It's embarrassing for a tech company not to support major OS in the market."

??? | December 17, 2018

@carlk - Yep - strange comment.

The only major OS I'm aware of is Ford using Windows in some old cars, long since abandoned. iOS nor Android is used in any cars that I'm aware of. Actually long ago Tesla approached both Apple and Google, and both were unwilling to let Tesla use their OS. Likely a good thing. Tesla uses a version of Linux, as do quite few other higher end car makers now. Then there is QNX, also a popular OS in vehicles.