Is Wall Connector Okay Outside?

Is Wall Connector Okay Outside?

According to the manual: "The Wall Connector is approved for outdoor use, but it is not designed for complete immersion in liquid. Protection from rain is recommended but not required."

I'm not sure yet, but I was considering having it installed outside if I can talk my wife into getting a Tesla (we have a one-car garage). I was wondering if anyone has experience with an outdoor installation.

Incidentally, the Wall Connector arrived today. I referred a friend, who took delivery of his his S in September. Hey, less than a year to get the goods---not bad! :)

Silver2K | July 10, 2019

Yes, hotels keep them outside

sentabo | July 10, 2019

True that!

Tldickerson | July 10, 2019

At the casino I go to their located outside near the valet parking. When it rains they get wet.

NKYTA | July 10, 2019

Many Hotels have Destination Charger “outside”.

trevor58 | July 10, 2019

Also, superchargers seem to do alright in all-weather

akikiki | July 11, 2019

You have a one car garage and you are considering parking the Tesla outside? What's your other car a Bentley?

booshtukka | July 11, 2019


Anthony J. Parisio | July 11, 2019

Mine is four years out side and still like new.

TranzNDance | July 11, 2019

@akikiki, I have a one car garage and the Tesla goes outside on the weekends because it's the preferred car to use. We bought the house because it was possible to live there with one car, but circumstances changed.

sentabo | July 11, 2019

akikiki, the other car is a Tesla. I keep my Bentley parked out in the street. :)

cmichael | July 11, 2019

One person on Youtube claimed outside installation and it did fine through hurricane Irma.


david_gelfand | July 11, 2019

When my daughter & son-in-law put 82, 265 w PV panels on their house & barn, they installed a Tesla wall connector outside their house. We use it on the weekends we visit. No problems. We just have a dedicated NEMA 1450 outlet in our garage. Both work great!

Silver2K | July 11, 2019

Akikiki, I park my Tesla in the garage. I made room by selling my bentley at a garage sale

DanFoster1 | July 12, 2019

I mounted ours the only place I could (within reason): back porch wall, facing the weather. We live in Upstate New York: ‘weather’ means driving rains and violent winds in Summer; freezing rain, snow, ice, hail, temperatures down to -20ºF in Winter; freeze/thaw/freeze/thaw on infinite loop.

Our Tesla HPWC has been out there for years without issue, and it even still looks new. Unless you live on Venus, it will likely handle your weather just fine.

akikiki | July 12, 2019

Hi Yo Silver !!!

akikiki | July 12, 2019

Wait a minute. HI HO Silver (damn ipad).

bhanuk99 | July 13, 2019

My HPWC is outside for two years and my Tesla is on the driveway too. No problems in MD whether we have snow, ice, torrential rain, and derecho.