Was extended leather trim standard with leather before price increase?

Was extended leather trim standard with leather before price increase?

Just a quick question: before the price increase and the separate line item charge for Extended Leather Trim, was this already included when leather was chosen as part of the build? Thanks!

tesla.mahedy | August 18, 2013

@ Soma
No. The extended leather trim was a new option.

yobigd20 | August 18, 2013

For P85's, yes it was included before price increase. wasn't specifically spelled out in detail anywhere which is why it's confusing.

tesla.mahedy | August 18, 2013


Are you sure? I ordered my P85 prior to the pricing shift. We test drove a P85 as well and the trim was more of a synthetic leather. After speaking with both my local store manager, DS, and Inside sales, I was told that it was a new option. I was told that the new option uses the same leather as the chairs, while in the prior cars it was a different material (albeit very similar). It's one of the options I avoided selecting to add the Parking Sensors, Winter Package, and Fog Lamps.

AlMc | August 18, 2013 are right about synthetic leather before the new upgrade was available and I believe you made a good choice of the other options you picked versus the leather.

CoreyM | August 18, 2013

@yobigd20--tesla.mahedy is correct. Even the P85 had the same synthetic leather trim. Here's the verbatim from Tesla when I asked about the same thing:

"Regarding your specific questions, the 'extended nappa leather trim' is indeed new. It covers in leather many parts which were previously wrapped in synthetic material (instrument panel lower panels, center armrests, pillar armrests). The leather coverage with the 'extended nappa leather trim' is very similar to what is installed in the signature cars."

CalabasasKid | August 18, 2013

I did the identical thing. I passed on the extended leather and took the fogs, sensors and sub zero package for the same amount of cash. Besides, both dashboards look the same (they're both stitched). I would prefer to have the synthetic material as it's way more rugged and durable than leather anyway.

soren | August 18, 2013

Those of us who have ordered prior price increase, but getting delivery much later (Europe,Denmark).
Will we be getting the new leather og old plastic trim?
The spoiler has chanced too. Will they use the old or new spoiler?

tesla.mahedy | August 19, 2013


If your car hasn't gone into production there is a small chance that you may get the new spoiler.
If you didn't specifically upgrade to the all/mostly leather interior then you will still get the same synthetic leather interior that @calabasasKid and I got.

The new leather interior is more for luxury than anything else.

@CalabasasKid Are you a fan of pumpkins?

lolachampcar | August 19, 2013

I was told the same thing regarding the extended leather and know from previous cars to avoid leather on the upper dash. It simply does not last and is butt ugly when it starts to go.

AmpedRealtor | August 19, 2013

A Model S owner was using my HPWC a couple of days ago. His lower dash panels were very soft and supple, just like the seats. The door armrests felt smooth and supple as well. I was told that P85 owners have been getting leather on the lower dash panels and front door armrests, but I can't confirm because I can't really tell the difference.

4SUPER9 | August 19, 2013

I have the extended leather. It is different from the original production cars. My understanding is that the door panels are now vinyl without it. With it, part of it is leather, part vinyl. The dash is really nice. A definite step up. However, no way worth $2,500.

nickjhowe | August 19, 2013

The description from January 2013 for the Nappa Leather (standard on P85, option on others) was "Hand-wrapped surfaces of soft supple Nappa leather"

RanjitC | August 19, 2013

I have a P85 from Dec 2012 and I can't tell the difference from the leather seats to the lower dash or doors! But maybe I'm just insensitive.

nickjhowe | August 19, 2013

@Ranjit - same for me. Dec 2012 build/Jan 2013 delivery. Trim looks the same as the seats to me.

CoreyM | August 19, 2013

I was one of the buyers who was in the confirmation window when the pricing changes/new options occurred. I think the biggest problem with how they handled it was not explaining what was in fact all new and what was just unbundled options made a la carte. Which is specifically what I was asking Jerome Guillen (VP of Service and Sales Operations, and before that, the Program Director for the Model S) when I got the response I posted earlier.

The only cars that have had the extended nappa leather trim are the Signatures. This is a new option for the S60/S85/P85.

Up until that point, I'd been under the impression that the interiors I'd seen on all the Model S's was all leather, which is why I wasn't happy about the apparent $2,500 price increase--but in fact this was not the case since it's a new option. Again, if I wasn't told this, I never would have known it wasn't leather. Apparently existing owners have a hard time telling, too--which probably means the quality of the synthetic leather is just fine. (Except for those in other threads complaining that it's not as good as Bentley, Lexus or high-end Mercedes--but it's good enough for me.)

For anyone that opts to stick with the synthetic interior, the upside is that I was also told that "The lower B-pillar is moving to a mold-in color, rather than wrapped material." This should help make it more durable. (In case you've even seen a showroom car that already had a scuffed area on the B-pillar from people getting in and out, you'll know what I mean.)

majgill | August 20, 2013

Same thing i am not happy with them either as earlier when we did our options and took delivery in Nov only 21" silver or grey wheels are available for p85 and guess what now even 85 people can take grey or silver wheels. What are they doing so why the made us spend extra so you have to have performance to get those wheels. The new car ordering they made it so confusing and now it looks like we are missing alot of stuff from our cars but in reality looks like we already have that. They changed actually increased their prices on alot of lighting tech pakcage and wheels etc.