Watching Live TV in my Model 3

Watching Live TV in my Model 3

So this is very cool. The ability to watch live tv on the screen in my model 3.

hcdavis3 | December 25, 2019

Do you have to subscribe to you tube tv for this to work?

Lonestar10_1999 | December 25, 2019

Live tv is subscription only. I can attest that Hulu and YouTube TV both work.

whazupman | December 25, 2019

Any streaming service can work full screen. I posted directions on how to use the YouTube links in your channel to launch full screen pages.
Disney+ works great full screen.

tdwin2000 | December 25, 2019

Yes my YouTube TV is subscription but streams so nicely in the car. Movies on Plex work full screen too. Amazing stuff.

Varricks | December 27, 2019

Good god, you get TV and use it for that Oz quack?

Or are you just addicted to those four-minute commercial packs.

TV is dead.

CST | December 27, 2019

Who watched live TV anymore? Its mostly commercials.

gize | December 27, 2019

You people getting any lag or stuttering with the Tesla premium service while streaming?