Waterproof Key Fob?

Waterproof Key Fob?

Howdy Tesla Forums!

I can't wait for my Model S! However I am wondering since the car only has a key fob and not a traditional key... Is it waterproof? In the summer I do watersports like kiteboarding and just even do quite a bit of swimming. Should I plan on having a hide a key on my model S or does anyone know a way around this?

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Brian H | January 7, 2013

Have a waterproof zipper installed in your groin.
It's been discussed, and the best anyone can come up with is waterproof pouches, etc.

ribs | May 21, 2013

Hey, just wondering what you ended up doing for your key fob... I just ordered my S and also kitesurf; not sure what I'm going to do with the fob. I'd rather not hide it on the car anywhere and it looks like a lot of the waterproof cases are pretty bulky. Just curious if your found the "perfect" solution. Will probably go for a small hard plastic case and tuck it hard into the pocket on the back of the harness, but it's not ideal. I'd rather it be inside my wetsuit or something. I don't even really trust the boardshorts pockets necessarily.

Mooreseanw | April 2, 2014

Don't be fooled by the guy who says his Prius key fob is water proof. No keys are water proof. I work for Toyota service dept in SoCal near beach and can't tell you how many people go into ocean with their keys. Huge money if you ruin a Toyota key. Even bigger money if you have already lost one and then water log the second one. I have had to console many an individual after they learn that they will need to spend upwards of 3 to 4 hundred for the key itself (1 fob) double that if you want to get back to having two keys. Plus the labor for the tech to wipe the computer clean of the old key programming and then program the new keys.
Here is price for Toyota vehicles if you've lost or ruined both keys
Key 1. 380
Key 2. 380
Labor 400
Total : heart attack
No bs.
Advisors fight over who gets to handle these customers

Options folks have tried
1 hide it in car or on tire. Bad move. Vehicle will not lock bc smart key is in or near vehicle. Part of smart key tech is to not ever allow u to lock ur keys in ur car. And if u put it on ur tire, say good by to ur vehicle. Thieves are hip to that game. Easy vehicle theft

2 zip lock bag in the wetsuit. Decent move but only good for surfers or ocean folks. Not good for that unplanned washer cycle or 2 year old toilet games.

3 hitch receiver made for vehicle to slide in carrier hitch in place of the ball mount. Product is then locked to car and locked with combo. This device should block the communication between key fob and brain of vehicle. Heard this works the best