Way to keep AC on if driver leaves the car (without Iphone app)?

Way to keep AC on if driver leaves the car (without Iphone app)?

Since I got the car about a week ago, there have been many times where I left the car while my wife and kids are still in the car. I had to use the iphone app to keep the AC going. Even leaving the keyfob instead the car after I left, didn't keep the AC going. Is there are way to keep the AC running using the touchscreen display rather than the Iphone app? Thanks.

negarholger | October 4, 2013

just touch the screen.

RanjitC | October 4, 2013


Brit.l.T | October 4, 2013


shop | October 4, 2013

What I do is, press the brake, put car into neutral, use the touchscreen to put on the parking brake. You can then exit the car and the AC will stay on.

Captain_Zap | October 4, 2013

Yes. If the car is occupied the passenger just has to touch the screen to activate the systems.

Shop's suggestion works when you want to leave the AC or heat on when there is no one occupying the car. We do it to keep our dog warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You just have to make sure that your automatic wipers and lights are turned off. If you don't turn off automatic mode and return after dark on a rainy evening you might find your car all lit up and with the wipers running.

keichhor | October 4, 2013

If no Iphone app, I think the android app will work also.

docdac | October 5, 2013

You fasten the drivers seat belt and the climate control functions will stay on, the same as if you were sitting in the seat. However, it will 'time-out' after about 30 min , at which time you can start it again with the touchscreen. This is what a Tesla Ranger did last January when working on my car in my cold garage .

Roamer@AZ USA | October 5, 2013

Leave on and lock is my number one upgrade desire.

Thanks for the ways to work around auto shutdown. I will give them a try.

My wife does it by not closing the door all the way. Not a good idea in public places.

Pungoteague_Dave | October 5, 2013

Shop's suggestion works every time and does not time out. It takes a couple seconds - foot on brake, shift to neutral, put on parking brake, leave. The car will stay as is until you return, and will lock when you walk away. We do this several times per week when waiting for the driver to run an errand.

Problem solved. No software update required.

CarlE_P439 | October 5, 2013

You could do it by not closing the door all the way (but make sure it clicks) and then if someone is still IN the car he or she can still actually lock the car with the touchscreen (door handles all retract) and car's climate control will stay on.