what are the time options (hours of operation) for factory tour?

what are the time options (hours of operation) for factory tour?

Just wondering if anyone here can give examples of the time slot options they were allowed to have the factory tour? Weekdays what hours, or Saturdays what hours? Was it a long wait to book the tour at some time you wanted?


T3SLA | September 14, 2013

You can call and ask.

They told me it's hit and miss on weekends, but normally miss.

The factory is usually running Monday - Friday morning and afternoon. I'd call ahead to be certain of the intended schedule.

yodasminion | September 15, 2013

I thought these were only open to folks picking up their cars that day, not the general public.

Am I wrong? (Please say yes)

rsusi | September 15, 2013

Did the factory several months ago and Mon-Fri tours are 11am and 3pm. Saturdays are by appointment only. I had not ordered a car yet but after the tour did so shortly after. I had the salesman at the showroom at Menlo park make the appointment.

soma | September 15, 2013

Ah, great. Thank you so much for that info. I see from other threads that the Saturday level of activity is a little disappointing. I'll try for the weekdays. Picking up a car...

T3SLA | September 15, 2013

Yes. You can probably get in on a tour if you feel that would be the deciding factor regarding ordering a car. If you own a car already or are taking delivery of a car you can schedule yourself and others in your group for a tour.

If you're not an owner and don't intend on being an owner less likely to get a tour, but you can always try if you have a good reason.