What common power adapters should I carry?

What common power adapters should I carry?

I currently have the standard Mobile connector that came with my S, which includes the NEMA 14-50 adapter. I was wondering what other adapters should I be carrying if I wanted to step outside of local travel from time to time with my S60? I'm thinking that I need something for RV camps, maybe a couple of the less common adapters, etc... I see people here mention L6-30's and others, are these common? | August 4, 2013

The 14-50 will be the one you want to use at RV parks and the like. I also bought the NEMA 10-30 and 14-30 adaptors (old and new dryer) for times when I am visiting people and might need to grab some electrons.


shop | August 4, 2013

The new NEMA 5-20 adapter is nice if you are staying at a rented condo compex for a few days (like for a ski weekend) since many such garages have 5-20 outlets for block heaters.

judimasters | August 4, 2013

Where can I purchase the 10-30 and 14-30 adaptors?

Tâm | August 4, 2013