What did 46.2 get us?

What did 46.2 get us?

My car updated to 46.2, but the release notes didn't change - they are still the same, from 44.2, where it got the optimizations for cold, and having to use credentials to turn off remote access.

So, does anyone know what 46.2 brought us?

Whdame | December 2, 2018

Don't know. I'm an early access member and haven't received it yet. Maybe just one of the "minor bug fixes and improvements".

U.S./Virginia | December 2, 2018

So, does anyone know what 46.2 brought us? > A new version number :)

cmdo | December 2, 2018

Why am I still on 42.3 :(

jefjes | December 2, 2018

I'm an early access member too and still on 42.4. The car works fine for me so not any big hurry to get updates that may not be beneficial for me. I look at it like a chance for others and Tesla to work out bugs before it's pushed to me.

Whdame | December 2, 2018

@jefjes - You are on 42.4? OR 44.2? I have had 44.2 for about 1.5 weeks now. Weird how the updates come out....even for a small group of 2,000 like us.

jefjes | December 2, 2018

@Whdame- 42.4, not 44.2, is the one I'm on. From what I've heard about 44.2, it seems to be a few winter upgrades like leaving the charge port unlocked in cold weather so it won't freeze locked on. So far, I haven't had that problem since I park in the garage at home and when it snows I drive our SUV so not a problem for me. Maybe Tesla is prioritizing owners that have such problems by knowing their GPS location and their current use patterns. If so, that's fine with me.

Passion2Fly | December 2, 2018

Elon tweeted about new Holiday Easter eggs...

yaheya | December 2, 2018

I haven't received an update in at least a month. I am still on 42.3. I checked last night, and I confirmed I am connected with my home wifi just fine. Anyone else in the same situation?


Magic 8 Ball | December 2, 2018

Yeah, we are on 42.2 which we got early in front of most and are waiting (not anxiously) for the next one. Our car is working fine.

Sunergy-NJ | December 2, 2018

I'm on 46.2 as of last night. Release notes said we got the pinch separation for the climate blowing to aim for the windows in front. Don't seem to have any change in wiper sensitivity or new Atari games or holiday easter eggs. Still seems rear subwoofer is weaker than it had been. Forget what else, will try to snap pic and post it later. But nothing major as far as I could see. No romance or toilet humor yet.

gadget63 | December 2, 2018

I'm an early access member and I am still on 42.3

mikdot | December 2, 2018

Hi, I have a general question about updates. I picked up my car on the 12th of Nov. . It was delivered with 39.8 and has been tagged to my home wifi every night since then. I verified that it is tied to my router. I have an appointment this Thursday at my service center to address some minor issues. when I was on the phone with Tesla service I inquired about pushing an update to the car to address some software glitches, They informed me that the service center is the only ones that can push updates. Is this correct ? Or is there a way to request an update? Thanks
non EAP

CST | December 2, 2018

If you are at a service center, you'll get the update that day when on wifi.

Daryl | December 2, 2018

Rumors are that 46.2 only has features for cold climate. Seems to be going to Canada and northern tier states only.

Tesla2018 | December 2, 2018

Thanks for that info. I dont have wifi at home but live about a mile away from a service center. Seems like I was never getting updates. But the last few times I went to the service cemter I had an update the next day. Will have to park in their parking lot tommorrow and see if I get the latest update.

Whdame | December 2, 2018

@Daryl - the "cold weather package" was released in 44.2. I am assuming that the 46.2 is just bug fixes from previous. The big update that everyone is waiting for is the more Atari games, Romance Mode, and the toilet humor that Elon tweeted a couple of days ago.

RES IPSA | December 2, 2018

Not every car gets every update. Sometimes your car doesn't need an update yet other cars do.

sterickson | December 2, 2018

If the hardware is the same, then why wouldn't all cars get the same updates?

RES IPSA | December 2, 2018

Some cars have malfunctions while others do not (the car stays in contact with Tesla and Tesla then will send an update for an issue you may not even be aware of). Some people get 44.2 and others must wait and get 44.2. Some are intended for certain climates, some are intended for AWD only.

I have always gotten about 1/3 to 1/2 of the updates.

RES IPSA | December 2, 2018

* Some people get 42.2 while others must wait for 44.2.

I am not expecting to get 44.2 or 46.2 as I live in San Diego

Bend | December 2, 2018

How does one sign up for early access?

lbowroom | December 2, 2018

Refer 4 sales

SalisburySam | December 3, 2018

I've been not invited to the early access program. In fact, I'm certain I've been placed in the late access program given my update history. That said, I was very surprised to get 44.2 when I was on a trip to Michigan during fairly cold but certainly not wintry weather. So now I've been placed in the late-but-cold access program.

Tesla has its own version of Hogwart's sorting hat, and its decisions are based on facts of its own making.

CharleyBC | December 3, 2018

There's another thread ( in which folks mentioned a bogus error message in 44.2 about the restraint system that 46.2 allegedly fixes. I can vouch for none of this, still sitting blithely on 42.2.

jwins | December 3, 2018

I just got the update to 46.2. I'm not in the early access program and have no idea what it does, since the release notes read exactly the same as 44.2. So in the absence of some dramatic new feature, don't sweat this one. :)

ModernTriDad | December 3, 2018

I was surprised to receive my first update, from 44.2 to 46.2, after getting the car 5 days ago. I was more surprised because many complain about not receiving updates on poor wi-fi, yet my car is parked in our apartment parking lot a couple hundred feet from our building, with a 3rd floor apartment. I guess that $185 Ubiquiti indoor/outdoor mesh access point I just ordered today from Amazon was overkill.

The more exciting update is the next one.

wayne | December 3, 2018

Same here. Just got 46.2 from 44.2. No change in release notes.

wayne | December 3, 2018

@moderntridad If your WiFi improves it will be worth it. Only way to get map updates as I understand.

So we get bug fixes? I want to know what the bugs were. I didn’t know I was buggy.

Whdame | December 3, 2018

Same as above. I just upgraded to 46.2. Initial thought was small fixes so it must be as there are no new notes. Probably the week of the 17th will be the next update with the new games, romance mode, and humor, plus the holiday Easter egg.

ModernTriDad | December 3, 2018

Thank you for enabling my impulsive spending on tech. :)

Magic 8 Ball | December 3, 2018

Ahem, dog mode was announced before romance mode so................

Lars.Viebrock | December 3, 2018

I just got the 46.2 on my Tesla and I live in northern Germay. Maybe this Update is really dependent on Geo location. However, no changes noticed, yet.

pjfsu2002 | December 4, 2018

I'm in Florida and still on 39.7... I connect to Wifi at home each night. Does the car have to be on and running to receive the update notification?

christian | December 4, 2018

I got 46.2 last night.

The car is faster, the subwoofer is louder, Spotify is now available, I get 100 Wh/mi, and Dragon's Lair has been added to the Atari games.

You guys are missing out!

ClearWrap | December 4, 2018


Nope. Your experience doesn't sound normal.

jwins | December 4, 2018

@pjfsu2002 No, your car doesn't have to be running. Updates just show up when they show up. I was eating lunch yesterday (at home) when a notice popped up on my phone that an update was available. Only Tesla knows the scheme behind it all.

wayne | December 4, 2018

Spotify is available? Does that mean I can log into my Spotify account? How do I go about doing this?

dave999z | December 4, 2018

@pjfsu2002 What do you mean "running"?

jcjoseph | December 4, 2018

Spotify? I didn’t see that in the release notes.

CharleyBC | December 4, 2018

Y'all, Spotify was a joke. Note the other things in @christian's list.

hpn | December 4, 2018

I'm in S.Cal weather never goes below
Got the 46.2 update yesterday.

wayne | December 4, 2018

I fell for that one. Sigh.

calvin940 | December 4, 2018

I thought I saw an additional cold climate entry but not positive. I went from 44.2 -> 46.2 last night as well.

So far things seem the same.

orasje | December 4, 2018

I'm still on 39.7 bummer

CharleyBC | December 4, 2018

I'm still on Windows 7. Bigger bummer.

gadget63 | December 4, 2018


stay with windows 7. at least it works

ff9700 | December 4, 2018

I received 46.2 last night. The climate window auto-hides after about 10 seconds. Love this feature.

Not sure if this was on 44.2 but I didn't notice until today.

cnistal1 | December 4, 2018

I also received 46.2 last night. Notes same as 44.2. Haven't had enough time to notice an changes.

LA-Fohlen | December 4, 2018

@CharleyBC Windows for Workgroups 3.11

LA-Fohlen | December 4, 2018

Btw, I got 46.2 last night and it seems the browser might work now.