What did 46.2 get us?

What did 46.2 get us?

My car updated to 46.2, but the release notes didn't change - they are still the same, from 44.2, where it got the optimizations for cold, and having to use credentials to turn off remote access.

So, does anyone know what 46.2 brought us?

TabascoGuy | December 4, 2018

@LA-Fohlen ...on 5 1/4" floppy disks. Ah the good old days.

LA-Fohlen | December 4, 2018

@TabascoGuy +1

rxlawdude | December 4, 2018

@TabascoGuy and @LA-Fohlen:

Posers. Real geeks used 8" floppies. :-)

sterickson | December 4, 2018

@rxlawdude: +1 :)

kevin_rf | December 4, 2018

Cyrses, knew I should have never upgraded from System V R4...

kevin_rf | December 4, 2018


Sofie | December 4, 2018

I got my 46.2 last night from 44.2 and after driving today the Regen braking is noticeably less. Now I have to adjust my driving to match after I got used to the Regen braking. I checked my Regen setting and it is still at standard.

ff9700 | December 5, 2018

@sofie regen hasn’t changed for me. Maybe it’s colder?

Is anyone else missing the dashcam icon? It’s disappeared from my display. Reboot hasn’t returned it.

Infiniti Pi | December 5, 2018

Got 46.2 last night. NC. Read Res Ipsa posts. He knows his stuff.

bpaul | December 5, 2018

lol Sofie. After getting this update, I noticed that I get *more* regen than I used to. I'm often driving at or around freezing. I guess we're all crazy.

kevin_rf | December 5, 2018

Well, today it got me a big fat hard braking under a bridge, then a bug report... Thank goodness no one was behind me.

Sofie | December 5, 2018

My thought is that the lessoned braking is part of the cold weather optimization since before when I let go of the accelerator the car would slow down immediately. Now it just seems to coast like an ice car until the speed drops below some level. Makes sense to me anyway. The only part that's interesting is that I didn't notice this in 44.2.

rbaley680 | December 5, 2018

Yes, the browser does work now! Not mentioned in release notes

markahaden | December 5, 2018

I got 46.2 a couple of days ago. I don't see any changes, but I also haven't spent much time exploring it. I see a couple of comments about the browser now working, so I just walked out to the garage to check. Yep, my Tesla browser is working. Now, I never use that browser, so I don't know for sure that it wasn't working before 46.2 (but maybe it was down and I hadn't noticed). My Tesla is also connected to home wifi in the garage, so that also could be playing a role (it works on wifi?). Who knows....

Anyway....still really enjoying "Casper" after 60 days!

Jeffcrilly | December 5, 2018

Just got 46.2.
The “air” controls layout is a bit different.
I had 44.x before; am pretty sure some of the new control features weren’t there.

Also, Bluetooth is no longer failing.
Tho it was intermittent on 44.x BT would fail several time s a day. Now I’ve not seen it fail.

Auto wiper seems to require more rain. At least at night. Maybe the lighting where I drive is not bright enough to help the cameras see the rain at night.

luapobazs | December 11, 2018

I got 46.2 last night and this morning I noticed my penis was longer.

jimglas | December 11, 2018

actually, your hand is smaller

RIP ICE | December 11, 2018

@luapobazs - that's definitely a software thing.

Fortunes | December 11, 2018

I seem to have fewer audio problems with 46.2. It's still not 100% but it's much better.

rxlawdude | December 11, 2018

Clearly the error handler caused the elon-ation reported above.

Evguru | December 11, 2018

Seems like my charge port remains unlocked at home after this upgrade. Haven’t checked at other locations yet. Which is good as I don’t have to open the doors to unlock the chargeport. Just need to grow new habit of not pressing the unlock button on my charger that caused me some problem.

MTTPA | December 12, 2018

Just installed 46.2 -- lost my reindeer but still have Santa.

Has anyone noticed a difference in the range guesstimator with the update? 80% SOC was 236 mi for me a couple of days ago and it was 243 mi this morning.

rmstrzala | December 12, 2018

I got my software update notice last night and installed this morning. It was version 2018.48.1

Effopec | December 12, 2018

I'm still on 42.4, have been for a month or so. Wish there was something you could do to push a new update. I'm connected to wifi every night, so that should be good. I've had problems with the car locking right after I get out (park in garage, open charge port, go to get charger handle, car relocks and charge port door closes before I can get it plugged in) and have even messaged Tesla to see if there was a fix. All they told me was to do the soft and hard resets, but if one of the new updates improves that it would be a big help.

majassow | December 12, 2018

Only differences I noticed: Now need pin to disable Mobile Access, and on backing out of the garage, my brakes squeaked for the first time. Might be a combination of weather and being parked for a day, however. SoC based range is still within precision limits. @MTTPA: "80%" SoC can be +/- 3 miles due to rounding. It sounds like you are fine. The 236 reading was probably when SoC was 79.5% ish, and the 243 was probably based on an SoC closer to 80.4999%: both would show up as 80%.

peldor427 | December 12, 2018

My son noticed that the volume up/down buttons on the bottom right are now left/right oriented.

MTTPA | December 12, 2018

For a couple of months, my 80% SOC was pretty consistently 234 - 236 mi and my 100% SOC was 287 - 291 mi (a long road trip and some testing). There are a number of us that have seen a similar drop in guesstimator range. The service center remotely checked my logs and there weren't any battery faults, so I haven't worried about it since. But now it is showing a different number so I'm just wondering if my car is recalibrating or if v46.2 changed the algorithm for calculating range.

bharat | December 12, 2018

Mine just got upgraded to 2018.46.2 and I found this youtube video that describes the changes:

rsingh05 | December 12, 2018

I got it last night. Here’s a screenshot of release notes.

1) climate UI
2) cold climate for charge port and windows
3) password requirement for disabling mobile access.

I didn’t get the previous update so I also get track mode with this one.

luapobazs | December 12, 2018

And it made my penis longer. We must not forget that crucial upgrade.....

lbowroom | December 12, 2018

Maybe you can use it as a curb feeler.

kevin_rf | December 13, 2018

To prevent rim rash

Prospeed | December 17, 2018

I noticed Regen is weaker and when you put it in range mode it says it at the bottom now... didn’t notice it before when I was on 42.3

jimglas | December 17, 2018

@luapobas: it actually just made your hand smaller

natmaster | December 17, 2018

I'm also stuck on 42.3 :/