What does Dog Mode entail that it needs AP2? Very disappointed

What does Dog Mode entail that it needs AP2? Very disappointed

As a big dog lover and a '13 P85 owner I'm disappointed that it seems like Dog Mode won't be rolled out to non-AP cars.

Why? We have the ability to persist climate - how hard would it be to show the dog message onscreen even if you don't have all the AP cameras?

What in Dog Mode requires AP?

Thanks - | March 11, 2019

Do you know for sure it will not work on all cars? I agree it seems like it should be available to all cars, and perhaps it will be. I don't think any S/X has gotten the feature yet, as it is being rolled out slowly - first to Model 3 owners.

Boonedocks | March 11, 2019

From this tweet string it certainly does not look like it is tied to any AP / HW version of any Tesla's:

Bumper | March 11, 2019

Many of the last few releases are either M3 only or heavily stacked to M3 or MS/MX with AP2.5. Even then, none of them have really gone wide scale release. I would't take this as it's not coming for AP2.0 or under, they just have not gotten to us yet. Some folks were reporting a conflict between dog mode and the new security features. I'm happy to wait until it works flawlessly, especially with my dog in the car. For now I consider it a good solution to "Keep Climate On" setting, and a note on my dash to anyone thinking of breaking my window.

Bighorn | March 11, 2019

Is this Fake News? Please link any evidence of the title's claim.

redacted | March 11, 2019

@Bighorn well it took a heckuva lot to type "dog mode autopilot" but my result showed

rxlawdude | March 11, 2019

@redacted, learn how to read. Your link says SENTRY MODE requires HW2.5.

Bighorn | March 11, 2019

Thanks--sounds like I was right. We've had camping mode in the 2013 Model S for a long time now--the only difference with dog mode is the note on the screen. Don't know how big a deal that is and whether it would keep me from putting a note on the dash that people are more apt to see, especially in cars that have dark tint.

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