What the frunk?!

What the frunk?!

So now that my MS is in transit from the factory (woohoo!!), I've been doing even more reading. A recurring theme I've seen here and on TMC is people lamenting the reduced size frunk with the space required for the HEPA filter. I'm a bit surprised by this. I mean, your previous ICE cars didn't even have a frunk. They had something else up there. And there's plenty of room in the back. What are people carrying in their cars that they need the extra space (and even more of it) of the frunk? Also having read about the fragility of the front hood and how careful you have to be closing it, I rarely if ever plan to use the frunk, especially considering that the power liftgate is so much more convenient. The only thing I can imagine is that the well in the frunk would better hold groceries so the bags don't roll around.

Am I missing something?

J.T. | May 12, 2016

If you're asking why people complain about things that do not bother you, personally, then I'd say that you're missing the point that everyone has different needs and expectations.

FelixMendeldog | May 12, 2016

I would add that people complain about absolutely everything.

frankie.fingers | May 12, 2016

@J.T. I'm not asking why people complain about things that don't bother me. I don't have my MS yet; so I don't understand the many comments about this "issue". I'm inquisitive and like to understand things that aren't obvious. I'm not so naive to think that everyone has the same needs. Maybe if I had my car I'd understand and wouldn't have had to ask. Thanks for your reply.

@Felix - Thanks.

dborn | May 12, 2016

I use it to carry my spare wheel and Jack/ tools to change tyres. No frunk, no can do.

Run4Waffles | May 12, 2016

The very first thread that's pinned to the top has 208+ replies for what owners use the frunk for. That might lend a clue.

I believe J.T. understood you perfectly. He answered your question of you missing something. (Not that I need to speak for J.T.)

Run4Waffles | May 12, 2016

And....Welcome. You're going to love it!

Silver2K | May 12, 2016

@J.T +1

What does it matter what my previous car had in the front? There is an expectation in everything you purchase. the model s is known to have a trunk in the front and purchasers expect it, even if they never use it.

I keep 2 cases of water in my frunk and share with the guys that are charging next to me if they are thirsty.
I will also be doing that during nationals week in Syracuse :)

cquail | May 12, 2016

Your urb-e will not fit in the frunk of a Model S or Model X. Therefore you store your urb-e in the trunk and use the frunk for small luggage. Come to Custer "Sound of Silence" rally next year to observe and enjoy.

Welcome to the life-changing electric car world!

jur | May 12, 2016

I think this issue is like the monkey thats given 1 apple and is as happy as he can be but when given 2 apples and 1 is taken away from him he is mad as hell...same with the have a large(r) frunk and then that is made smaller..everyone freaks out...;-)

frankie.fingers | May 12, 2016

Thanks R4W.

SeattleSid | May 12, 2016

I friend who's a professional drummer thinks his pre-AP, etc, Model S is the best car ever for carrying his entire kit. I think he puts the tom-tom in the frunk.

steven | May 12, 2016

I used the frunk space for our family vaction road trip. Normally we would take the Ford S-Max, but with the frunk as additional space, we could take the Tesla as our road trip car. Bonus points!!!

Silver2K | May 12, 2016

I don't know what a "vaction" road trip is but it sure sounds like fun! :)

nene_MS | May 12, 2016

Dear OP,
Most of us come from the world of Ferrari and Porsche, where the frunk is really the only space we have available to dump our golf bag (or hide the mistress). It is in our DNA to have as much of it available as possible.

Obviously just kidding, but if something is available, we just naturally want more of it.
I have yet to use it. I like to know it is available if needed.

rmg007 | May 12, 2016

"Most of us come from the world of Ferrari and Porsche?"

steven | May 12, 2016

@SilverP85Plus me neither. Should have been "vacation". People here really jump on every typo it seems :-)

Silver2K | May 12, 2016

actually I was trying to start something fun with the word "vaction" but it did not work. I make all kinds of mistakes myself and couldn't care less about it :)

stevenmaifert | May 12, 2016

At an owner gathering in San Diego last summer, I met a fellow RWD owner who had a full size spare tire and jack in his frunk. It barely fit, but that's no longer possible:

Silver2K | May 12, 2016

he must have not been from san diego because that's a blizzak snow tire on that rim

stevenmaifert | May 12, 2016

That's just a sample picture I found of how a full size spare and jack will actually fit in the RWD Model S frunk.