What if the "something cool for sure" is unlimited supercharging.

What if the "something cool for sure" is unlimited supercharging.

I was reading an article about how Tesla is expanding the supercharging network. It made me think wouldn't the coolest thing for the people that lined up at the stores to reserve the Mode 3 be to have unlimited supercharging. A unique color option would be ok. Special name badging would be ok. But supercharging for life would be awesome. What do you guys think?

SamO | June 1, 2017

"Free for life" has a nice ring to it.

dsvick | June 1, 2017

"What do you guys think?"

I think that it won't be free super charging for life.

tstolz | June 1, 2017

More likely a signature badge or colour IMHO

eeb9 | June 1, 2017

Dunno, but I do believe that it will be "something cool"

Because Elon said so. :-)

minervo.florida | June 1, 2017

Absolutely not on the free supercharging.

mos6507 | June 1, 2017

"Because Elon said so. :-)"

Like spaceship steering?

eeb9 | June 1, 2017

@moss - absolutely on spaceship steering! Haven't you seen the steering wheel on the ISS? Looks *exactly* like the M3 mules... :-)

PhillyGal | June 1, 2017

It's possible but to me, not probable.
Though it would be very cool, so would special badges or interior insignia.

Ehninger1212 | June 1, 2017

Yeah that would be really cool, but Im doubtful. Probably something more simple.

tedirelan | June 1, 2017

This is Elon Musk we're talking about. The guy put Falcon Wing doors on a crossover. "Cool" is going to be better than paint.

Spockmalon1232 | June 1, 2017

I think it should be free supercharging and once the owner sells the car they lose the free perk.

Haggy | June 1, 2017

It could be. The allowance was determined by average use. Average use was determined by looking at existing models, so it's the average for people who have unlimited charging. That means that if Tesla is planning to give the allowance, then giving unlimited supercharging to a select group of people would mean that they wouldn't necessarily use more than they would have gotten for free anyway.

In fact, if Tesla decided to give it as a perk to existing Models S or X owners, there's a good chance that as a second car, it would be unlikely to be used for road trips very much and might not cost Tesla much at all.

Even somebody who charges twice the average amount at superchargers would end up spending about $80/year in a state such as California if there's an allowance to start with.

ReD eXiLe ms us | June 1, 2017

Haggy is correct.

WormtownKris | June 1, 2017

It would be really cool, and it would REALLY kill me that I waited till April 1 to place my deposit last year!

starke49 | June 1, 2017

So is this a new snippet from Captain Elo about those who waited in line or are we speculating on his tweet from last year.

burdogg | June 1, 2017

Interesting thoughts from everyone - how many cars would you say would get it if this was it - 159,000? is he talking pre-reveal of the car? Or is he talking anyone before the car was actually seen (ie could have ordered even while he talked about it?) Or even up to midnight CA time?

Then, would supercharging free for those 160,000-200,000 cars have a huge impact on how busy the superchargers are - would it congest them or not?

All kinds of things that could play into it, but would be a cool something that really doesn't cost Tesla a whole lot.

stevenmaifert | June 1, 2017

"something cool for sure" will be the coolest tee shirt, ball cap or coffee mug you've ever seen :)

akgolf | June 1, 2017


This was the questioned put to Elon: "Sig red or free supercharging for March 31 res holders?"

He responded something cool for sure. I think it's everyone that reserved on the first day.

bj | June 2, 2017

At least this a vaguely sensible suggestion, unlike free AWD, free battery upgrade, or other such nonsense that would cost Tesla thousands of dollars per car - of real money.

FFL is more of an incremental cost or revenue foregone on an already sunk investment, so would alarm the accountants less.

Rajkrishnan9 | June 2, 2017

I really think tesla shud have had a cut off date anyone ORDERING for the first time ever after a certain date will have to pay
All the others ie existing tesla owners including those existing buying a new tesla should be given the original guarantee of free for life when we bought otherwise tesla is violating a promise they made

dd.micsol | June 2, 2017

for people who waited in line at stores march 31st it is less than 80k in the US.
As for something really cool-I'd expect 2 or 3 freebies on the options list or perhaps free upgrade to largest battery pack.

bb0tin | June 2, 2017

I would find signatures of Elon, JB and Franz printed on the visor pretty cool.

dsvick | June 2, 2017

@Rajkrishnan9 - They did have a cut off date, it was late last year. After that date anyone that orders a car will not receive free for life supercharging. No one has ordered a model 3 yet so no one that placed a reservation qualifies for free for life.

dsvick | June 2, 2017

@dd - why are you only counting the people in the US? Don't people outside of the US get something as well? So you really think there will be 2 or 3 things and one of them will be something that costs thousands of dollars?

akgolf | June 2, 2017

And why only count the people that waited in line?

burdogg | June 2, 2017

akgolf - agreed :) What is the difference between me walking into the store at 5:00 pm and no one there, no line, or me getting online at 6:00 and placing the order - both were before the car was revealed. Neither one had to "wait" in a line. What is the difference? In fact, by doing it online, it actually could cost less (ie, as move to online sells, less brick and mortar space to rent etc...) :)

mntlvr23 | June 2, 2017

The upgraded battery pack will obviously be limited to those who were the very first person to reserve at each location. ;)

Jerrylooney | June 2, 2017

very difficult to administer . Day 1 reservists only? Store only? online also?

I deliberately waited for Tesla to arrive in my country before ordering. If free supercharging is given to day 1 reservists , imho , it needs to go to all pre-orders. It's too big for a select few.....

With signature red, its an established thing. I don't think there would be any blow back on that. Anything beyond that, backlash may follow. Tight line for Elon to walk.

Jerrylooney | June 2, 2017

very difficult to administer . Day 1 reservists only? Store only? online also?

I deliberately waited for Tesla to arrive in my country before ordering. If free supercharging is given to day 1 reservists , imho , it needs to go to all pre-orders. It's too big for a select few.....

With signature red, its an established thing. I don't think there would be any blow back on that. Anything beyond that, backlash may follow. Tight line for Elon to walk.

dsvick | June 2, 2017

@burdogg - "What is the difference between me walking into the store at 5:00 pm and no one there, no line, or me getting online at 6:00 and placing the order "

You didn't get the pleasure of standing outside for hours in the rain, while it was 40 degrees (f) out, with a few hundred new friends. Oh, and free coffee and cookies too!

PhillyGal | June 2, 2017

@Jerry - I disagree. Anyone who dropped a reservation (anywhere in the world) before the moment the prototype was unveiled could easily be justified in receiving something special.

Literal blind fair in the company. At least 115,000 reservations.

PhillyGal | June 2, 2017


dsvick | June 2, 2017

@Jerrylooney - all, or almost all, reservationists already received the model 3 design sketches and thank you card. At one point Elon said there would be something else for people that waited in line. Figuring out who ordered when and where should be fairly easy for them to do. They can even figure out who waited in line by looking at the time stamp of the orders, as soon as they see a gap of more than 10 minutes or so at a location they can assume the line is gone.

SamO | June 2, 2017


I heard that the line at 3rd Street Santa Monica lasted more than 4 hours. I can't know for sure as i left at 10:03. ;-).

carlgo2 | June 2, 2017

Maybe the glass roof is the gift, included in the base price. Later, when steel roofs are produced, the glass roof will cost extra. I never intended to order a glass roof, but what the heck, I'll just have to make do! It will lighten up the black cloth seats if that is unfortunately to be the only cloth color option.

burdogg | June 2, 2017

@Jerrylooney - I agree with PhillyGal - Elon is rewarding those who put their faith in the company - that are fanatics, that don't need no rhyme or reason to buy the car. For a lot of people, putting $1,000 down sight unseen is huge, and Elon is recognizing that dedication and wants to reward that loyalty.

Not that this is your case, just speaking generalities here, but waiting to see IF it is going to be successful, or IF it might have all the options I want, or IF anyone is even really interested in it - you get what you waited for - a very nice car. Remember, this is not an entitled thing, this is a gift Elon feels to give to those that were anxious to have their voice be heard as SOON as possible.

I ordered online as there is no store within 180 miles of me - but I ordered before they even started the event. Do I get something for that? I don't know, but if I don't while I would be disappointed, (I think all would) but I can still be happy for those that got something good happen to them. Being happy for someone else goes a long way to improve ones life. :)

socaldave | June 2, 2017

What PhillyGal - any order coming in before the reveal, that's your cutoff line.

socaldave | June 2, 2017

^^ What PG *said*

PaceyWhitter | June 2, 2017

I want a puppy.

PaceyWhitter | June 2, 2017

I want a puppy.

dsvick | June 2, 2017

PaceyWhitter, there are no puppies, but Burdogg is working on ponies ...

dsvick | June 2, 2017

SamO, the line in Cleveland probably took that long as well. I got done at 10:30 but there were still people showing up and getting in line at that point. What I meant by the 10 minute gap is that as long as there was a line there should be order recorded every minute or so for each location. As soon as there isn't you can assume the line was completed by then and anyone that places an order after that time was a "walk in". Not that they'll go to that much trouble to figure out who did and didn't wait in line.

burdogg | June 2, 2017

Puppies can be taken care of too :) But yes, ponies are still in the works.

Stand in line vs walk in - Yes, Elon can do what he wants but really? So the ER surgeon who has to be at work until 3 PM who is there to save lives doesn't count? Not everyone can get off work to stand in line. Not everyone lives near a store either. I was specifically told over the phone by my DS not to worry and try to stand in line - you have a model S already and will be bumped up to the head of the wait list, just order online when it comes available (as I live 180 miles from the store, yes I called my DS as I wanted to make sure I was at the front of the list).

So again, I am not ranting and Elon and Tesla can choose to do what they want. Just want to throw out there if anyone is thinking, well you should have stood in line. I don't see what the difference is for someone that joined a line at 10:00 (yes there was still a line, but not like they camped out overnight to be in the line) or someone that got there at 10:30 and the line was gone. Or extrapolate to someone who came in 2 hours after line was gone because that was as soon as they could get there. Or extrapolate - to someone who ordered online before the event started. Now that gives everyone a chance somewhere somehow to have made a reservation. Now AFTER the reveal to me is a little different. Those are ones that just weren't sure of the car, or were wanting to see what they were getting and that is their reward - they got to see before they put any money down.

Of course someone is going to be the cutoff, and that happens, so whatever they choose. :) I can be happy, just wanted to put more thoughts on it out there and get my thoughts out of my head so....

I can now focus on those ponies :)

bb0tin | June 2, 2017

This reminds me of one of my favourite sayings "No good deed goes unpunished".
People who placed reservations, whenever they placed them, are owed nothing.

bj | June 2, 2017

C'mon guys, don't take "waiting in line" literally. It just means those who reserved in-store prior to the reveal. You might have had to wait in line, or maybe not if you dropped in late afternoon, but that's not relevant.

The point is those people who reserved in store before the car was revealed literally put down USD 1000 on blind faith that Tesla was about to do something amazing.

And this is true of every Tesla store in the world (bar one), because the east coast Australian stores opened 30 hours before the reveal and only the Honolulu store was still trading when Elon walked on stage.

And there's absolutely no dispute about who ordered in store and who didn't. It's not in the timestamp but the IP address of the order. Tesla knows EXACTLY who reserved in-store and who didn't. And stores only took deposits on that first day - after the reveal you had to do it yourself online.

Now some say that's still unfair, what about those who don't have a local store, or couldn't get to one, but still reserved on line in the hour it was open before the reveal.

Well if Tesla went down that path, there would be endless argument as to who should be counted. Is the cutoff time when Elon walked on stage? When the first photons hit the cars when they were driven on? Midnight PDT? What if you pressed "enter" the second before the car was revealed but the transaction timestamp was 1 second after? What if you were completing your order just before the first sighting of the car but you entered your credit card number incorrectly and had to do it again?

This would just end in never-ending arguments about what the cutoff time should be, should different timezones be compensated, internet delays in timestamping orders, blah blah blah.... and no matter what Tesla decided, the first 1000 people on the wrong side of that line would endlessly whinge, b*tch and complain they have been hard done by.

So for mine, it's in-store, or nothing. But I actually don't care whether I get something "cool" or not. I'm not expecting anything other than getting a Model 3 which will be more than special enough.

burdogg | June 2, 2017

The ultimate thing is, no one really is owed anything :) So if it is just those that stood in line - I can be happy for them at getting something special. If it is those that put in a reservation the first day, even after the reveal - I can be happy.

I did NOT put in a reservation because I wanted more than what I was paying for :)

But I will still say - my opinion, anyone, internet or in store, that put down $1,000 site unseen (ie before the event started) are all in the same boat .

@bj - I will use your exact words :) "The point is those people who reserved in store before the car was revealed literally put down USD 1000 on blind faith that Tesla was about to do something amazing." Is this not true of anyone that used the internet before the event started? They did the exact same thing, but they are just isolated from the store so even though they put blind faith in Tesla too (just a different way) they don't get the same benefit :)

Again, I am not saying Tesla has to do this. These are just my thoughts and opinions, and we can all have varying opinions on this - in the end.... I still got what I put my money down for - a Model 3 :) I don't expect or think they owe me anything else.

Just thoughts - but to me there is a clear cut off - when Elon started the presentation, facts about the car started to come and blind faith disappears.

akgolf | June 2, 2017

Who knows, but I did reserves sight unseen from Anchorage Alaska and my nearest Tesla store was 2200 miles away.

And the question Elon responded to was about day one reservations when he responded about something cool for those.

burdogg | June 2, 2017

Oh come on akgolf - a True Fanatic would have found a Tesla store to be at to "wait in line" :)

How am I going to get a pony up to you??? Man, and I thought dealing with our good friend was hard, this one may take more work :)

akgolf | June 2, 2017

Would have been nice if I could have burdogg.

We had just sold our house and were packing up for our move to Oklahoma. Three weeks later we were driving down the Alcan to the lower 48.

bj | June 3, 2017

@burdogg = "Is this not true of anyone that used the internet before the event started?"

Yes, but as I explained in my post, going that would just lead to a world of pain for Tesla.

How would you react if you knew you reservation timestamp was 1 second after whatever cutoff Tesla set? You might gracefully accept it without complaint, but I can tell you, thousands would whinge, b*tch, hit twitter and facebook, start campaigns, go on TV with their sob stories about how their ISP is slow, and do whatever it takes to "shame" Tesla into giving them their ENTITLEMENT for the something "cool".

It's just not worth it.