What is Illinois thinking? (They’re not)

What is Illinois thinking? (They’re not)

Have ya heard? Another wacky state bill proposed to unfairly charge EV owners a hefty annual registration fee. From $17 to $1000!!!!
What the what?!

shank15217 | May 10, 2019


jamilworm | May 10, 2019

I think you meant $1000

efuseakay | May 10, 2019

All Illinois residents like myself need to get on the phone every single day and call this guy, and their own representatives about this stupid thing. Do not just sit by and assume others will do it for you. Keep calling and calling until this guy gets the message and withdraws this stupid bill.

M3phan | May 10, 2019

Oh yes. $1K. Not $10K. Typo

M3phan | May 10, 2019

Ok, edited original post from $10,000 to correct $1,000

Gordon87 | May 10, 2019

Send your objection to Sen. Sandoval, and copy Gov. Pritzker and your IL state senator and state representative. See my reply and links to Gov Pritzker and others at

wiboater4 | May 11, 2019

$17 is pretty low. He's probably trying to bring attention to that in a sneaky way so he can get that raised. I'll almost bet that there will be an increase in that. Maybe they should count a certain percentage of your electric bill tax you pay now to go to roads now since more car's will be EV's

M3phan | May 11, 2019

Like directors knowing studios almost always suggest edits, they make a more explicit version of a film so that after the studio suggested cuts, they can get the version they originally Intended.

lbowroom | May 11, 2019

You could look at it from the perspective of, "how much does a typical driver contribute through the gas tax in a year"

M3phan | May 11, 2019

$17.50 is low for sure. We pay $75 for our 3 (our ICE was $65, so a bit higher but not ridiculous)

wiboater4 | May 11, 2019

Wisconsin adds a $100 surcharge for Electric Vehicles. I expect that to end up going higher though. | May 11, 2019

It’s not entirely unreasonable. The justification is that EV owners aren’t paying gas tax, which is partly used for road repair. From what I’ve read, it’s unlikely to pass.

82bert | May 11, 2019 But $1000. Way beyond what the gas tax would equate to. It’s disproportionate to what gas cars are paying.

Ultimately, we need to charge based on miles driven.

howard | May 11, 2019

In CO $35 for the EV allowed to charge your car sticker. Mileage based taxation is coming for us all. I just came back from Chicago they need all the revenue they can get to fix the all potholes that would destroy your car especially if on auto pilot since it would not dodge the worst ones.

sean | May 11, 2019

If you drive an ICE that gets about 22 MPG and drive 12,000 miles / year - that is ~545 gallons of gas. Illinois has a tax of 0.19/gallon, so you are looking at about $100.00 to the tax base over a year.

"You could look at it from the perspective of, "how much does a typical driver contribute through the gas tax in a year""

lbowroom | May 11, 2019

There you have it. An average benchmark of a fair tax.

apodbdrs | May 11, 2019

I am pretty sure every state will begin to figure out ways to make up for lost revenue and add some! Oil and others will be right there to make sure all EVs are discouraged by hefty taxing and fees.

Mike83 | May 11, 2019

Since ICE vehicles are causing Climate Crisis each ICE vehicle should be charged $10,000 per year

Joshan | May 11, 2019

This state is a freaking cesspool.... my kid needs to graduate high school NOW so I can get the hell out.

CharleyBC | May 11, 2019

@Joshan: In that case, I hope your kid isn’t in like third grade! :)

Hal Fisher | May 11, 2019

$1000 is insane and they are ripping you off because they think you’re rich. Figure that at 15000 a year, divided by 25 miles to the gallon is 600 gallons. Illinois state tax on gas is 19 cents (even if they double it to 38 cents). I guess they figure your going to drive about 60k miles a year instead.

kevin_rf | May 11, 2019

Before I went all electric with the Model 3, I was driving hybrids. I use to annoy my conservative friends who always complain about taxes by pointing out I do not pay my fair share driving a then hybrid, now Ev and if they really didn't want to pay taxes or send money to Middle East, they should do the same. They would just stammer, and sputter... Almost as much as my hybrid driving liberal friends who I would acuse of being tax dodges for not paying a fair share in gas taxes.

The gas tax use to be fair when all vehicles had roughly the same mileage, now it is no longer fair. It needs to be scrapped and a different fair means to pay for roads is needed. Either mileage based, or a registration tax each year. Neither will be popular, but I have faith our political servants will put they're collective hands into the candy jar and tax more than their fair share. IL is just leading the pack.

Not every automotive tax goes to pay for roads. The Mass. Excise tax on vehicles goes directly into the general fund of the town you live in, not the roads. A portion of the town general fund in theory may be used for non state roads in the town.

Manni | May 11, 2019

I just dropped this Senator an email letting him know how I feel about this.

Not a fan of this guy at all.

Gordon87 | May 12, 2019

@kevin_rf I don’t have a problem paying something, but this IL proposal isn’t fair. An EV owner will be charged registration fees which are about 4 times what an ICE owner will pay in gas taxes, AND keep in mind that EV owners pay utility taxes on the electricity they use.

kevin_rf | May 12, 2019

Since when are taxes fair? Most vehicle and gas taxes go into a state general fund and you hope an equal amount comes out to pay for roads.

Politicians will tax anything they think they can get away with. It is the nature of the beast.

You think NH's view tax is used to improve the aesthetics of people's neighborhoods?

Brian | May 12, 2019

I say get rid of the registration fee for electric vehicles altogether.
Now read the rest of this before going off the handle.
They should also get rid of the gas tax. Remember what I said on the previous line?
Then stop handing out subsidies for gas and oil. Use that money for road upkeep. We were already taxed that money. It will cause gas to cost more, but the gas tax would also be dropped. I drive an electric car, why should my taxes go to subsidize gas for others to use? Oh, I also drive ICE, and if gas goes up a little, so be it.
I know it is not all that simple, but I think it makes sense to me.

Brian (The one from Massachusetts)

82bert | May 12, 2019

Check the senator’s donor list and it all makes sense.

apodbdrs | May 12, 2019

Oil has been subsidised billions a year since the early 1900's!

swilliams102 | May 12, 2019

$350.00 to register my EV in Michigan.
Just like any government agency, if there is any way to squeeze a nickel out of you they will.
And they will continue to squeeze unit you cry, so, let your voices be heard.
Now the utilities are trying to do the same with net metering.
Our net metering used to be ( you give the utilities 2 KW and get 1 back any extra KWs would zero out Jan 1st and you would have to start over again from zero in mid winter.
Well, enough of us got together and petition the Michigan Public Service Commission to allow “true “ net metering, now it’s 1 to 1 for KWs and they never zero out at the end of the year. That was about 10 years ago and now the utilities are trying to change the rules again because they want to make more money off the efforts of the solar owners, it’s not enough that we maintain or own equipment and help the stability of the grid by returning power midday when it’s needed most. Now there is a bill the utilities are trying to pass that requires people on the net metering program to sell their excess power at wholesale .04 KWH and buy it back at night for .25 KWH
The problem is we can’t afford lobbyists to fight for us like the rich corporations, we have to let our voices be heard or the will take it all away little by little.
Someone always has their hand in your pocket.
C’mon Elon get those Powerwalls made.
Storage has always been the key.

M3BlueGeorgia | May 12, 2019

In GA they charge $400 pa, which is about twice the amount needed to replace the gas tax lost to EVs.

rkalbiarEV | May 13, 2019

Make noise!

ReD eXiLe ms us | May 13, 2019

Things get taxed. That happens. The problem is that so often the stated reason for the taxes (road repair, being fair) is complete bullshit. I have watched public roads in many cities throughout the U.S. disintegrate into crumbling pothole farms for the past thirty years. I wonder if anyone actually knows how to fix a pothole? I wonder if any politician knows how to pay someone fix a pothole...?

Effopec | May 13, 2019

Even when I drove an ICE I always said that I would support doubling, tripling, or even more the gas tax as long as 100% of it went to road maintenance. High gas prices promote the development and purchase of efficient vehicles, which is what the world needs. It is also scaled to miles driven and fairly closely to vehicle weight which relates to road damage. Now as EVs take hold I don't mind paying for road maintenance but there should be incentive for drivers to go electric, not a penalty. Thus I would support keeping registration even with ICE vehicles until a sales percentage bogey is met (10%?), then slowly ramping up higher reg fees as EV sales increase. To do it fairly they should tax based on miles driven, but I think that will lead down a long worm hole and years of arguing over government monitoring.

gmkellogg | May 13, 2019

I left several messages for the lunatic who proposed this. I'll move out of state if passed. They need to find a way to tie it to mileage driven like the gas tax is implemented. I'm already paying taxes on the electricity I've consumed.

MichaelB00012 | May 13, 2019

@gmkellog - I feel you on moving. My first step will be to reach out to family in any other state and register my car there. Even if I have to drive 1700 miles to Texas to my parents to register it there, I'd do it in a heart beat.

Any more taxes of pure lunacy like this one and I'll have to move as well, I can no longer afford to pay for the mistakes of the morons that are elected by other morons to lead us further down this pile of crap.

Joshan | May 13, 2019

3 more years and Illinois can kiss my arse good bye

Kahn | May 14, 2019

texas is even worse.. they dont allow tesla dealerships

M3phan | May 14, 2019

Texas does have showrooms but doesn't allow direct to customer sales in-state. They do have service centers and allow servicing at the service centers.

howard | May 14, 2019

Chicago has the highest per person debt/tax liability. 119,000 per person and growing. Move while you can. They are planning an exit tax if you leave.

Manni | May 15, 2019

I do not mind paying taxes as long as I get something in return. Chicago gives back next to nothing, and takes the most. Martin Sandoval Should pay more attention to the out of control violent crime in his district, rather than how to best line his friends pockets. Guys like this are a big part of why I moved to the suberbs.

globalMan | May 15, 2019

Ulterior motives (mostly monetary) behind such outlandish bill proposals, maybe?

Daryl | May 15, 2019

Note that part of the Illinois bill also proposes doubling the gas tax to 44 cents/gallon, so some of the above calculations would change and make it a little fairer for us, but it's still outlandish.

When I bought my Model 3 in Arizona last year, I was able to license it for 5 years at a total cost of about $85, plus unlimited HOV lane access, vs. $500+ per year for a new ICE vehicle. So far Arizona is encouraging electric vehicles, but at some point I really expect the car dealer's lobby and the petroleum lobby to start seriously fighting this and pushing laws similar to that proposed in Illinois.

Nexxus | June 7, 2019

Not only is the $1K insane, but if there are 15K EV's in all of Illinois, what is the total amount of vehicles registered in the state? The 15K is a drop in the bucket of all registered users.

This $1K is being pushed by the Illinois ADA and is just another way to quash EV's. Someone needs to stiffle these guys, now!