What new features do you want on the subsequent Model 3 releases

What new features do you want on the subsequent Model 3 releases

I'll choose
a) 2 door version - this is a sporty car and I wouldn't mind a coupe option
b) Locking rear seats so trunk is less accessible during break-ins
c) Auto closing trunk and frunk -- push a button and voila!
d) Display screen that's more meshed into the cabin, if possible. Right now, it does sometimes feel like a cab, at least to me.
e) An optional HUD that you pay for, for those who want it (so we can just get it over with).

Crsmidt | January 12, 2019

- Heated steering wheel
- Ventilated seats
- Tinted glass
- Longer range, >400 mi
- Battery that makes no noises
- Rattle/noise-free interior, esp. dashboard
- Better insulation from road noise
- Easily accessible switch for hazard warning flashers

billtphotoman | January 12, 2019

Agree on b) Locking rear seats so trunk is less accessible during break-ins and Better insulation from road noise but I plan on keeping my current model 3 for 10 years so they have plenty of time work on that. As for what I would like to seem them offer as an owner-paid retrofit: 1) 17 inch wheels for less road noise, potentially better range and less expensive replacement tires and 2) visually obvious locking mechanism to prevent the rear seats from being flipped down by smash and grabbers. For software upgrades high on my list is to have an option to have the car unlock the charging port when complete. This would make it much easier to share L2 destination chargers.

AMAZEU | January 12, 2019

FSW full self washing.

I would give up FSD for FSW driving is always fun washing in the cold is not fun

DaveR75 | January 12, 2019

emissions testing mode control from phone app ;)

batmanasb | January 12, 2019

1. Useful traffic info (right now it's just a bunch of hard to see lines, I want the whole "5 min delay" bubbles like in Google Maps).
2. Built in dual-channel dash cam and SD card slot.
3. More range at preferably a lower weight.
4. Auto closing doors and trunks.
5. Quicker acceleration, why is the heavier S quicker?
6. Some kind of latch/lock on the emergency release door levers, to prevent guests from using it on accident.
7. Even better audio hardware because why not.

Zenon5 | January 12, 2019

Ventilated seats
Passenger control of heated rear seat and rear heat/cooling
Heated steering wheel
Remote access to fireplace so it’s crackling away as I enter
Less road noise

Zenon5 | January 12, 2019

Ventilated seats
Passenger control of heated rear seat and rear heat/cooling
Heated steering wheel
Remote access to fireplace so it’s crackling away as I enter
Less road noise
Emergency release for rear doors

rxlawdude | January 12, 2019

XM radio; even better, also AM radio.

zigzagmolly | January 12, 2019

Google Maps
Title of song playing to the right of the previous, pause/play and next buttons. Logical! Won't have to reach so far!
Blind Spot Monitor on side mirrors

There are SO MANY things I love about this car. Just want a FEW more!

pabtexas | January 12, 2019

- Car Wash mode. Would be good to just push a button and mirrors fold, goes into Neutral, and windshield washers move from auto to off.

ODWms | January 12, 2019

Waze integration into the NAV system.

casun | January 12, 2019

front, rear and side laser cannons.

wildblue | January 12, 2019

espresso maker

niniliu1211 | January 12, 2019

Android Auto/CarPlay
Audible beep for blind spot
Get rid of the stupid NFC cards and include at least one fob.
Metal roof, cloth and manual seats
Lower wind noise
Softer tires

TickTock | January 13, 2019

Tactile bumps on gear shifter (to differentiate it from turn signal). I used to hit turn signal by accident at least once per trip when trying to engage TACC until I put a rubber band around the shifter.

pkaplan2524 | January 13, 2019

I’m splitting my list into hardware changes and software changes, because theoretically the software ones could be implemented now if they had the time and inclination.

- Auto Close Truck/Frunck
- Ventilated Seats
- Better Insulation/Reduce Wind & Road Noise
- Heated Steering wheel
- Locking Fold-down rear seats

- Apple CarPlay/Android Auto
- Red lines for blindspot should show all the time, not just when blinker is on.
- Directional Arrow on screen should turn red when something is in blindspot. (Like lane lines)
- If exceeding speed limit the onscreen speed limit sign should be framed in red.
- More music options (Not saying Tesla should pay for service, but give me the option of using my spotify or pandora or Apple Music.)
- Ditto Traffic/Maps options
- With maps at least allow me to add stops on my trip.
- With maps allow me to choose the supercharging stops within a larger trip

Finally, send CAN bus and Nav data to phone app via bluetooth so it could be used as a second screen/dashboard.

kevin_rf | January 13, 2019


No, my caps lock isn't stuck, yes I've tried reading them the manual, they just roll the blades side to side while giving me the middle blade each time.

lumberjack | January 13, 2019

Apple CarPlay
Better blind spot monitoring
360° synthesized camera view
Rear cross traffic alert
Windshields and windows that don’t fog as much :-)
Bigger font, bigger buttons, and other UI improvements to make it easier/quicker to see text and operate touch controls.
More extensive voice command capability
Use of steering wheel buttons to navigate and select screen controls
Hands free trunk release.
Trunk and console lighting
Less vampire drain, but faster app wake up :-)
Make my mother-in-law like me, my kids less messy, and regrow my hair.

Atom12 | January 13, 2019

Underglow! All Tesla's should have underglow:

This is the coolest thing ever!

dbrum98 | January 13, 2019

Motion sensor external camera while parked. Enable, disable, and show the camera view in the mobile app. So I can see what going on near my sweet ride while I am in the store.

mcalbright | January 13, 2019

As long as we’re dreaming big, I’d want it to be a true hatchback form factor, basically the same as the Model S. I can’t for the life of me figure out what benefit there is in the sedan trunk setup. I’m talking about the same exterior lines, just split the glass roof so that part of it opens with the trunk and remove the shelf behind the back seat. The current design limits the size of the trunk opening and I think it reduces rear visibility. And since it doesn’t lock, it’s not any more secure. I remember Musk tweeting early on that the Model 3 would definitely be a hatchback. I also saw that Sandy Munro video questioning whether their aluminum body design is any lighter than steel would have been. I’m beginning to wonder if the exterior engineering on the car doesn’t match the excellent design of the rest of it.

kjones | January 13, 2019

Smart watch technology
Open car door
turn on climate
and more

kjones | January 13, 2019

maybe smart watch App can be done with update

david_gelfand | January 13, 2019

Air Suspension option. We live in the major city with the worst roads in the country! Yup, Oakland. We ordered our 2014 MS with this feature and very glad we did.

Kenz | January 13, 2019

1. Air suspension
2. Heated steering wheel
3. Better alarm sensors (motion detection)
4. Motion detection camera option when parked
5. Birds eye camera view.
6. Matt finish on center console
7. Increased performance for the performance option price difference
8. Built in center screen for a more polished appearance
9. built in SSD for camera

2015P90DI | January 13, 2019

Anything that adds driver friendliness until such time that full automation is a reality....

1. Electronic push button or self-presenting door handles (ala Model S or X)
2. More features available through the two existing stalks (wipers)
3. Touch pads on the steering wheel to allow easier access to features. Touch pad would keep the "no buttons" theme in place, but allow quicker access to features that we currently have to fumble through the screen for.
4. Head up display. Not for the reasons most want it, but because I don't like having 1/3rd of the screen lost due to what normally would be on a center gauge cluster. Would really make the center screen nice if the space was all available for what's now currently reduced to the right 2/3rds of the screen.
5. Auto trunk AND FRUNK.
6. Key fobs that operate like the Model S and X. At a minimum, passive start feature.
7. Ability to rotate screen more towards the driver. Again, these cars are not fully autonomous yet. And won't be for quite some time. Passengers don't need screen access, drivers do. Seeing things all the way to the right of the screen is more difficult and results in more driver distraction.

Other than 2 and 6, the rest could be part of a higher priced Premium Package that we pay for.

Air suspension would be nice, but not mandatory. However, they should at least lower the standard ride height to what the Performance version currently is. Base models currently sit unproportionately high. This would improve the appearance, but more importantly, improve aero and add range.

bj | January 13, 2019

Steering wheel on the right hand side.

Kenz | January 13, 2019

Update to app so you can view the cars cameras when parked.

mrburke | January 13, 2019

@bj - Don't you mean the "wrong" hand side. ;-)

Ikester | January 13, 2019

AM radio
Front camera display
Easily adjustable auto windshield wiper sensitivity

rdovale | January 13, 2019

Easy access switch to turn on interior lights. Having to go to screen, click lights then click on. Too much to just turn interior on quickly.

meni | January 14, 2019

- Black headliner option
- Apple Watch lock control
- Air suspension option
- Heated steering wheel option with more premium design
- Wireless charging phone dock
- Black and gray sport wheel options
- All season 20” wheel option for P3D
- Higher quality finish for center console lids
- Dash Cam internal storage & cloud upload
- Autopilot attention & sleep detection using cabin camera (user option)
- Folding rear seat locks & glass break alarm

Pie in the sky:
- Center screen shape tapered toward bottom to better integrate with dash/center console lines.
- Simple, low profile display strip showing speed, flasher, & drive select behind steering wheel on dash or as a HUD.
- Unique front fascia for a Performance M3
- Lower weight (extremely unlikely I know)

I know some of these have aftermarket solutions (I have a wireless charging pad) but OEM versions would be welcome.

meni | January 14, 2019

Oh and push button trunk close. Especially for something like my $70k P3D!

AWDTesla | January 14, 2019

Fix the wipers, the frozen door handles and give track mode to all owners, not just the performance.

I'd be a happier tesla owner. Maybe a sport or insane mode for acceleration. Already getting used to the power....

Hal Fisher | January 14, 2019

Button in app to close all windows.


Atom12 | January 14, 2019

rdovale: "Easy access switch to turn on interior lights."

I assume you are not joking. Reach up and push.

jpyang | January 14, 2019

It should support NTFS File System.

VAog3fan | January 14, 2019

I want
range >1000 miles
Doors, frunk, trunk open just by wanting them to
Physics to change to allow AM radio
Build the screen into the windshield
1 MW charging
Trunk monkeys standard

VAog3fan | January 14, 2019

Sorry - got the need to be an a$$ today

jimglas | January 14, 2019

especially trunk monkeys

gmkellogg | January 14, 2019

Ask me in 7 years, this car has to last that long.

kkallioj | January 14, 2019

Heated steering wheel
Metallic trims instead of the cheap looking painted plastic ones

kkallioj | January 14, 2019

Also door handles that don't freeze and doors and windows that function in the cold

kkallioj | January 14, 2019

Oh, and tail lights on with the DRL's, if they aren't already, or at least a setting for it.

Kenz | January 14, 2019

18" plastic hub caps color coordinated with car color.

White car with white caps would be sweet.

Kenz | January 14, 2019

Screen option to select camera view from front, back, left or right side.

petegajria | January 14, 2019

Add the manual to the internal flash drive, It doesn't take that much space & getting a delta update is trivial and a few kb at most. This really should be a no-brainer from an engineering standpoint.
It also solves the really annoying issue of not being able to access the manual if you don't have an LTE connection and the page comes up blank.

dinobardelli | January 14, 2019

Right foot Footrest

rdovale | January 14, 2019

@atom12, sorry meant all lights on at once.

CST | January 14, 2019

Model S/X for the price of a 3.